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									Hardware-In-the-Loop System

Hardware-In-the-Loop System is an effective platform for developing and testing complex real-time embedded systems. HIL system provides the complexity of the plant under control using mathematical representation, called “plant simulation”, of all related dynamic systems. It also includes electrical emulation of sensors and actuators which act as the interface between the plant simulation and the embedded system under test.

Open Loop and Closed Loop Testing In the Open loop testing a simpler I/O model is used with no feedback from the plant model. The inputs and outputs independent of each other, and consequentially the dynamic behavior of the system cannot be tested. The performance of the system software, actuators commands or outputs are monitored and verified, while feeding a predefined set of values of sensor data to the system.

Closed loop testing requires a complete plant model with appropriate feedback response for the system. In a closed loop environment the hardware commanded values are used to run the plant models. The plant model output is further used in the plant model to compute the plant behavior and dynamic sensor responses.

Advantages of HIL System
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Provides Cost Savings by Shortened Development time Complete, consistent test coverage. Supports automated testing Enables testing the hardware without building a “plant prototype” Simulator performs test outside the normal range of operation Supports reproducible test runs that can assist in uncovering and tracking down hard to find problems. Enables testing with less risk of destroying the system

Case Study: HIL Testing of Engine Control Unit Software
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Unit testing and integration testing of exhaust system software. Participation in test automation, test-plan and test-case preparation

Technical Features

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Multitron Labcar as vehicle simulator INCA software used for Measurement and Calibration Calibration through CCP using ES690 from ETAS Flashing through PROF Flashing through JTAG debugger Automation of testing using RTRT Vector CANalyser for simulation and testing of CAN nodes Automation of CAN testing using CAPL programs Customer tool for diagnostic testing (KWP2000 over CAN) System usage at every phase of software development

Our Offerings At embitel, we have expertise in HIL systems, simulation software, rapid prototyping and auto-code generation tools. We offer assistance in implementation and execution of tests on different hardware platforms, development of real time simulation models using various software tools, test automation and test-plan creation.

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