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					             THE MESSENGER
             June 2008 Lynchburg/Central Virginia Emmaus
           UPCOMING                                                          Keeping Control
          June Gathering                             God gave me curly hair and I use a lot of hair “products” to try and
             6-14-2008                    keep my hair under control. I have gel, mousse, de-frizzer (like this works),
      Social Hour at 6:00 pm              something to make the curls more defined, and something to make my hair
   Worship Celebration at 7:00 pm         shiny. So, you might be saying to yourself right now, “If she has all of these hair
      Marsh Memorial UMC                  products, why does she always look like she just fell out of a wind tunnel?”
    Focus Walks: 6, 18, 30, 42, 54        Good question — and the answer is this: First of all, most of you don’t see me
                                          first thing in the morning after I have used these products, and if you do, it’s
                                          usually on an Emmaus weekend when I don’t use all of my products. When you
 Caterpillars Needed!                     see me at Gatherings, my hair has been through the day and usually I have not
  Pray for young people who need to       reapplied any hair products. The least bit of humidity and my hair goes boom
     Fly with Christ this summer.         and gets really big.
       Application form inside.                      You know what? Our flesh nature is a lot like my hair. If we don’t
                                          constantly groom our spiritual nature, our flesh nature takes right over. Unlike
      Girls’ Chrysalis Flight             how I treat my hair, we need to constantly apply “products” to make sure that
           July 17-20, 2008               our flesh stays under control and doesn’t go boom.
        Beulah Retreat Center                        We have many products to use to keep our spiritual life well groomed
        (see directions inside)           and in order. The first one that comes to mind is the Bible. We need to read
     Thursday Sendoff: 6:30 pm            God’s word every day in order to hear what He wants to teach us. Psalm 119:15
    Saturday Candlelight: 8:00 pm         says, “I will study your commandments and reflect on your ways.” We need to
       Sunday Closing 4:30 pm             read the Bible to be able to reflect on what it says. God gave us his Word to
         Annette Patrick, LD              teach us right from wrong and to guide us along in our faith.
                                                     Prayer is another way we hear what God wants to tell us. Part of our
                                          prayer time can be spent in silence so we can listen for God to speak to our
          Fall Walks 2008                 hearts. I have prayer time every morning, but I also pray throughout the day,
          Men’s Walk #61                  asking God for help or thanking Him for unexpected blessings. Colossians 4:2
           September 25-28                tells us, “Devote yourselves to prayer with an alert mind and a thankful heart.”
           Craig Millner, LD                         God gave us the Holy Spirit to guide us and keep us on track. In
                                          Galatians 5:16 we read, “So I say, let the Holy Spirit guide your lives. Then you
        Women’s Walk #62                  won’t be doing what your sinful nature craves.” We can’t be what God needs
             October 23-26                for us to be on our own and one of our biggest helps if the Holy Spirit.
            Judy Tabor, LD                           Christian fellowship is another way to keep our flesh nature under
                                          control. By spending time with other Christians, we are able to lift each other up
          Men’s Kairos #1                 and lovingly point out to each other when we are not in right relationship with
            October 14-17                 Christ. Spending time with folks who love the Lord is such a blessing and I
           Green Rock C.C.
                                          think it helps to remind us to stay the course. Romans 15:2 tells us, “We should
             (See page 3)
                                          help others do what is right and build them up in the Lord.”
                                                     So don’t live your life like you fell out of wind tunnel. Be groomed in
                                          the ways of the Lord. Use all of the products the Lord has given us so we can
                                          show others Christ through our words and our actions.

                                          De Colores
                                          Chris Greever #32

And they said one to another, Did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to
us the scriptures?                                                               —Luke 24:32
                                               June Walks to Keep in Prayer
                            5-8                                                            19-22
  Kentucky & Ohio – The L.O.V.E. Community – women #16               Arkansas – Noahs of Ark Community – Chrysalis
   South Africa – Mount Sea Emmaus Community - women           Texas – Cathedral Oaks Emmaus Community – women #1442
                           12-15                                                           26-29
         Texas – Denton Emmaus Community – men                 California – Southern California Walk to Emmaus – men #155
    Texas – Hi Sky Emmaus Community – girls flight #40

                                                            Chrysalis Notes

         Please lift the Team members for Chrysalis Flight #6 in prayer:
         Role                    Name                                   Talk
         TL                      Ashley Carwile                         Single Life
         YLD                     Katie Casey                            Next Steps
         YTL                     Erin Rudder                            Prodigal
         MD                      Debra Francis
         ASD                     Judy Graves                            God Loves You
         ALD                     Ginna Hartsell                         Marriage
         TL                      Julia Gochenour
         YTL                     Missy Hunt                             Christian Action
         YTL                     Anita Lafoon                           Christian Growth thru Study
         ASD                     Joyce Maddox                           God Empowers You
         TL                      Jan Massie                             Communication through Prayer
         ASD                     Kristy May                             God Sustains You
         ASD                     Ashley Abarca-Mitchell                 God Designed You
         ALD                     Deborah Moran                          Faith
         LD                      Annette Patrick                        Priesthood of All Beleivers
         TL                      Iris Pina
         YTL                     Amanda Shay                            Ideals
         SD                      Martha Spigener                        God's Gift to You
         Kitchen                 Chera Turner
         Logistics               Deb Arndt

Directions to Beulah Retreat Center
2552 Galts Mill Road
Madison Heights 24572-5807
For those who coordinate carpooling, Amelon UMC has made their parking lot available during Candlelight, but not Send-off and

From Lynchburg and Points South: Take Route 29 North (past River Ridge Mall; cross the James River. Take the first right exit off
29 North – Wright Shop Road Exit (Rt. 622). It is also the exit for Central Virginia Training Center. At the end of the exit ramp make
a right. Get over into the left hand lane. Go to the stop light and make a left onto Wright Shop Road (Rt. 622). When you get to
Oakdale Baptist Church, take the right fork, on the right side of the church. You will still be on Rt. 622. Go approximately 6 more
miles. You will pass over a mountain ridge and concrete bridge. (There will be a sign that says Galts Mill.) After the bridge there is a
long straight stretch. Continue to the Stapleton community. (Small sign says “Stapleton”.) The road will make a bend turn to the left,
(still Rt. 622) and begins to climb the hill. At the top of the hill, the retreat center will be on your left.

From Points North: Take 29 South By-pass out of Charlottesville, continue until turn right on Route 130 exit in Madison Heights,
Va. Turn right on Amelon Expressway then turn left on Dixie Airport Road, Then turn left onto Galts Mill Road. Follow about 8 miles
to the retreat center on your left.

From Points East & West: Follow 460 East/West By-pass and then take 29 North New By-Pass in Lynchburg (Amherst,
Charlottesville). Follow until a right on Route 130 exit in Madison Heights Va. Turn right on Amelon Expressway then turn left on
Dixie airport Road last turn left onto Galts Mill Road. Follow about 8 miles to the retreat center on your left.
All Aboard!                                                             2008, and David Rash, Pastor at Fort Hill United Methodist,
Last month, we announced a clergy opening on the Board. As              will finish his term in December 2009.
it turned out, we had two clergy positions to fill for the board.
An election was held at our May Gathering and the results are           Please welcome both Judy and David as they take on this new
as follows: Judy Debres, Associate Pastor at Rivermont                  responsibility in the Emmaus community.
Avenue Baptist Church will fill the term that ends December

                      Treasure’s Report:                                          To Mail Scholarship or General Donations:
                 Gathering Offering: $192.00                                          L/CVA Emmaus (or Chrysalis)
             Offering for scholarship fund: $49.00                                             PO Box 11942
                       Postage: $130.00                                                 Lynchburg, VA 24506-1942
                  Ending Balance: $3,933.93

                                                            Girls' Flight 6
         Teaming is going well. God has put together some wonderfully outstanding talks. The team enjoyed their overnight
         stay at Beulah and looks forward to returning there to serve the caterpillars. It is a very quiet and peaceful place
         where everyone will be able to hear God speak and know the Holy Spirit is moving.

         Our thanks to those servants working to complete the amphitheater in time for Flight 6.

         Please support this Flight by calling to sign up for a time on the prayer vigil. Call me at 434-401-2652 or Deb Arndt
         at 434-944-0708.

         At His Feet,
         Annette Patrick, LD Flight #6
                                 Lynchburg/Central Virginia Chrysalis Community
                                              Application for Butterfly

Please make sure you complete all of the information requested. If you are under 18, your parents must also sign this
form. If more space is needed please continue on back of this page.

Which weekend are you applying for? Girls _______               Boys________ Year_______

Name____________________________ I prefer to be called_____________________________
Address ___________________________________ City________________________________
State________________ Zip Code ___________________ E-Mail________________________
Phone: (home) ________________(work)____________________ (cell)____________________
Birthdate: ______________ Age ______ Grade ______ Sex: Male______ Female____
School __________________ Church ____________________ Pastor ____________________
T-shirt size: Small ______ Medium_______ Large ________ X-large_______ XX-large_____________
From whom did you learn about this program?________________________________________________
In what religious, community or school organizations are you active?______________________________
State briefly why you wish to attend a Chrysalis weekend. What do you expect to gain from it? Add anything else
about yourself or your faith that you wish to share.______________________

Sponsor’s Name: _______________________________ Phone number ____________________________
Applicant’s Signature ___________________________________ Date ___________________________
As a parent or guardian of this applicant, I/we wish to discuss the Chrysalis weekend with a Chrysalis representative
     yes       no. If “yes” please provide a telephone number where you may be reached: Home
_____________________ other __________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature___________________________________ Date_________________________
Parent/Guardian Name Printed _______________________________ Relationship __________________.

 **I will not hold Lynchburg/Central Virginia Emmaus/Chrysalis responsible for accidents or illnesses of me and/or
child to and from this event and during stay at the event.
The advisors have my permission to authorize and/or administer any medical care they deem necessary for my child.

Name______________________________________________ Date________________
Parent/Guardian ________________________________ Date________________
(If under the age of 18)
                                             Please return this form to:
                                                 Elizabeth Huband
                                                 1425 Gates Street
                                               Lynchburg, VA 24502
                                      Chrysalis Sponsorship

Sponsors please read the following statement carefully and give it prayerful consideration.
CHRYSALIS (the youth walk to Emmaus) is a method of Christian renewal in the church.
Individuals recommended for Chrysalis should be those with an active desire to deepen their
faith and understanding of God’s love and to become closer to Christ in their daily lives and their
discipleship. Candidates should be actively participating in youth activities of an established
church. Please be mindful that Chrysalis is meant for enrichment and not recruitment, and for
the development of Christian youth leaders.
As a sponsor, you are required to provide information to the applicant and to the applicant’s
parents, to assist him/her in the decision to attend a weekend, to help him/her to enter fully into
the Chrysalis fellowship after the weekend, to provide prayer, and other support (including
financial), and to provide transportation to and from the Chrysalis weekend. The cost for the
weekend is $85.00 please mail check with application.

This form must be completed by the Sponsor and returned with Butterfly application.
Sponsor’s name____________________________ Home phone__________________
Address __________________________________ Work phone __________________
City ______________________ State _____ Zip _________ Cell __________________
Email _________________________________________________________________
Where and When did you make your Walk or take your Flight?_____________________
Was it Emmaus or Chrysalis or other (specify)?_________________________________
Date that you attended a Day of Deeper Understanding?_________________________

This part is to be filled out by Parent/Guardian of Butterfly
Name _____________________________________ Home Phone ________________
Address___________________________________ Work phone __________________
City ______________________ State _____ Zip _________ Cell __________________
Email _________________________________________________________________
Emergency Contact Person’s Name ______________________ Phone _____________
Emergency Contact Person’s Name ______________________ Phone _____________
Parent/Guardian Signature _____________________________ Date ______________
The Upper Room Emmaus                                                                                                   Non—Profit Org.
Of Lynchburg Central Virginia                                                                                             U.S. Postage
P.O. Box 11942                                                                                                               PAID
Lynchburg, Virginia                                                                                                      Permit No. 730
                24506—1942                                                                                              Lynchburg, VA

               Once More, with Laughter. . . .
                                                                               As the old saying goes, “the more the merrier.” Please
It’s your last chance to add to our “Things you never                          take a minute and add to the fun by sharing your ideas
hear on an Emmaus weekend list.” All entries will be                           of things you never hear on an Emmaus weekend.
published in the July newsletter. Please join in the fun
and send your ideas to me either by email or snail mail.
I can be reached at or 1901                          Chris Greever, Walk #32
Broadway Street, Lynchburg, VA 24501.

You can also give me your ideas at the next gathering.

                                            Newsletter Editor: Tina Sapsara,
Are You Connected? L/CVA Emmaus is blessed to have an email prayer chain that helps us stay connected with each other. If
you are not a member, you can sign up at www.In or if you prefer, email to have Scott Paulette
sign you up.

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