MIDWEST MOMS AND MINIS
                BEAUTY PAGEANT
                                        FEBRUARY 8-9, 2013

                                          Hosted by JStorrEvents
                                       Crowne Plaza Hotel Blue Ash
                                           5901 Pfeiffer Road
                                          Blue Ash, Ohio 45242

We want our contestants to have an unforgettable pageant experience so we have designed this pageant to
provide a wonderful time for all those involved.

DEADLINE FOR MIDWEST MOMS AND MINIS ENTRY-All fees and paperwork must be submitted by
December 8, 2012.

                       This is a NATURAL BEAUTY CONTEST. No Experience Necessary!

AGE DIVISIONS– Age division will be determined by the contestant’s age as of February 9, 2013.

                                         Wee Minis and Mom (ages 1-3)

                                          Mini Miss and Mom (ages 4-6)

                                          Little Mini and Mom (ages 7-9)

                                        Junior Mini and Mom (ages 10-12)

                                           Mini and Mom (ages 13-15)

At the Pageants committee’s discretion, age categories may be combined if not enough entrants in each age
division. If there are too many entrants in one division, that division may be separated.

ONE SUPREME EMPRESS TEAM: -Our Empress Team will receive a beautiful crown, $250.00 in cash and
prizes, and a team trophy. Winning team will have the highest combined scores in beauty and theme and any
highest scoring optional event. The Supreme Empress Team will be picked from all age categories COMBINED.

ONE QUEEN TEAM PER DIVISION: Our Queen Teams will each receive a beautiful crown, a team trophy and a

ONE PRINCESS TEAM PER DIVISION: Our Princess Teams will each receive a beautiful crown, a team trophy
and a certificate.

INTERVIEW- There will be private one minute interview with the judges. Easy age appropriate questions will be
asked to assess contestants’ personalities and for an up close look at facial beauty. Contestants in the 1-3 age
divisions must have a parent or guardian sit with them. All other parents will be seated in a designated area if they
wish to be present during their daughter’s interview.
THEME WEAR– Can be any type of attire that represents Valentine’s Day…BE AS CREATIVE as you wish! Props
are allowed. You will be judged on overall appearance, personality, creativity and stage presentation. Wigs are
permitted during this portion of the program.

Routines in all categories will be timed and are to be no longer than 2 minutes in length. You may bring
your own music (must be on a CD) for the Theme Wear competition. All other music will be provided for

ACHIEVEMENT/COMMUNITY SERVICE- This is a FREE category for age divisions 10-12 and 13-15 given by the
directors to recognize contestants who have excelled in these areas. Please email a 200 word or less essay about
your academic standing or community service to jstorrevents@aol.com by December 8, 2012 for the chance to win
a prize on stage! Please title each essay “Academic” or “Community Involvement”.

ADDITIONAL OPTIONAL CATEGORIES: These categories are not mandatory for participation; however, an
additional award will be given to the winners from each additional category entered into as well. To enter into each
additional category, there will be an additional $10 entry fee.

       Prettiest smile
       Prettiest eyes
       Prettiest Hair
       Look Alikes (mom and mini)
       Audience Favorite

Wee Minis and Mom (ages 1-3) – Sunday best or Flower Girl.

Mini Miss and Mom (ages 4-6): Sunday best or Flower Girl.

Little Mini and Mom (ages 7-9): “Semi-glitz”. Your choice of glitz dress or gown, Sunday best or flower girl. Any
type of beading is permitted.

Junior Mini and Mom (ages 10-12): “Semi-glitz”. Your choice of glitz dress or gown, Sunday best or flower girl. Any
type of beading is permitted.

Mini and Mom (ages 13-15): “Semi-glitz”. Your choice of glitz dress or gown, Sunday best or flower girl. Any type
of beading is permitted.

The emphasis in this pageant is “natural beauty”. For this reason, all of the children should look as natural as
possible. No hair extensions, wigs*, false eyelashes, colored contacts, or false teeth.

Hair – No extensions or wigs during the beauty portion and interview portions of the program. Keep in mind the
child’s age. The hair should be age appropriate. *Wigs are acceptable during the themed portion of the program.

Make-up: Clear lip gloss and foundation to decrease shine ONLY for the beauty and interview portions of the
program. Make-up is permitted for the themed portion of the program. PLEASE BE APPROPRIATE!

DOOR BADGE /ADMISSION– Everyone must have a door badge (except contestants and one parent) to be
presented when entering the ballroom. Door badges are $10 for all events. Children 4 and under will be

SPECIAL DISCOUNT– Refer 5 or more new contestants that enter the Midwest Moms and Minis Beauty
Pageant 2013 and your entry fees will be paid in full. Your name must appear on the referral line of their
entry form.

JStorr Events understands and appreciates the hard work that each parent and contestant puts forth in preparing to
compete; therefore we would like to assure you that we are committed to doing our best in making this a truly
wonderful experience, maintaining the utmost integrity and complete fairness to all contestants. Each contestant is
important to us and will receive an award just for participating.


We are very excited to be holding the Midwest Moms and Minis Beauty Pageant at the beautiful CROWNE
PLAZA HOTEL BLUE ASH. We have rooms reserved at a reduced rate of $79 (+ tax) for those of our
participants that will be coming from out of town or locals attending the event. Please make sure that you
book your reservation under JStorr Events.

                                       Crowne Plaza Hotel: 513-793-4500
                                       (in order to get the reduced rate.)
                                               5901 Pfeiffer Road
                                             Blue Ash, Ohio 45242


The times below are tentative. A detailed schedule will be included in each contestant’s packet.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2013: REGISTRATION – 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2013: The day will proceed (tentatively) in the following manner:

12:00 pm:       Interviews
1:00 pm         Beauty competition
2:00 pm:        Themed competition
3:00 pm:        Judging and Crowning ceremony

We request your cooperation in adhering to the following rules and guidelines that will assist us in making
this pageant a memorable experience for you and your child.

       We ask that contestants and parents exhibit good sportsmanship, cooperation and friendly behavior
        throughout the competition. Any infringement of this request may result in the disqualification of the
        contestants without refund of entry fee and contestant will forfeit all gifts and awards.
       The decision of the judges is FINAL in all instances and deductions may be assessed if any JStorr Event
        rules are broken.
       Sibling discount is as follows: The first mom/child will pay $50 and each mom/sibling thereafter pays $40.
       When bringing your own music, it must be on a CD and cued to start immediately. It is your responsibility to
        make sure that our equipment will read your CD properly before competition begins. You must also be
        ready when your division is called or a .1 deduction may be assessed.
       Everyone must compete in the age division they are as of February 9, 2013 or you may move up one age
       Proof of age may be required.
       There are no refunds for this contest. Entry fees may be transferred to a sibling ONLY. PLEASE DO NOT
        ASK FOR A REFUND as it will not be given.
       Division line-up will be determined according to the date that the entry form with payment is received. NO
       Directors reserve the right to refuse a contestants entry as well as admission to parent/guests at the event
        site as this is deemed a private function of JStorr Events.
       Any and all photos/ videos taken at any JStorr Event may be used for advertising and the promotion of
        future JStorr Events.

        By signing the Release/Waiver you affirm that all information that you have submitted is true and accurate
         and furthermore that you have read and understand all rules and guidelines thus releasing JStorr Events,
         directors and all affiliates including event hotels from any and all liability pertaining to loss or injury incurred
         at pageant site or travel to and from. JStorr Event will not be held liable in any way regarding attending

Each contestant must submit a wallet size photo by December 8, 2012. It can be a professional photo or snapshot.
You may email it as an attachment to jstorrevents@aol.com. Photos may be individual or mother & daughter

You may get businesses, family members or friends to sponsor an ad page for you. This is a great way to show
your favorite contestant your support while also giving her a photo page of her own or create a friend page where
you can place more than one photo. Vendors are welcome to advertise as well.

Page costs are as follows:

FULLPAGE - $35        HALF PAGE-$20          QUARTER PAGE-$15

GOOD LUCK WISHES: $5 FOR A two line comment.

We will have a GOOD LUCK page for any parent, friend, or family member who would like to write a two line
GOOD LUCK message to someone special. The cost is $5 a wish.

There will be one contestant selected for the cover of our program book and one selected for the back cover. To
enter our Cover Girls contest, email a mother/daughter photo and $20 paid through the Paypal link provided online.

The highest scoring photo will capture the cover and the next highest will be featured on the back cover. The
winners will receive an award on stage.

All Cover Girl photos must be submitted by December 8, 2012 along with the $20 payment. All photos should be
in .jpeg format.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either pageant Director:

Phone:           Ms. Jocelyn Storr        Ms. Jackie Glass
                 (513) 405-3085           (513) 304-3875
Email:           jstorrevents@aol.com
Website:         http://www.jstorrevents.com
                                           Fax:           (513) 591-2119

                                            ENTRY FORM
Name:                                                         Age of child as of 02/09/2013:



Address:                                                      City, State, Zip

DOB of child:                                                 Phone:


Names to be called by on stage: _________________________________________________________________

What are two words that best describe your daughter: ________________________________________________

Your favorite foods: ___________________________________________________________________________

Your favorites colors: Mom: ____________________________ Daughter: _______________________________

What do you like to do together for fun? ___________________________________________________________

Child’s Eye Color:___________________________ Hair Color: _______________________________________

Mom’s hobbies/something interesting about her?


Daughter’s Future Ambitions/Goals


RELEASE/WAIVER: We acknowledge that JStorr Events directors, staff and anyone affiliated with this pageant
system assumes no responsibility and therefore will not be held liable for property damage, personal injury, loss of
property by theft or any injury occurring at this pageant including traveling to and from pageant. I understand that
there are no refunds for this event. I understand that all judges’ decisions are final and if my child, guest or myself
displays any type of conduct that reflects poor sportsmanship, it may result in disqualification and a forfeit of any
fees and/or awards..

PARENT SIGNATURE:                                                                 DATE:



PLATINUM PACKAGE: $90                                          TOTAL:         ____________

Includes entry into the beauty, themed, and all 5 additional categories.

GOLD PACKAGE: $65         □                                    TOTAL:         ____________

Includes entry into the beauty, themed, and 2 additional categories.

        Category choices: (Please pick 2)

        □ Prettiest smile    □ Prettiest eyes           □ Prettiest Hair
        □ Look Alikes (mom and mini)                    □ Audience Favorite

BASIC PACKAGE: $50        □                                    TOTAL:         ____________

Includes entry into the beauty and themed categories.

ADDITIONAL INDIVIDUAL CATEGORIES: $10 EACH (Please check all that apply)

□ Prettiest smile    □ Prettiest eyes           □ Prettiest Hair
□ Look Alikes (mom and mini)                    □ Audience Favorite

                                                               TOTAL:         ____________

ADDITIONAL GUEST BADGES: $10                                   TOTAL:         ____________
(Children 4 and under are free)

COVER GIRL ENTRY: $20                                          TOTAL:         ____________

PROGRAM BOOK ADS (All ads must be in a .jpeg format and must be received by 12/08/2012.)

□       Full page - $35         □ Half page - $20 □         Quarter page - $15

WELL WISHES: $5 each (two lines)                               TOTAL:         ____________

Please email all well wishes to jstorrevents@aol.com

                                                TOTAL DUE: $ ________________________


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