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									Haryana Tourist Attractions - Kurukshetra the Holy City of
Bhagawad Gita
Kurukshetra is one of the holy cities in Karnal district of Haryana, India. It is one of the most
visiting tourist destinations in Haryana State. The place is having more religious and historical
importance because of its Vedic culture. This is the place where Mahabharata war occurred and
it is also the birth place of Bhagwat Gita. There are many tourists attractions are there in
Kurukshetra it includes religious as well as prime pilgrimage attractions. Approximately there are
360 pilgrimage spots in the place. Kurukshetra is situated between the two holy rivers namely
Saraswathi River on the north and Drishadvati River on south. Don’t miss to visit Haryana
Tourist Attractions. Plan a long trip to Haryana tourist places and visit the entire tourist
destination. Kurukshetra is also called as ‘Dharamkshetra’ and it is termed in Bhagwath Gita or
Bhagwad Gita. The term Dharamkshetra is literally means that ‘Region of Righteousness’. The
place is also has very big connection with Aryan civilization.

Some of the prime attractions of Kurukshetra are Brahma Sarovar, Sannihit Sarovar, Jyotisara,
Sthaneshwara Mahadeva temple, Jindhal Park, Kamal nabhi, Krishna Museum, Bhishma kund
etc. Attractions of kurukshetra are never ending one. Brahma Sarovar is one of the holy rivers in
Kurukshetra. Every year many number of people come to take holy bath in the river during the
occasion of ‘Somavati Amavasya’ sacred no-moon day that happens on Monday. It is believed
that the creator of the universe Lord Brahma convinced the earth here. Haryana Tourist
Attractions are must see tourist destination in India. Never miss to visit this beautiful place.

Sannihit Sarovar is the place where the seven holy Saraswatis converge together. The devotees
come here to dip in the holy river and making prayer and ‘pind daan’. Tourists from all over the
place come to taking bath in this holy water to get ‘papa moksha’. Near to this sarovar you can
see some of the temples of Lord Vishnu, Laxmi Narayan, Lord Hanuman and Goddess Durga
temple. Visit this holy Haryana Tourist Attractions and get blessed with these places.

The development board of Kurukshetra has constructed Krishna museum very close to the
Brahma Sarovar. This is the only museum which is fully dedicated to Lord Sri Krishna. This
museum has a collection of different phases of life of Lord Sri Krishna, art and craft of
mythological and religious facts, sculptures, paintings etc. Today there are mainly six galleries in
the museum. The main attraction of the museum is the paintings of the battle of kurukshetra.
The galleries contains wood carvings, metal objects and casting, ivory carvings, palm leaf
etchings, manuscripts etc.

The ideal time to visit Kurukshetra is between the months of September to March. You can feel
very pleasant climate during these months. This holy city celebrates different festivals like Sri
Krishna Janmashtami, Lohri, Kurukshetra, diwali, holi etc. Whenever you are planning a tour to
Haryana Tourist Attractions don’t miss to travel to all these peaceful, holy places.

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