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Multi Platform Photo Finishing Software


									Multi Platform Photo Finishing Software
The market for individualized output of digital pictures is growing constantly. Increasing competition is putting extreme pressure on costs, so that efficient production and a constant flow of new services are simply vital. As a provider, you must be in a position to integrate all different input channels such as kiosk, on line system or mobile units in a competitive manner. This is only possible by optimizing order handling costs and thus improving the value adding element over your entire process. With the ITCPrintframework, we offer a well thought-out, tried and tested solution for “digital imaging and printing” which comprehensively meets these requirements. Regardless whether you link two sites with kiosk systems or offer your customers web-based order handling as the owner of a print company, ITCPrintframework provides the necessary components. ITC products today are already successfully being used by:
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Photo laboratories Photo retailers Retail chains Printing companies Brand producers

For more information about image tech products, please visit: Requirements An existing Borland C++ Windows application required to be ported to cross platform library Qt so that the application runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux with native look and feel on each operating system. Listed below are the functions included: Listed below are the functions included:
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Porting the existing library modules in Qt. Compiling the application on Windows. Compiling the application on Mac. Enhancing performance using threaded programming and memory optimization wherever applicable.


Adding new features to improve the quality of software.

System Overview Fotobook application is an application written in C++ and is used to enable users managing their digital photographs, creating customized albums and ordering prints on line from windows operating system. The application itself is divided in multiple modules which provide the functionality of displaying graphics, editing and managing graphics, connecting and using web service for getting the product and pricing details, placing orders, making payments etc.

 Complete system study of existing application  Port the application to Qt module by module

 Optimizing the software modules after porting process  Implementing new features as per specifications  Validating whole system against predefined system vectors  Compiling and testing the application on Windows operating system  Compiling and testing the application on Mac OS X  Creating installers for both the target platforms  Complete the process by updating relevant documents

Testing and Validation
 Standard Quality assurance techniques are followed to ensure quality of deliverables  Unit testing  Functional testing  System testing

 Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Vista operating systems  Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 professional as IDE for development and debugging on windows

operating system
 Mac OS 10.4, 10.5  XCode, QTCreator as IDE for development and debugging on Mac OS  GCC compiler for compilation on Mac  Open Suse 11.1, Ubuntu, Fedora 9  Qt as cross platform libraries

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