Transmission of Vehicle Error Status

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					Transmission of Vehicle Error Status
Requirement Transmission of vehicle error status, available over CAN network, to GSM network.

Overview of the system The control unit acts as an interface between CAN network and GSM module. If an ECU (Electronic control unit) of the vehicle detects a critical error like Limp-home activation, Airbag activation, failure of critical sensors etc, it transmits the error status over the CAN network. This CAN data is used as a trigger to send the error information to the GSM network as a SMS. An optional GPS system can be used transmit the exact location of the vehicle. The control unit uses UART interface to communicate with GPS and GSM modules. The system is can be used to transmit vehicle error information to service stations. Implementation
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Proof Of Concept based on eCall specification Data transmission on reception of particular CAN data

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Development of CAN interface including driver UART interface for GSM, GPS modules Data transmission over SMS

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ARM7 based LPC 2129 processor board as control unit IWOW TR 800 GSM/GPRS Module GP-810 GPS Module GNU tool chain Samtec HS+ interface and SamDia for CAN network simulation

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