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Understanding Diabetes and How It is Managed


If you suffer from the disease of diabetes, it is important to completely understand the disease, so that you know how to best manage it. This article suggests exactly what the two different types of this disease are, and how to live with the health issues they involve.

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									Understanding Diabetes and How it is Managed

Diabetes can be a very stressful and terrible disease, affecting many different areas of your life. There
are generally two different types of the disease, which differ greatly in their origin and management.

To best know how to handle living with this disease, it is important to fully understand it, and know
which type is affecting your body. The first form of this health problem is known simply as type one.

Type one occurs in the body when the immune systems turns on the insulin-producing cells in the
pancreas. This generally leads to a complete stop in the production of insulin, which can have very
negative effects in the body.


Insulin is a very important substance in our body, which helps us to manage our energy levels, and
allows us to participate in our day to day activities. It essentially stimulates the movement of sugar from
our blood into our liver, muscle, and fat cells.

Without the proper amount of insulin in the body, we never would be able to exercise on our elliptical
machines. If you suffer from type one, you will probably need to receive insulin shots on a daily basis, or
you may have to rely on the use of a pump.

This can limit your activities, and your ability to live a normal, active lifestyle. Your hormones may
become very erratic, since insulin is a major hormone in your body—the other hormones are not
balanced properly, until this large one has been balanced first.

Starts in Children

                                                         This disease often comes on very suddenly, and
                                                         usually first occurs in children or young adults. It
                                                         is very dangerous to the health of your body, and
                                                         requires proper treatment—if proper treatment
                                                         does not occur, the person suffering from the
                                                         problem may go into a coma, or may even die.

                                                         Knowing and being able to recognize the
                                                         symptoms can help you to realize when you need
                                                         to seek the care and treatment of a doctor, or
                                                         emergency room. When determining if you suffer
                                                         from type one, doctors will usually check to see if
                                                         there are high levels of sugar in your blood and
This indicates that glucose is not being properly managed within your body. You may describe to them
that you urinate more frequently than you feel you should, or that you find you are hungrier and
thirstier than normal.

Knowing Symptoms

Many patients suffering from this problem find that they lose large amounts of weight very quickly, and
feel very weak and fatigued on a regular basis. If you are feeling any of these things, it is important to
take note of when they are occurring, so that you can share the information with a health professional.

Tracking your symptoms carefully is one of the best ways to be able to get the help that you need. Keep
track of your moods, especially if you are feeling particularly moody and irritable.

Nausea and vomiting can also occur—it is important to seek medical treatment right away if it does not
get better, or happens on a regular basis. Type one is very dangerous, but can be treated with the
proper medications and management.

Type Two Diabetes

Type two is the next type, and it very different. Type two can often be prevented, and usually comes on
as the result of an unhealthy lifestyle.

You can prevent it from occurring in your body, simply by following a healthy diet, exercising regularly
on your elliptical, and getting the proper rest your body needs—the better you take care of yourself, the
less likely you are to experience this form of diabetes.

Some people end up having to have surgery as a result of their diabetes. If you know that you are going
to have to have surgery, you should be sure that you understand all of your options.

Electro surgery can be a great option if you want to minimize the time that you are going to have to
spend healing. There are many different electro surgical tools that can be used throughout surgeries to
make the surgery minimally invasive.

Learning how you are going to be wise about looking into electro surgery may save you a lot of time and
pain. As you learn how you are going to go about having your surgery you may want to talk to your
physician about this option.

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