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Doing an Attorney Job Search
Doing an attorney job search these days can be especially difficult, with the economy as it is. Nonetheless, there are resources available
that can make an attorney employment search a lot easier for you.

Especially if you’re just starting out, it can be difficult to get      someone who might be a good candidate for a particular
a foothold in an attorney job search, especially because you            attorney job search with that particular corporation or entity.
won’t have many professional contacts. However, there are
lots of associations and networking events you can join or              However, networking goes far beyond traditionally based in
attend, such that you can begin to network, get your foot in            networking these days. You can (and should) certainly attend
the door, and get those first interviews, to lead to that first         events as usual, but networking has gone social - via social
attorney job.                                                           networks and social bookmarking, that is. This is a great
                                                                        way to find a job during your attorney job search, since you
If you’re an experienced attorney and are looking for a new             can find people in your industry that you can then connect
position, you’ll likely have several more options available to          with; this is a great way to hear about jobs that might not be
you, since you’ll probably have some contacts in the industry.          publicly listed yet - or that may never be publicly listed.
As part of your attorney employment search, you should
most definitely take a look at recruiting services, since these         That’s one thing that can make an attorney employment search
services specifically look for experienced candidates to fill           frustrating; if you simply do job searches on regular ‘’attorney
particular positions. Particular to your attorney job search,           job search’’ sites, you may miss out, because many times, these
look for a recruiter that specializes in attorney jobs in your          listings are either outdated or will have so many candidates
particular area of expertise, such as corporate law. The                applying for them that it’s very unlikely you’ll have a good shot.
recruiter is going to know about job listings that may not
appear anywhere else, and because the recruiter is working              A note about job sites
for the client doing the candidate search, you don’t pay
anything for these recruiter services.                                  Jobsites certainly can list jobs for attorneys, and they can be
                                                                        helpful for your attorney employment search. However, most
Your attorney job search should also branch out to other                of these sites are ‘’free to job candidates, paid by employers,’’
venues you might not otherwise think of. For example, you               which makes them a pretty sorry bet if you’re really looking
can certainly attend physical ‘’networking’’ events sponsored           for a good attorney job. Therefore, consider going with a
by relevant entities, like universities, law firms, corporations,       job site that seeks modest fees from candidates, not from
of bar associations, and so on. This is a good idea for face-to-        employers.
face contact with people who may be looking for an attorney
in your area of specialization.                                         One such site is a
                                                               has thousands of job listings
When you do this, certainly, make sure you learn everything             available, and many of these are specialized to attorneys;
you can about the organization in question so that you have as          just do a search on the site to find them. Because
much knowledge about the organization and its role as much     makes its fees from candidates, not
as possible. Not only will this make you comfortable when               employers, you can be sure the job listings you find during
you’re talking to other people, but it could give you a leg up in       your attorney job search or relevant and legitimate. That’s
a particular job search, too, since people will remember you as         different than most jobsites; because most jobsites make their
someone who is ‘’in the know’’ about their industry and therefore       money from employers, not candidates, they don’t screen

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their listings particularly carefully - and that means you have          as one of your premier resources for attorney job search
to sift through a lot of junk to get to the gems.                        resources, and you may just find yourself gainfully employed-
                                                                         with your attorney employment search much streamlined -
Not so with Simply go to the site,               very soon.
sign up, pay a small fee, and search for jobs. Bookmark it

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