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					Цель урока: Совершенствовать знания по теме «Space exploration»

1.Развивать навыки аудирования и навыки монологической речи.
2.Обобщить полученные знания по теме .

1.Развитие памяти, способности излагать логически.
2.Развитие речевых, творческих способностей.

 1.Развивать познавательный интерес к этапам исследования космоса.
2.Воспитывать гордость за свою страну за успехи в области развития ракетостроения.

 1.Активизация и расширение лексического запаса.
2. Формирование и развитие навыков монологической речи

Тип урока:
По содержанию: урок применение полученных знаний.
По форме: урок –беседа.

Оборудование: мультимедия-презентация (подготовленная учениками)

Подготовительная работа: Ученики находят информацию об этапах освоения космоса,
готовят монологические выступления о запусках первых спутников, первых космических
 Сообщения учащихся сопровождаются мультимедийной презентацией, подготовленной
учениками и учителем.

                     Ход урока:
1.Организационный момент

                                        Teacher: Hello, my dear friends.Today we are going to
                                        speak about space and about cosmonauts. Our country
                                        is proud of the achievments of soviet scientists in the
                                        field of space exploration. We ‘ll remember the first
                                        crew of cosmonauts,the Chief Desiner and their
                                        contribution in science. You will see that we are really
                                        the first in the world.

We’ll begin with the revision of some words and phrases.Your task is to match the given words
with their Russian equivalents. fly (flew) into space                          a) исследовать вселенную                                              b) генеральный конструктор launch , to be launched                        c) одноместный carry                                           d) вокруг Земли fly (flew) into space                           e) проводить spend(spent)                                    f) соревноваться с
7. spaceship, spacecraft                             g) космическая эра
8.single-seat                                        h) космическое исследование
9.Chief Designer                                      i) искусственный спутник compete with                                    j) запускать
11.explore the universe                                k) нести
12.around the Earth                                    l) стыковаться age                                           m) космический корабль dock                                             n)полететь в космос


 People always wanted to fly to stars. They dreamed of reaching other planets. For generations
people told legends and myths of men soaring like birds and fairy-tales about flying carpets.But
only in the 20-th century the dreams of space flights have come true. From the begining of space
age, both the Soviet Union and the United States were active in the exploration of solar
system.Both countries had their own spase programmes, competing with each other.Today we
are going to speak about space reserches of our country.Soviet scientists, designers,researchers
were the first in space exploration, had great success in space-rocket let’s....
What event opened the new era in the history of mankind? What do you know about it?

3.Сообщения по теме

Pupil 1:
The launching of the first artificial satellite on the 4-th of October,1957 opened a new era of
space explorations. The Russians were the 1st in the world to fly into outer space.This sattelite
was only 53 cm in diameter, and carried a simple radio transmitter. The transmitter allowed
scientists to track Sputnik as it orbited the Earth.Soviet people were overjoyed when they heared
the signals of Sputnik broadcast on the radio all over the world.
                                                 Pupil 2:
                                                 I know, that Sputnik 2 was launched on
                                                 November 3, 1957 and carried the first living
                                                 passenger, a dog named Laika .On August 19
                                                 in1960 dogs Belka and Strelka flew into space.
                                                 There also were other living beings: 40 mice,2
                                                 rats and variety of plants on board. The
                                                 spacecraft returned back to earth the next day
                                                 with all the animals.The flight of Belka and
                                                 Strelka was a memorable event in thr history of
                                                 space exploration. It proved, that living beings
                                                 could survive in space.

Teacher: These successful flights of animals let the designers launch a manned spaceship into
space. People 3 will tell us about Gagarin’s flight into space.

Pupil 3:
                                                 A real breakthrough in space exploration was the
                                                beginning of manned space flights.On April 12,
                                                1961 Yuri Gagarin flew into space and spent 108
                                                minutes there.It was one of the greatest events of
                                                the 20th century.It was Vostok 1,a single-seat
                                                spacecraft, that carried Gagarin into space.
                                                Again the Russians were the first. Since that time
                                                no one has doubted Russia’s leadership in space

Teacher: The next victory of our scientists was the first group flight into space,wasn’t it?

Pupil 4:I agree with you here. On the 11th of August 1962 spaceship Vostok 3 piloted by
Andriyan Nikolaev flew into space.The next day Vostok 4 with Popovich was launched into
space.It was for the first time that 2 spaceships were in space at the same time. They flew in a
distance of 6 km from each other.This flight was a preperation for spaceships’ docking. We
remember this date and we are proud of cosmonaut № 3 because A. G. Nikolayev is our
countryman. He was born in Chuvash Republic in the village Shorshely.

Teacher:Russian women are as brave as men.Valentina Tereshkova is an examle of it.

Pupil 5:
On the16th of July 1963 2 days after spaceship Vostok 5 with V. Bykovsky, spaceship Vostok 6
was launched into space. For the first time in the world a woman flew into space.She was
Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman cosmonaut in the world.

Teacher: The single- seat “Vostok” spaceships did a lot contributions in science. The second
generation Soviet spaceships Voskhod were made for a whole crew of astronauts, you know
about it, don’t you?
Pupil 6:
   I want to tell you that the second generation Soviet spaceships Voskhod were made for a
whole crew of astronauts. Voskhod 1 was the first ship for a crew of three cosmonots.It was
launched on the 12 th of october in 1964 with an engineer V.Komarov,a scientist Feoktistov and
                                                   a doctor Egorov.

                                                 In 1965 Voskhod 2 made a flight which was
                                                 really memorable because the copilot Alexei
                                                 Leonov left the ship for the first time and
                                                 became a spase walker.He spent 10 minutes
                                                 outside the spaceship in a special spacesuit.

 Speaking about all these space reserches we can’t but mention the name of an outstanding man,
a scientist and designer of space –rocket systems Sergei Pavlovich Korolyov.I’m sure you know
his biography.

Pupil 7: I’m going to tell you the biography of this outstanding man. S.P.Korolyov designed the
Vostok and Voskhod spaceships and realised the most ambitious plans of Russian scientest and
inventor K. Tsiolkovsky.
He was born in the city Zhitomir in the family of a teacher.From 1927 he worked in the aircraft
industry. In 1930, without leavig his job, he graduated from Moscow Bauman Higher Technical
School and finished a flying school in Zhitomir. After meeting with Tsiolkovsky and studying
his ideas, Korolyov became a rocket enthusiast. He was one of the founders of modern space-
rocket engineering.

                                       You are right, Korolyov devoted himself to developing
                                       of space-rocket engineering. Sergei Pavlovich was
                                       awarded the highest title of the USSR: “ Hero of the
                                       Soviet Union “ for his contributions in science.
                                       Korolyov prepared and assisted Russian cosmonauts,
                                       sending them to space and meeting them prsonally after
                                       landing at the Bikanur Cosmodrome. By the time S.
                                       Korolyov died unexpectedly in 1966 , the foundation of
                                       the USSR as a powerful space state had been established.
                                        And now let’s speak about the third generation manned
                                       spaceship Soyuz.

                                        Pupil 7:
In January 1969 spaceship “Soyuz” with the cosmonaut Shatalov was put into orbit.The next
day spaceship “Soyuz 5” with Volynov,Eliseyev,Khrunov flew into space. This generation of
spaceships was able of maneuvering.The ships docked and the cosmonauts moved from one ship
to another. This was the first experimental orbital station.

 In the course of space exploration there have been lots of achievements in science and
technology. This period saw the launching of many earth satellites, numerous space laboratories.
Among the achievements we may enumerate the landing of automatic stations on the Moon, the
flights of space laboratories towards the Venus and Mars. And the space exploration became not
a competition but a cooperation. The first step to it was done in 1975.I hope you know about it.?

Pupil 8: I know that the first international flight took place in 1975.On July 15 an american
spacecraft “ Apollo” started from Canaveral and “Soyuz-19” from Baikonur.On the 17th of July
the spaceships docked.The crews of the Spaceships worked together on their programmes and
succesfully returned to Earth.
Teacher: Can you name the cosmonauts?

Pupil 8: They are Soviet cosmonauts A.Leonov and V. Kubasov , American astronauts
T.Stafford, B.Brand and D.Slaton.


Teacher: My friends, to sum it all up I’d like to say that the future of space exploration seems to
be connected with cooperation work in space.People’s desire to know more abaut world around
us will never be satisfied and we can get the best results if we do this hard work together.
Well, our lesson is over. Thank you for being active at the lesson. I am very pleased with your
work.Your marks for the lesson are the following...

By Svetlana Dmitrieva, Sovetskaya secondary school, Yadrin district, Chuvash Republic

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