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What Do You Need to Do to Get Construction Law Jobs?
If you want to be qualified for construction law jobs, you’ll need to be versed in that particular area of expertise. Generally, you will go
to college and get a pre-law degree, and then go to law school and specialize in construction law. The primary duties of construction
law jobs are specific to construction and its related fields. Construction law jobs’ focus may include, for example, bonds and bonding,
contract law, liens, security interests of other types, sureties and guarantees, construction claims, tendering, and consultancy contracts
related to construction. As a construction lawyer, you may work with a variety of people, including engineers, builders, surveyors,
construction workers, architects, planners, and financial institutions.

Some of the duties construction law jobs may include an                   of spam and junk, too, so you have to be careful. If you are
understanding of environmental and building regulations as                comfortable with networking online, you can certainly sign
well as other legal issues like contract in subcontract issues,           up with one of the many professional social networking sites
liability, negligence, dispute resolution, dispute avoidance, and         available (many of them free) and find contacts there. And of
more.                                                                     course, although these are often overlooked as venues for job
                                                                          opportunities, “regular” social networking sites like Facebook
It wasn’t always so, but construction law has become a                    can also provide unforeseen job opportunities in construction
separate entity unto itself, broken out in recent years from              law employment.
corporate law or real estate law, or from project finance.
Oftentimes, construction law dovetails with energy laws like              Staying Current with Network Contacts All of the Time
those pertaining to oil and gas, too.
                                                                          One of the most important things about networking is
Getting Construction Law Employment                                       that even once you are gainfully employed, you should be
                                                                          constantly networking in the field of construction law; staying
If construction law is an area of expertise you want to                   abreast of colleagues’ doings and events will keep you “in the
cultivate, of course you need the proper education as                     loop,” so that you are much more prepared for the job you’ve
described above. Once you’ve completed your education,                    already got, and just as importantly, prepared to change
your search for employment will begin. Of course, you don’t               positions should it become necessary.
necessarily have to wait until graduation to work on getting
construction law jobs and should begin to network even while              Specialized Jobsites
you’re still in school. Getting internships in construction law
firms, for example, can give you a great leg up when it comes             One of the best ways to find specialized work such as
time to search for construction law employment.                           those you find with construction law jobs is to sign up with
                                                                          professional jobsites whose mission it is to find you the perfect
Networking and Going Online                                               job. One of these is LawCrossing.com. LawCrossing.com is
                                                                          geared to finding law jobs, and in particular for this particular
Your school is going to be one of the first places you can                job search, focuses on construction law jobs.
start when you begin to network for future construction law
jobs; if you serve an internship at a construction law firm,              Unlike most jobsites, candidates, not employers, pay
for example, those mentoring you in your internship may                   LawCrossing.com a small fee to use its services, but this is
be able to connect you with resources for construction law                actually beneficial to you if you are looking for construction
employment as well.                                                       law jobs. The reasonable fee you pay helps ensure that
                                                                          LawCrossing.com can take on only those employers
However, one of the best ways to find work these days is to               who are legitimate, looking for qualified candidates for
go online. Of course, there are large, mainstream and “catch              their construction law jobs. LawCrossing.com carefully
all” jobsites available, and these may indeed have some                   screens prospective employers, and makes sure that
construction law employment opportunities listed therein.                 every construction law employment opportunity you see is
A lot of these so-called jobsites are also chock-full of a lot            legitimate. That means you spend much less time searching

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through chaff for a few legitimate job listings, and much more           free. If you’re looking for construction law employment,
time focusing on your search specific to construction law jobs.          search thousands of construction law jobs listings today; find
                                                                         that perfect job in construction law, much faster and easier
Best of all, right now, LawCrossing.com has a FREE trial                 than you thought you could.
available, so that you can peruse thousands of listings for

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