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									                      Mohammed farag attya
    Handset El Ray street – Mimit El kamh – El Sharkia – Egypt
             -055/3667998 – 0112780244-0192594226
                       In KSA 0597378172

Personal data

Name          : Mohamed Farag Attya Shaban
Date of Birth: 25 / 5 / 1976
Marital status: Married
Address        : Handast Elry – street minit elkamh – el sharkia -EGYPT
In KSA          : Yanbu – Yanbu city –Royal commission –radwa8 –HOUSE 47
Education and Qualification :

B.SC metallurgical & material science engineering, faculty of petroleum and mining

Courses during BSC:

 Corrosion control and cathodic protection engineering, material selection, alloy
design, steel and steel alloys, Non ferrous alloy design and alloy making
Inspection by NDT – welding – steel Heat Treatment - casting engineering –
extractive eng- furnace eng – steel making in EAF and secondary metallurgy steel
making practice eng. Mechanical metallurgy –Rolling technology – Extrusion
technology – manufacturing and metallurgy –Microstructure analysis – Macro and
Micro analysis- Statistical analysis and excremental design

Graduation date: may 2000

Faculty & University: faculty of petroleum & mining eng Suez Canal University

Graduation project:

Welding technology and welding process for high strength low alloy steel HSLA,
Grade X70 production using modern technology"
                   Graduation project grade        : very good
General grade            Good

BS.C    grade              very good

MSC in material & metallurgical engineering 2009       

Post graduation study MSC: Courses studied during master degree
Advanced mechanical metallurgy (steel manufacturing, welding processing),
Advanced physical metallurgy,
 Advanced metal testing, (microstructure using different types of microscopes,
Mechanical testing, laboratories of BUE ,CMRDI )
Applied X ray in metallurgical fields
MSC Thesis title "variables affecting producing electrical silicon steel – non oriented
grain during processing and different types of annealing processes"

Training during Education:
Training in helowan steel co
Training in el delta steel co
Training in el dkhila steel co
Training in Suez for pipe line co and taking graduation project there.

Work experience:

 1- Work in Helowan iron foundry (military factor 9) from 2001-2003
(Quality engineer) in electrical arc furnace and induction furnace for steel making
Work with Arab British society in investment casting department in project of
developing armor steel material

2-Work in Abu zabal for industrial engineering, from ( year 2003 to 2005 )in
technology department (Process engineer of hot rolling and final heat treatment) of
flat plain carbon steel, piping steel X70 and special steel. (as Process engineer), TQM
training engineering

Training in ARCELOR group for this technology of hot rolling and heat treatment
Start commissioning with SMS DEMAGE in Egypt for running the hot rolling plant

3- Work in Kandil industries

Process engineer of cold rolling and batch annealing, temper rolling and skin pass ,
controlling process parameters of cold rolling reduction and annealing cycles .

 Process & product engineer in R &D t department of hot dip galvanizing of steel
sheet (process engineer) from 2005 to 2007 and up to date
Continues galvanizing lines, two lines with annual productivity 150.000 tons
Continous color coating line, producing pre painted steel, laminated steel with/without

Types of testing conducted on the final galvanized product:
Salt spray test to measure its corrosion resistance in severe salt environment
Weathering test, Mechanical tests, passivation layer test, microstructure test for

4- Work in Petrojet Company for petroleum projects from Jan2007 up to 2008,
Quality control department (Inspection and post welding heat treatment engineer)

5- work in Cristal for titanium dioxide manufacturing ,Ynbu plant ,Metallurgy
workshop inspection engineer from 2008 up to now

Project shared during working in Petro jet:
Mopco for Ammonia& Urea project in Damietta

Saqqara with Japco petroleum project in Suez central shop

Work in central work shop of Petrojet in Suez branch

5-Current job: CRISTAL Global for TIO2 IN YANBU KSA

Special Metallurgical and reliability engineer (From
Dec 2008-2011 Till today)


NDT tests ( PT,MT,UT ,RT) , visual inspection
PQR , WPS ,Qualification of welder and welding electrodes
Material selection and development of new material
Failure and root cause analysis RCA and corrosion, erosion analysis
Reliability team leader for chemical plant (improve equipment reliability)
-IRIS ultrasonic testing and inspection reporting
- metallurgical reporting and metallurgical lab analysis using spectrograph , dealing
with metallurgical labs in CRISTAL Global in USA ,UK,AUS ,France .
-Oversee metallurgical aspects of new projects developments in the plant, expansions
or modifications, feasibility studies and opportunity.

- providing of metallurgical oversight for new projects and also conducting
metallurgical analysis with research lab in KSA ( TCR ) and in USA ( STORK )and
technical interpretation of data.
-Evaluate consultant proposals prior awarding the contract to insure the capability of
the consultant to conduct Metallurgical work and Process design
-Insure all deliverables are received and follow closely the progress of the
Metallurgical work and report accordingly.

-Participate in the feasibility study and detailed engineering and assist with the
gathering of relevant information from the existing metallurgical plan.
-Conduct enough Metallurgical work by selecting representative samples and review
Metallurgical Test Procedure.
-Verify the design and insure that it is as per our clients Standards and Specifications
Training courses: (Suez Bureau for Quality: SBQ)

1- Inspection course in liquid penetration test P.T level II
2- Inspection course in magnetic particle test M.T level II
3- Inspection course in ultrasonic test U.T level II
5- Welding technology and metallurgy
6-corrosion and cathodic protection for inspector
7- Weld and base metal metallurgy
8- in service inspection for plant inspector
9- Documentation and standards for pipe line and tanks
10- welding processing ( SMAW.GTAW,SAW,FCAW,TIG,MIG,MAG ,….
11-Heat exchanger maintenance and design (ECO MAN) CristalGlobal .co
12- Vibration analysis of rotating equipments (ECO MAN) Cristal Global .co
13- Failure analysis and root cause analysis RCA (ECO MAN) Cristal Global .co
14- Certified internal Audit by third party in Cristal Global
15-RCA Root cause analysis in central of reliability experts in KSA

External training:

I- Training in technology of steel and steel alloy manufactring in ARCELOR
USINOR GROUP in FRANCE – CRUSOT PLANT from April 2004 to may 2004.
Training includes the following courses:
5S            Course
JIT            Course
TQM             Course - TPM            Course
   II- Training in Beaker plant for Industrial paint in France

 Training in France, course in "knowledge of industrial coating and different paints
and steel coating with industrial paints" from 1st March TO 15TH OF March 2008

III- Training in Galva info –USA with cooperation with Egyptian ministry of industry
in galvanizing processing and corrosion protection.
Training in KIZEN research center ( TQM,TPM,IT,JIT ) in Japanese center in Egypt

CRISTAL Training:

- Heat transfer maintenance and design and trouble shooting
- Vibration analysis and monitoring for rotating equipments (national vibration
institute USA )
- Powder material and coating protection of corrosion /erosion
corrosion ,erorison analysis ,material selection
 Failure and root cause analysis RCA (Reliability team of maintenance)

Certified INTERNAL AUDITOR BY TUV &FAHS IS0 9001 in 2009\2010

-Mechanical metallurgy –Rolling technology Manufacturing technology – Alloy
manufacturing and metallurgy –Microstructure analysis – Macro and Micro analysis-
Statistical analysis and excremental design - RCA Root cause analysis- Mechanical
testing ( tensile ,impact ,toughness ,corrosion testing ,erosion testing )
-Metallurgical investigation and material selection based on behavior of material and
standard testing in corrosion /erosion and processing mechanical testing.
- process simulation and modeling of the parameters in advance to test the best
practice material for special process .


ARBIC:      first language
ENGLISH: I successfully finished English course in level 12th,, , course
ILETS test exam , score 6.0
French : moderate

Computer skills:

SAP program for planning, maintenance scheduling , purchasing and inspection
Office (Word – excel – power point)
MS project
Costing engineering,
Planning Eng, SAP
Project management programs.
RCA programs ,as RLEIA SOFT
Statistical analysis and trial experiment program

ACADEMIC Work and thesis:

   1- Characterization of different processing variables of non-
      oriented electrical silicon steel by
R. Ramadan 1, S.A Ibrahim 1, M. Farag 2
  Faculty of Petroleum & Mining Engineering, Suez Canal University, Egypt
  Kandil Steel Complexes, 10th of Ramadan City, Egypt
Suez canal university ,faculty of petroleum &mining engineering ,high research
education magazine ,PP NO 231 ,page 31 -35

   2- Modified de carburization annealing process for grade
      M50 of non-oriented electrical silicon steel strip .
       M. Abaas 1, S.A Ibrahim 1, M. Farag 2
         Faculty of Petroleum & Mining Engineering, Suez Canal University, Egypt
           Kandil Steel Complexes, 10th of Ramadan City, Egypt
         11th international conference of metallurgical engineering (MPM11) .pp21
         .page 11-14

Conferences attendance:
-21 st
     international conference of metallurgical and material science engineering
organized by central metallurgical research development center (CMRDI) April 20th -
28th 2007 Egypt –Cairo.
-North Africa color painting international conference, in 5th -15th may 2008, Morocco,
-International zinc galvanizing coating conference, 12th -18th April 2008, Georgia –
- TRAINING In Arcelor steel group company – le cruset plant – Usinor –France
from 29th March -21April 2004
- TRAINING In SMS Demag group company – AZE plant – Egypt –France from
15th June 2004 -20th sep 2005 in metallurgical factors of hot rolling flat alloy steel
X70,Mar ageing steel .
- Training in Beaker for industrial paining over rolled coil steel in Leon =France from
21st may – 15th April 2006.
- Training in Egyptian industrial research center with Japanese consultant of KAIZEN
for total quality managements, TQM, TPM,, JIT,IT.
- Master degree in metallurgical and material science engineering, experimental work
has been completed in CMRDI central metallurgical research development center in
Egypt, and other part in BUE (British university in Egypt) ,martial research lab .


Mr. .Anas .A. Saggaf (reliability manager CRISTAL Global for TIO2: 00966
Mr.Fahad Kabli (Maintenance Manger CRISTAL Global for TIo2:0966- 0530530413
Dr: Ahmed Elzahrty (Professor of Nano material in KSU faculty of science: 0966-

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