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Practice Human Recall to Shine as an Attorney
Most attorneys work hard and concentrate when analyzing and preparing cases, but later tuck them away for access only before an
appearance at court or a client meeting. However, this method, though regular and practical, is insufficient if you want to really shine in
your career.

Considering the mass of information an attorney requires                 proper care of a case, and in a service-based profession, the
to handle on a daily basis, it seems practical to shelve                 impression of care is of paramount importance.
information for which there is no emergent need. But, too
often, we do not control all situations, impromptu needs arise,          So, how to go about it? It’s simple enough. Every good
and the habit of not checking on information until the last              attorney is taught to create a summary of the points in a case
minute costs us dearly. Further, laptops and notebooks have              in a sheet that usually accompanies the brief.
reduced the importance of human memory and relegated it to
the status of a degenerate faculty. In such an environment,                 •       Make a further concise summary of each case
stressing the possession of an active memory helps to                       •       Create abbreviated and legible points without going
underline your difference from other professionals.                                 into full sentences
                                                                            •       Commit the case summary to heart
There are situations that require an attorney to recall                     •       Periodically review the summary to refresh the
information on the spur of the moment, and failure to do                            information in your mind and avoid confusion
so marks him or her as inept. On the other hand, ability
to recall the essentials of any case at any moment creates               This simple habit will help to keep the key points of each case
the impression of an intelligent and hardworking attorney.               fresh in your mind. In law practice, we often meet clients on the
Understand, I am not talking about accessing the information             way or out of turn, also many times seniors may suddenly ask
in laptops and notebooks in front of clients, but the art of             us about the progress or points of a case. At extreme situations,
impromptu recall - it is a tool of excellent showmanship and it          you might find yourself in court where you have the chance to
creates great impact on people.                                          make an appearance out of turn and if you are not ready prima
                                                                         facie with the facts of the case, you might lose an opportunity.
If at any required situation, you can access necessary points
of the concerned case primarily from your memory, you create             In every situation, both in the long and short run, the habit of
a positive impression. Opening your laptop or notebook on a              reviewing facts of your briefs periodically will come to your aid
secondary stage only reinforces your image as an intelligent             as much to create impressions as to help learning. An active
professional. However, diving for your laptop for accessing              memory and ability to recall facts and information on the fly
primary information shows that you are not conversant with               is a great tool to advance your career. Over dependence on
the relevant case and signals lack of care.                              digital memory and neglect of your god-given faculties makes
                                                                         you slower by that split-second that you need to win success.
Both seniors and clients favor an attorney who seems to have             The habit of periodical review of facts of a case, even without
required information on his or her fingertips and doesn’t need           urgent need, can turn the situation in your favor and bring
to fumble with a laptop. It gives off the impression of taking           career success.

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