Tricks To Make You A Winner! by chaitanyainnopark


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									                        Online Rummy – Use The Right Tricks To Make You A Winner!

When you play a game the goal is to be a winner. This is a really obvious goal that every person aims for. But we
are all aware that not everybody can win all the time. This means winners must have that something extra that
makes them rise above the rest. You too can become a consistent winner by adopting some of the tricks that a
winners uses. In a game like rummy, the fun is when you win on a regular basis, especially when you play for

To do that you definitely need more than a basic knowledge of the rules of the game. You need to have a style of
playing so that playing with you is fun for everybody, your own strategy to make the game interesting and a few
tricks to keep you ahead. In this article we will let you in on a few secret tricks that winners use to stay ahead of
the game.

The tricks that winners adopt to win include the below:

     Trick 1: Arranging the cards in a winning hand manner: An expert rummy player always arranges his/her
      cards in such a way that it looks like a potential winning hand. Each potential sequence and set is
      completed with a joker even if the natural sequence has not been formed.

     Trick 2: Always keep watching what others are picking and discarding: Another trick is gleaning what the
      others are up to and what level their game has reached. This way the player is always prepared to react
      in the right way.

     Trick 3: Never assume anything about the game: One cannot make blind assumptions about the game.
      This is one thing an expert will always careful not to do. This can be better explained with an example: In
      case the player next to you drops a card, it is better not to drop a card that is in sequence of that card,
      assuming it will not be useful.

     Trick 4: Never a pick a card from the open pile on a vague possibility: This trick is really a valuable one.
      An expert player would never pick a card from the open pile on a vague chance that it may be useful.
      This way others do not have a clue about your game and the possibility of a better card from the closed
      pile is always there.

     Trick 5: Discard cards in a confusing manner: This is a simple sleight in hand that can mislead your
      opponents. Suppose you are holding Jack, King and Ace of a particular suite and you discard Jack it will
      definitely mislead others. The chances are more that they may discard a queen of the same suite
      believing it to be useless for you.

     Trick 6: Drop from a game that looks really bad: This is more of a commonsense kind of move. It always
      makes sense to drop from a game that holds no promise. Yes! Rummy is a game of skill but sometimes
      poor cards can also make it impossible for your skills to make a difference. In such cases it is simply
      better to quit.

Summary: These are simply some tricks to make you an expert Indian rummy player and these are some moves that
expert players always make according to the situation. You could adapt them in your game to make your game better and
win more.

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