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									EDI Messaging with Customers                                                      Annex 2

    Electronic (& hard copy) ‘statement of mailing’ for bulk mailer use.

    Advance information on mailings; more efficient acceptance; reduced fraud; make
    mailing data more easily available to automation systems.

 Status and Date of adoption
    P since July 1996! Original workgroup agreed that REMPI project would prepare first
    proposal. This was done in 1999 and tested in 1999/2000. Tests led to change /
    clarification proposals. A revised draft of these has JUST been completed.
    Initial REMPI specifications were trialled by Deutsche Post & Royal Mail (with users
    and suppliers) between October 1999 and May 2000.
 Foreseen development of the standard
    1.   Review of revised drafts by REMPI partners
    2.   Joint UPU EXG / CEN WG3 subgroup to review and consider standards adoption
 EXG Decisions / Actions
    1.   Revise work item description?
    2.   Circulate draft now, or only after review by REMPI team?
    3.   Who wants to be on the ad-hoc group?
    4.   Need for XML equivalent?

                         Universal Postal Union - Postal Technology Centre
Image & Attribute Transmission

    Electronic exchange of item data and images, linked to id-tags or other identifiers

    Process integration; more efficient processing; ability to process data whilst items are in

 Status and Date of adoption
    P since July 1998. Work group formed, with industry participation, under GBA chair,
    IPC editor. Structure of standard agreed. Two possibilities [DAFS (USA) and NLA
    system] proposed for technical basis. NLA declined to provide technical details; DAFS
    agreed as way forward. IPC to prepare draft. No meetings held since July 1999.

    n.a. Several posts (e.g. NLA, USA) use image and attribute transmission internally;
    many others are piloting it.

 Foreseen development of the standard
    1.   First (IPC prepared) draft can be ready April/May
 EXG Decisions / Actions
    1.   GBA still want to chair?
    2.   Separate attributes from images to speed up?
    3.   Revise work item description?
    4.   Plan meeting May? Or earlier to re-start activity/interest?

                         Universal Postal Union - Postal Technology Centre
Issuer Code Adaptations of Existing Standards

    Adapt existing standards in light of S31

    Clarify where we mean country and where we mean postal operator; adapt standards to
    support Issuer Codes where appropriate.

 Status and Date of adoption
    P since Nov 1999. Work distributed between various groups. EXG (CMG) responsible
    for all except S18-S28; shared responsibility for S10. Work not actually commenced.

    Many users of the existing standards.

 Foreseen development of the standard
    1.   Review standards for references
    2.   Decide where clarification / change to use of Issuer Code needed
    3.   Develop migration plan where needed
    4.   Propose revisions and migration plan to SB

 EXG Decisions / Actions
    1.   EXG or pass to DCG?
    2.   If EXG, allocate review work.

                         Universal Postal Union - Postal Technology Centre

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