MANUSCRIPTS COLLECTION
                                       Finding Aid for Small Collections*
                                        *see last page for manuscript locations key
                                               (Last updated, January, 2008)

Collection #   Creator/Donor         Title/Description                   Date/s         Box #   Location      Date
MSS-001s       Acklin, John S. and   Blank marriage certificate.         1821-1932,     1       R-66
               Martin                Within this is the family record    1898
                                     containing names of family
                                     members, place of birth, birth,
                                     marriage and death dates.
                                     There is also a picture of Graff
                                     M. Acklin---Grand High Priest
MSS-002s       Adams, John           Letter to Jeremy Robinson,          6 Nov 1817     1       **
               Quincy                agent of the United States at
                                     Chile, from John Quincy
                                     Adams regarding his inquiry as
                                     to whether a new certificate of
                                     appointment and a new
                                     passport was needed before
                                     setting sail to South America
MSS-003s       Anonymous             Dutch sermon. Bible. Old            [1577]         1       R-66
                                     Testament Numbers: XXIII:
MSS-004s                             Antiphonary leaf on vellum          14th century   1       *, 1
MSS-005s       Associated Press      Photographs (“Anne Frank in         1990-1997      1       ^
                                     the World” exhibition, 1998)
MSS-006s       Baraka, Imamu         The Slave: A Fable (playscript)     [1964]         1       R-66
               Amiri (LeRoi Jones)
MSS-007s       Bodenheim,            The first letter to Mr.             22 Sep 1948 1          R-66
               Maxwell               Bodenheim, 22 Sep 1948, from        20 Sep [ ]
                                     Mrs. C.A. Pollard requesting        26 Sep [ ]
                                     permission to include his two       4 Oct 1948
                                     poems, Negroes and Poem to
                                     Negroes and Whites in the
                                     anthology compiled by Arna
                                     Bontemps and Langston
                                     Hughes. Bodenheim's
                                     signature at the bottom of the
                                     letter indicates he's given his
                                     permission for the inclusion of
                                     these poems in this book of
                                     modern Negro poetry.
                                     Letter to Mrs. Pollard dated 20
                                     Sep [ ] in response to her
                                     request to use his two poems
                                     in the anthology.
                                     The third letter to Mrs.
                                     Pollard, 26 Sep [ ], is a
                                     signed contract by Bodenheim
                                     granting permission for the
                                     inclusion of the

Collection #   Creator/Donor          Title/Description                 Date/s         Box #   Location      Date
                                      aforementioned poems in the
                                      anthology. The last letter to
                                      Mrs. Pollard, 4 Oct 1948,
                                      regards Bodenheim's
                                      withdrawal of permission for
                                      the publication of the poems,
                                      Negroes and Poem to Negroes and
                                      Whites, because of the refusal
                                      of her firm to make immediate
                                      payment for permission.
MSS-008s       Bontemps, Arna         Short note to Mr. Goldwater       18 Jun 1963    1       R-66
                                      at the University Place Book
                                      Shop in New York indicating
                                      how busy she's been and her
                                      hopes to "get to the books in a
                                      few days".
MSS-009s       Bridson, D.G.          Blast: A Reconsideration of       n.d.           1       R-66
                                      Vorticism (radio script)
MSS-010s       Brooks, Gwendolyn      Aloneness (poem), Paul Robeson    n.d., n.d.,    1       R-66
                                      (poem), X-mas cards from          1977 (card
                                      Gwendolyn Brooks--one to          to
                                      Dean Leslie Sheridan, letter to   Sheridan),
                                      Phil Petrie, Sr., autographed     4 Jan 1989,
                                      photo of G. Brooks                n.d.
MSS-011s       Bruce, Mrs. J.G.       Letter to Mrs. Rev. Levi White    14 Jan 1841    1       R-66
MSS-012s       Bryant, William        Memorandum                        1874           1       R-66
MSS-013s       Burket, Joseph         Documents relating to Civil       1864, 1866,    1       *, 4
                                      War service: Ohio National        1880
                                      Guard, 144th Regiment
MSS-014s       Bush, Blakesley        Letter from Edith Haughton        13 Oct         1       R-66
               Henry, M.D.            (maternal grandmother), his       1940, 26
                                      diploma from medical school       Jan 1831,
                                      and his photograph                n.d.
MSS-015s       Butler, Walter and     Marriage license                  12 Dec         1       R-66
               Sabrina                                                  1826
MSS-016s       John Carey             Letter to Charles Lanman          29 Oct         1       R-66
MSS-017s       Catholic Church        Lectionary                        15th century   3       **
MSS-018s       Caxton, William        Leaf from Chronicles of England   1480 (1933     1       **
               (Printer)                                                presenta-
                                                                        tion folder)
MSS-019s       Cheney, John Vance     Letters to Mr. Dole               3 Dec 1904,    1       R-66
                                                                        17 Oct
MSS-020s       Civic League of        Certificate of Incorporation      13 May         1       *, 1
               Toledo                                                   1915
MSS-021s       Collins, Richard       Mortgage deed to J.P.             12 Mar         1       *, 1
                                      Constable                         1866

MSS-022s       Collins, Richard and   Mortgage deed to William          26 Feb         1       R-66
               Priscilla              Hook                              1869
MSS-023s                              Commercialized Prostitution       Mar 1934       1       R-66
Collection #   Creator/Donor          Title/Description                Date/s        Box #   Location       Date
                                      Survey, Toledo, OH
MSS-024s       Cotter, Harry C.       Membership certificate,          15 Aug        1       R-66
                                      Commercial Law League of         1917
MSS-025s       Cowley, Malcolm        Three letters addressed to       18 Oct        1       R-66
                                      George Core (with references     1975,
                                      to Allen Tate)                   3 Mar 1979,
                                                                       22 Apr
MSS-026s       Curie, Marie           Autograph                        n.d.          1       R-66
MSS-027s       Dittenhaver, Lillian   F.1: Legal documents and         F.1: 1866,    2       R-66/*, 1
               Sherer                 receipt, f.2: Scherer-Sherer     1868, 1888,
                                      genealogy, f.3: Invitations to   1912-1913
                                      the White House and f.4:         F.2: 1937
                                      Photographs. A sheriff’s deed    F.3: 1898,
                                      is in the oversize cabinet.      1903-1905
                                                                       F.4: n.d.
MSS-028s       Dopler, John       Short note of apology to Mrs.        16 Jan 1973   2       R-66
                                  Downey concerning her
                                  contribution to an issue of
MSS-029s       Douglas, Alfred    Letter to Ms. Chancellor from        23 Jan 1935   2       R-66
                                  Mr. Douglas regarding the
                                  delay of his visit to see the
                                  Chancellors due to
                                  arrangements with his nephew
                                  Francis Queensberry
MSS-030s       Dreiser, Theodore  A note written from Dreiser in       24 Aug        2       R-66
                                  Europe thanking Mr. Schering         1926
                                  for his interest in becoming his
                                  translator and an apology for
                                  being unable to help him
MSS-031s       Easterwood,        Methodist exhorter’s and             5 Jun 1827    2       R-66
               Jeremiah           preacher’s licenses                  17 Jan 1829
MSS-032s       Eisenhower, Dwight Invitation to installation of        12 Oct        2       R-66
               David              Eisenhower as president of           1948
                                  Columbia University
MSS-033s       T.S. Eliot         Letter to John J. Munson from        7 Oct 1932    2       R-66
                                  T.S. Eliot concerning a
                                  proposed anthology. He also
                                  expresses his aversion to
                                  having a signed edition
MSS-034s       [s.n.]             Letter from Ernest to Grace          20 Jan 1898   2       R-66
                                  (his sister). He is writing from
                                  Dawson telling her how much
                                  he enjoyed her letter and
                                  describing the country around
                                  the Big Salmon River.
MSS-035s       Frost, Robert      Autograph                            1945          2       R-66
MSS-036s       Gaines, Ernest J.  Letter to [ ] talking about          5 Dec [   ]   2       R-66
                                  his reaction to a negative
                                  review in the New York Times.
Collection #   Creator/Donor     Title/Description                   Date/s       Box #   Location      Date
MSS-037s       Gold, Herbert     Letter addressed “Dear Bill”.       n.d.         2       R-66
                                 Gold speaks of liking Paul
                                 Krassner’s works and asks his
                                 friend if he’s angry at him for
                                 not liking his book
MSS-038s       Grattan, Thomas   Letter to Rufus [W.] Griswold,      24 Feb       2       R-66
               Colley            newspaper clipping, mini book       1843, n.d
                                 review and mini biographical        n.d,
                                 sketches                            n.d.
MSS-039s       "Harry"           A photocopied letter from a          24 Nov      2       R-66
                                 WWI soldier to his father           1918
                                 describing his experiences
                                 since leaving the U.S. The
                                 letter is written from the
                                 Headquarters of the 135th
                                 Field Artillery in Gibralter
                                 Barrack, France
MSS-040s       Gregory, Horace   Letters to Louis Untermeyer.        3/28/1936,   2       R-66
                                 The first letter is a response to   5/1/1936,
                                 an anthology Untermeyer             7/12/1942,
                                 worked on. The second letter,       12/28/
                                 1 May 1936, contains criticisms     1949,
                                 of the poetry society. In the       3/30/1964,
                                 next note, July 12, 1942,            n.d.,
                                 Gregory talks about receiving        1 /13/
                                 the Loines award and                1966,
                                 observing the war industries of     2/1/1971,
                                 Milwaukee. The letter of            2/25/1971,
                                 December 28, 1949 has                n.d.,
                                 Gregory telling Untermeyer           n.d.
                                 how he admires his new book
                                 on Whitman. The March 30,
                                 1964 note asks Untermeyer's
                                 help in nominating his wife,
                                 Marya, for a poetry award.
                                 The postcard has no date and
                                 praises Untermeyer's talk on
                                 Robert Frost. In the February
                                 1, 1971 letter, Gregory tells
                                 Untermeyer about his editor
                                 and thanks him for his praise
                                 of his book. The February 25,
                                 1971 letter agrees to help
                                 Untermeyer sponsor a poet
                                 named Stanley. The last two
                                 letters are undated. The first
                                 one discusses Gregory's new
                                 anthology The Silver Swan .
                                 The second discusses
                                 Gregory's career as an author
                                 and asks Untermeyer's advice
                                 on helping Gregory's wife
                                 publish her poetry

Collection #   Creator/Donor          Title/Description                   Date/s          Box #   Location      Date
MSS-041s       Guest, Edgar Albert    Sound recording (poetry)            [1952]      2           R-66
MSS-042s       Guise, David           Patent of Confirmation to           17 Sep 1796 2           *, 1
                                      heirs of, (signature- Arthur St.
                                      Clair, Governor of the
                                      territory North-West of the
MSS-043s       Hackett, General Sir   Letters to John R. Rokicki.         11 Oct          2       R-66
               John                   The first letter from Hackett is    1982, 3 Dec
                                      a response to Rockicki's            1982
                                      request for photographs.
                                      Hackett's second letter thanks
                                      Rockicki for returning his
                                      photos and for enclosing a
                                      copy of his (Rockicki's) article.
MSS-044s       Hall, Lawrence         Letter to Charles Lanman in         9 Dec 1858      2       R-66
               Washington             response to his request for
                                      biographical information
MSS-045s       Hamond, John           Case of John Hamond vs.             27 May          2       *, 1
                                      William Strachey                    1640
MSS-046s       Harper, Henry H.       Letter to W.H. Bliss talking        29 Jun 1904     2       R-66
                                      about a book he had written
                                      and his plans for issuing a
                                      limited number for sale
MSS-047s       Hayes, Rutherford      Pardon of Moritz Hempel             16 Mar          2       R-66
               B.                                                         1878
MSS-048s       Hellman, Lillian       The North Star (motion picture      [1943]          2       R-66
MSS-049s       Hesse, Eva             Letter To Mr. Laurence Scott        27 Apr          2       R-66
                                      regarding his inquiry about         1954
                                      Dichtung und Prosa
MSS-050s       Hiett, Albright &      Broadside: Hiett & Skidmore’s       n.d.            2       *, 1
               Co.                    Addition to the City of Toledo
MSS-051s       Hoag, Truman           Short biographical sketch           [1868]          2       R-66
MSS-052s       Hooper, Harriet vs.    Divorce decree, Lucas County        17 Nov          2       R-66
               Irwin Hooper           Court of Common Pleas               1885
MSS-053s       Howells, William       Personal letter to [Peiato],        10 Sep          2       R-66
               Dean                   letter to Mr. Stasey regarding a    1859, 27
                                      story sent to him, letter to Miss   Oct 1886,
                                      Buck regarding the use of his       31 Mar
                                      name for the Advisory Board         1898, 12
                                      of the [Committee on                Jan 1907,
                                      Playground], favorable reply to     3 Nov 1909
                                      Mr. Ely’s luncheon invitation,      n.d.,
                                      regrets to a dinner invitation       X-mas
                                      given by Mr. Ely, Howell’s          1892 , 29
                                      autograph (two), autograph to       Dec 1887,
                                      J. [C.] Jackson from Howell,        n.d.
                                      signed photograph of Wm.
MSS-054s       Hughes, Langston       Postcard to Walter Goldwater,       16 Mar          2       R-66
                                      poem The Backlash Blues by          [1966], n.d.,
                                      Hughes, letter of apology to        8 Jul 1954,
Collection #   Creator/Donor       Title/Description                  Date/s         Box #   Location      Date
                                   Mrs. Goodloe regarding books       20 Dec
                                   that were mistakenly sent to       1965
                                   her collect, an X-mas card with
                                   a photo of Hughes on the
                                   front sent to Dr. & Mrs.
                                   Lucille Goodloe
MSS-055s       Kent, Rockwell      Thank you note to George and       24 Dec         2       R-66
                                   Gladys with regard to the plant    1969
                                   they sent . Also, an invitation
                                   to be their only X-mas guests
MSS-056s       Lanman, Charles     Photograph (duplicate).            n.d., n.d.,    3       **
                                   (Information on Charles            Aug-Sep
                                   Lanman is in the locked            1975, n.d.-
                                   cabinet within Richard Mott’s      1957 &
                                   file). There is a dossier on the   1967
                                   photographs (calotype
                                   positives)in the Lanman
                                   collection with five letters by
                                   national authorities on the
                                   history of photography about
                                   the nature of the photographs
                                   in the collection. There are
                                   also three short biographical
                                   sketches of Charles Lanman
MSS-057s                           Leaf from unidentified Latin       15th century   3       *, 1
MSS-058s       Lowell, Amy         Letter of acceptance to Mr. Ely    13 Mar         3       R-66
                                   regarding Ms. Lowell’s speech      1916, 4 Mar
                                   at the Civic Forum dinner,         1916
                                   New Republic article
MSS-059s       Lunt, Margaret      Short biographical sketch of       1 Aug 1959,    3       R-66
                                   Alfred Lunt and letters from       28 Nov
                                   Alfred Lunt to Ms. Lunt            1960
                                   regarding her letters of
                                   genealogical inquiry
MSS-060s       Madison, James      The Ohio portion of “A map         1807           3       *, 1
               Bishop              of Virginia” (The First State)
MSS-061s       Marquette Club      Program of the 10th annual         12 Feb         3       R-66
               Program             banquet for the birthday           1896
                                   anniversary of Abraham
                                   Lincoln 1809-1896
MSS-062s       Martyn, Charles     Letter to Book Review              3 Aug 1921     3       R-66
                                   Editor/The Blade from
                                   Artemis Ward (Publisher).
                                   Also, highlights from the
                                   biography of Artemas Ward’s
                                   life by Charles Martyn
MSS-063s       McCulloch,          Invitation from Mrs. Birchard      28 Oct         3       R-66
               Josephine           A. Hayes to Josephine              1886
MSS-064s       McDonald, William   X-mas cards to Wm.                 1974-1976,     3       R-66
               U.                  McDonald from George Bixby         1978-1979,
Collection #   Creator/Donor           Title/Description                 Date/s        Box #   Location      Date
                                       at Albondocani Press and          & 1981-
                                       Ampersand Books                   1991
MSS-065s       McMahon, John B.        Certificates: Admission to U.S.   10 Dec        3       *, 1
                                       Supreme Court and Sons of         1926, 31
                                       the American Revolution           Jan 1928
MSS-066s       Schoeffer, Peter        Medieval Antiphonary leaf on      [1472]        3       *, 1
               (Printer)               vellum
MSS-067s       Meisner, Johan          Letter to pastor (Amsterdam)      [23 Mar       3       R-66
               Jacob                                                     1768]
MSS-068s       Moore, E.D.             Telegram from E.D. Moore to 22 Jan [ ]          3       R-66
                                       Thomas Vanstone announcing
                                       the death of Richard Mott
MSS-069s       Mott, Molly             Toledo urban renewal projects 4 Mar 1969        6       R-66
                                       (The Face is Different but the
                                       Name’s the Same): a typewritten
                                       narration, one color filmstrip,
                                       audiocassette tape, and reel-to-
                                       reel tape
MSS-070s       Mott, Richard           Short biographical sketches,      1971- n.d.,   3       **
                                       letter to his brother, John,      25 Oct
                                       about having his pen mended, 1857, 1858,
                                       portrait photograph, letter to    27 Jan
                                       “doctor”, newspaper clippings 1859,
                                       and newspaper photos              8 Jun 1952
                                       regarding the razing of the
                                       Mott residence on Monroe St.
MSS-071s       Munsor, Katharine       YMCA Automobile Course            1 Mar 1916    3       R-66
               L.                      Instruction Materials (with her
                                       handwritten notes and written
                                       exams for lessons 2-14)
MSS-072s       Noden, Ralph            Surrender of lease of Ralph       14 Apr        3       *, 1
                                       Noden                             1719
MSS-073s       Peak Family             Poster for concert                12 Apr        3       *, 1
MSS-074s       Peel, Mabel             Missouri teacher’s certificate to 29 Aug        3       R-66
                                       teach third grade                 1896
MSS-075s       Percy, Walker           Letter to Mr. & Mrs. James        2 Aug 1966    3       R-66
                                       Sprunt expressing Walker’s
                                       wishes to have them drive
                                       down for a visit
MSS-076s       Perkins, Maxwell E.     Letter to Max Geffen              6 Oct 1943    3       R-66
                                       regarding the fear of
                                       “undertaking” Mr. Nash’s
                                       book due to all the
MSS-077s       Piatt, John James       Letter to Jim with an apology     11 Jan 1878   3       R-66
                                       for not writing sooner. He
                                       also mentions a manuscript.
MSS-078s       Pioneer and             Broadside announcing the          7 Aug 1903    3       R-66
               Historical Society of   Pioneer Picnic
               Lenawee County
MSS-079s       Pollard, Percival       Letter to Prof. George Gullette 24 Nov          3       R-66
                                       (Univ. of Toledo) from H.L.     1939,
Collection #   Creator/Donor         Title/Description                   Date/s       Box #   Location       Date
                                     Mencken, letter to Prof.            11 Dec
                                     Gullette from Joseph Pollard,       1939,
                                     letter to Prof. Gullette from       24 Dec
                                     Frank Monaghan and a letter         1939,
                                     to Prof. Gullette from George       26 Dec
                                     Jean Nathan                         1939
MSS-080s       Porter, Katherine     Rope (typescript) and a letter to   [1928],      3       R-66
               Anne                  Mr. Al Abrams regarding his         22 Feb
                                     request for Ms. Porter’s            1977
                                     autograph in her book
                                     Flowering Judas . The letter was
                                     written by W.R. Wilkins on
                                     behalf of Ms. Porter
MSS-081s       Potter, Emery Davis   Letter to John Y. Mason             29 Feb       3       R-66
                                     regarding the application of        1845
                                     George L. Willard for an
                                     appointment as midshipman in
                                     the navy
MSS-082s                             Railroad Code Books. One            1 Jan 1924  3        R-66
                                     book contains the rules and         26 Sep 1937
                                     instructions of the Ann Arbor
                                     Railroad Company; the other
                                     book from the New York
                                     Central System has rules for
                                     the Government of the
                                     Operating Dept.
MSS-083s                             Remember Broadside poster:          WWII era     3       Oversize
                                     “Remember! The Girl Who is                               cabinet 1
                                     Waiting for You---Give Her a
                                     Square Deal---Keep Clean”

MSS-084s       Rensselaer, Stephen   Printed letter to “Dear Sir”        1 Apr 1797   3       R-66
               V.                    regarding the election of
                                     Senators at hand and the
                                     “serious division likely to take
                                     place among mutual friends on
                                     that subject”
MSS-085s       Riddle, Miss Eliza    Invitation for the evening to       6 Jan 1846   3       R-66
                                     Mr. & Mrs. White and Wm.
                                     White from Eliza Riddle
MSS-086s       Rodker, John          Two letters addressed “Dear         24 Mar      3        R-66
                                     Sir” from John Rodker; one          1925, 1 May
                                     regarding the particulars on the    1926
                                     Ovid Poems and the other an
                                     answer to a letter of inquiry
                                     regarding the Casanova Society
                                     and Casanova Publications
MSS-087s       Ross, Jane            Three Hamilton County tax           1821,        3       R-66
                                     receipts for State, County,         12 Nov
                                     Township, Road and School           1830,
                                                                         22 Nov
MSS-088s       Ross, John            Letter to Joseph Ross (his          21 Dec       3       *, 1
Collection #   Creator/Donor       Title/Description                  Date/s        Box #   Location      Date
                                   uncle)                             1818
MSS-089s       Schneider, Hubert   Program for the Rowfant            n.d.,         3       R-66
                                   Club’s guest speaker, Dr. Lyon     23 Nov
                                   N. Richardson, well-known          1970
                                   James scholar. There is also a
                                   letter of commendation from
                                   Hubert Schneider to Dr. Lyon
                                   N. Richardson regarding
                                   Richardson’s talk on Henry
MSS-090s       Seney, George       Letter to MAJ Poore with           6 Dec 1883    3       R-66, *
               Ebbert              information to be published in
                                   the Congressional Directory
                                   particularly, Seney and his
                                   wife’s place of residence
MSS-091s       [Shaw, George       “Letter to Marx” regarding         5 Jul 1924    3       R-66
               Bernard]            [Shaw’s] wish for more leisure
MSS-092s       Spock, Benjamin,    Spock’s response to Ella B.        18 Oct        3       R-66
               M.D.                Gosline’s letter regarding her     1951
                                   concern about a connection
                                   between left-handedness and a
                                   stuttering problem
MSS-093s                           Stock Certificates from several    1850’s        3       R-66
                                   different railroad companies
MSS-094s       Swayne, Noah        Three letters to Charles           25 Feb        3       R-66
               Hayne               Lanman in response to              1865,
                                   Lanman’s request for Swayne’s      7 Dec 1867,
                                   autobiographical information       28 Mar
                                   for his Dictionary. Also, a        1868,
                                   photocopy of a picture of          n.d.
                                   Noah Swayne.
MSS-095s       Tate, Allen         Letter to Jerome Magzaro           8 Jun 1961    3       R-66
                                   concurring Harry
                                   [Strechausen’s] work is
                                   promising but that an article
                                   about him would be premature
MSS-096s                           Tax paid stamp (Tax receipt on     25 Jun 1869   3       R-66
                                   thirty-four gallons of distilled
                                   spirits---Buchanan &
                                   Company purchasers)
MSS-097s       Taylor, Peter       Tennessee Day in St. Louis (85     1957          3       **
                                   page mimeographed annotated                              (Custom
                                   typescript)                                              boxed)
MSS-098s       Tilden, Samuel      Letter to Mr. Manning from         6 Jan 1882    3       R-66
               Jones               Samuel Tilden regarding his
                                   belief that Ward Gregory
                                   ought to receive the “highest
                                   consideration” for
                                   appointment under the officers
                                   of the Legislature in spite of
                                   Mr. Apgar’s appointment
MSS-099s       Toledo Charter      F.1: Correspondence, f.2:          F.1: Jul-     5       R-66
Collection #   Creator/Donor        Title/Description                   Date/s        Box #   Location      Date
               Revision Committee   Agenda & Committee                  Nov 1964,
               Records              Minutes, f.3: Reports, f.4:         Feb-May &
                                    Clippings from The Toledo           Dec 1965
                                    Blade and The Toledo Times          F.2: Aug-
                                    and f.5: Miscellaneous              Dec 1964,
                                                                        Jan-Feb &
                                                                        1965 F.3:
                                                                        Jan 1960 &
                                                                        1963, Sep &
                                                                        1964, Apr
                                                                        & Jun 1965
                                                                        F.4: Jul-Sep
                                                                        & Nov-Dec
                                                                        1964, Feb
                                                                        & Apr-Jul
                                                                        1965 F.5:
                                                                        Apr & Jul
                                                                        1964, 1965
MSS-100s       Tomlinson, Charles   The Poetry of Marianne Moore        10 Mar       3        R-66
                                    (radio script)                      1968
MSS-101s       Varney, John and     Marriage license                    20 Nov       3        R-66
               Christina Day                                            1827
MSS-102s                            Virginia Writs of Arrest (John      12 Jun       3        R-66
                                    Vandivear vs. Jacob Lander.         1762, 18
                                    Also, Gabriel Jones vs. Harvey      May 1790
MSS-103s                            Vortex Gaudier- Brzeska (radio      5 Jun 1965    3       R-66
                                    portrait of Henri Gaudier-
                                    Brzeska in commemoration of
                                    his death June 15, 1915.
                                    Compiled by Mervyn Levy and
                                    Douglas Cleverdon)
MSS-104s       Washington,          Dinner invitation to Mr. Van        10 Jan 1794   3       **
               George               Allen from U.S. President
                                    George Washington
MSS-105s       Vacated
MSS-106s       White, Jacob         Deed to Thomas Sortor for           11 Aug        3       *, 1
                                    167 acres in Hamilton County,       1810
MSS-107s       Whitlock, Brand      Letters to John Dowd and            13 May        3       R-66
                                    Alexander L. Smith. In the          1915,
                                    letter to Mr. Dowd, Whitlock        11 Apr
                                    sends his regards, talks about      1916
                                    Spring and how he enjoys
                                    stargazing at the constellation
                                    Orion. The letter to Alexander
                                    Smith thanks Smith for his
                                    letter. He also gives his regrets
                                    upon hearing of his friend's
                                    illness and mentions how he
                                    has been unable to use his foot

Collection #   Creator/Donor        Title/Description                   Date/s        Box #   Location      Date
MSS-108s       Whitlock, Ella       A progression of letters to         5 Dec 1917,   3       R-66
                                    Mrs. Dowd discussing a variety      27 Aug
                                    of topics from Mrs. Whitlock’s      1926,
                                    lace making business, work          12 Dec
                                    with Belgian refugee children       1926,
                                    to personal family matters          30 Nov
                                    such as the death of Mr.            1927,
                                    Dowd, Ms. Whitlock’s bother         28 Feb
                                    and Brand Whitlock.                 1929,
                                                                        5 Dec 1929,
                                                                        5 Dec 1930,
                                                                        19 Dec
                                                                        29 Sep
                                                                        4 Dec 1934,
                                                                        10 Jun 1934
MSS-109s       Whittlesey, Elisha   Response to Charles Lanman’s        9 Aug 1858    3       R-66
                                    request for Elisha Whittlesey’s
                                    autobiographical information
MSS-110s       Wilbur, Richard      Postcard to William K.              21 Jul 1964   3       R-66
                                    Botteroff with Wilbur’s
                                    response regarding his
                                    participation with the fall
                                    seminar courses
MSS-111s       Wilson, Woodrow      Signed letter from Woodrow          9 Jul 1912    3       **
                                    Wilson acknowledging Mr.
                                    F.H. Aldrich’s message of
MSS-112s       Wraight, Rex         Toledo Sesquicentennial Scrapbook   1987          4       R-66
                                    (Newspaper clippings from
                                    The Toledo Blade regarding
                                    Toledo’s Sesquicentennial)
MSS-113s       Lincoln, [C.] B.     Personal letter to Thomas           7 Mar 1800    4       *, 1
                                    Willing, Esquire
MSS-114s       Noble, Warren        Letter to Charles Lanman with       5 Jul 1861    4       R-66
               Perry                Noble’s autobiographical
MSS-115s       Roosevelt, Eleanor   Letter to Mrs. Herbert              17 Sep 1952 4         R-66
                                    Schering telling her Fala is
                                    buried in the Rose Garden
MSS-116s       k Hall of Fame       List of Inductees, brochure         14 Dec        4       R-66
               Collection           listing 1998 nominees and a         1998,
                                    videocassette tape "The             22 Jan
                                    Builders"                           1999,
                                                                        1998 & n.d.
MSS-117s       Hall and Sellers     An original and facsimile of        1776          4       **
               (Printer)            Colonial currency                   n.d.
MSS-118s       US Postal Service    Commemorative stamp and             1892          4       **
                                    image of the "Landing of
MSS-119s       Kipling, Rudyard     Annabelle Lee Recessional-          Printed in    4       **
Collection #   Creator/Donor         Title/Description                    Date/s      Box #   Location         Date
                                     printed on the margins of a          1936
                                     17th century book
MSS-120s       Jefferson, Thomas     Power of Attorney for John           1816        4       **
MSS-121s       Vacated
MSS-122s       Vacated
MSS-123s       Vacated
MSS-124s       Anonymous             19th century poem                    19th        4       R-66
MSS-125s       Auden, W.H.           Typescript and letter                1959        4       R-66
MSS-126s       Libbey High School    Health Department curricular         1940's      4       R-66
               Collection            materials related to girls' health
                                     and hygiene.
MSS-127s       Allen Ginsberg        With Paul Ruben for Swank            10 Oct      4       R-66
               Interview             Magazine (28 pages)                  1971
MSS-128s       The Anti-Oderine      A logbook: contains financial        1891-1908   7       R-66
               Company Records       information of this company
                                     that sold disinfectant. (1 bound
MSS-129s       McCarthy/Choice       A series of pro-choice               1980’s      8       R-66
               Words                 newsletters
MSS-130s       Williamson            Doctorate Thesis on                  2000        8       R-66
               Prostitution Study    Prostitution
MSS-131s       Janice                Taped interviews with polio          2000        8       R-66 near
               Hackbush/Polio        victims. Includes                                        other small
               Victim Oral History   transcriptions                                           mss colls.-
                                                                                              in its own
MSS-132s       Huber, Thomas F.      Photograph scrapbook of              [1971?]     8       R-66
                                     World War I. Gift of Donald
MSS-133s       Boegert, Lillian      Modern Glass Company                 [n.d.]      8       R-66
                                     photograph scrapbook.
                                     Contains photos of the
                                     Modern Glass Company,
                                     Toledo, OH n.d. Also
                                     contains recipes written on
                                     back of the photo pages
MSS-134s       King Henry VII        Autograph of King Henry VII          1496        8       R-66
                                     of England. A warrant to
                                     deliver a pair of satin shoes,
                                     dated Tower of London, 1496.
MSS-135s       Toledo Times          Last issue of the newspaper          7/18/1975   *       MSS
                                     Toledo Times that was printed                            oversize
                                     before the newspaper ceased                              cabinet
                                     publication. Removed from                                drawer 5
                                     the Toledo City Council
MSS-136s       Ueberroth 9/11        Contains photographs of the          9/27/2002   9       R-66
               Photographs           9/11 terrorists attacks on the
                                     World Trade Center Twin
MSS-137s       Wolfe miscellaneous   Contains catalogs and                10/14/02    9       R-66
Collection #   Creator/Donor          Title/Description                  Date/s         Box #   Location      Date
               catalogs               miscellaneous other
                                      publications donated by J.R.
                                      Wolfe, Toledo, OH. Includes:
                                      Zaner & Bloser Company, ca.
                                      1900; Erie Commercial
                                      Railroad time schedule, 1907;
                                      “Songs of Our Country,”
                                      1917; “Music for Various
                                      Occasions from the Victor
                                      Talking Machine Co., ca. 1900;
                                      Mead Cycle Company,
                                      Chicago, IL catalog and
                                      correspondence, ca. 1910; and
                                      Ranger Bicycle catalog, 1913
MSS-138s       Keen, Edward           Contains correspondence from       6-5-03.        9       R-66
                                      Keen to Toledo City Council,       Transferred
                                      1953, concerning racial issues     from
                                      in Toledo; a photograph of         Toledo City
                                      Keen; and sheet music for two      Council
                                      of Keen’s musical scores,          records
                                      “America, America” (1952)          MSS-122
                                      and “An American in
                                      America” (1952).
MSS-139s       Koslovsky, Thomas      Contains Christmas cards from      6-20-3         9       R-66
                                      President and Mrs. Ronald
                                      Reagan and a signed letter
                                      from Hubert Humphrey when
                                      he was Vice President of the
                                      United States
MSS-140s       Schilling, Jonathan    Circular letter asking for                        9       R-66
               L.                     support in outlawing prison
                                      contract labor, Toledo, Ohio,
                                      April 13, 1908
MSS-141s                              Psalter. Manuscript written in     Removed        9       R-66
                                      a large Gothic script with         from wall in
                                      music on a 4-line stave,           reading
                                      rubricated throughout, all         room and
                                      capital letters supplied in red.   added to
                                      Vellum, 12 x 8 3/4 inches.         small mss,
                                      England, about 1400                October
MSS-142s       Butterick Publishing   "Some Novelties in Styles for      10/2004        9       R-66
               Co.                    Sleeves, for Ladies, Girls, and
                                      Children", ca. 1890s
MSS-143s       Dessner, Lawrence      Lawrence Dessner memoirs.          11/2004        9       R-66
                                      First of an anticipated two
                                      volume memoirs from
                                      Dessner describing his life
                                      from birth until his move to
                                      Toledo in 1969.
MSS-144s       Dessner, Lawrence      Moore, Adams, and Cornford         11/2004        9       R-66
                                      poems. Consists of
                                      unpublished, signed,

Collection #   Creator/Donor          Title/Description                Date/s       Box #    Location      Date
                                      manuscript poems entitled
                                      “Ruystead: 1945” by Frances
                                      Cornford; Untitled manuscript
                                      and signed poet by Leonie
                                      Adams; and typed signed
                                      poem “What are Years?” by
                                      Marianne Moore, 1960.
MSS-145s       Rock, Daniel and       Daniel and James Rock Civil      11/2004      9        R-66
               James                  War Letters. Letters from
                                      Daniel and James Rock written
                                      to relatives in Indiana while
                                      serving in Kentucky, Georgia,
                                      and Tennessee during the Civil

MSS-146s       Werner, Walter         Werner, Walter, letter and       December         9    R-66
                                      manuscript entitled "The Early   2004
                                      New York Stock Market."
                                      Letter dated July 15, 1985;
                                      manuscript dated March 12,
                                      1984. Provenance: Hess
MSS-147s       Schabacker, R.W.       Schabacker, R.W., manuscript     December         9    R-66
               (Financial Editor of   entitled "Technical Analysis     2004
               Forbes Magazine        and Market Profits," n.d.
               and author of          Provenance: Hess Collection
               "Stock Market
               Theory and
MSS-148s       Strachan, Paul         Strachan, Paul, program from     January          9    R-66
                                      the 1967 meeting of the          2005
                                      President's Committee on
                                      Employment of the
                                      Handicapped, and photograph
MSS-149s       Laskey, H.S.           H.S. Laskey Diaries, 1856,       April 2005       10   R-66
                                      1866, 1867, Washington Twp.,
                                      Lucas Co., Ohio. Entries are
                                      primarily about farm work, the
                                      weather, family and neighbors,
                                      and his health.
MSS-150s       Unknown                Unsigned letter on Boody         February         10   R-66
                                      House stationery, dated April    2005
                                      14, 1881, to "My Dear Old
                                      Cross Nell." The letter was
                                      donated by Edward Morrill or
                                      Newton Centre, MA, and his
                                      cover letter is also included.
MSS-151s       Liberty Loan           "It's Up To You: Toledo Prize    1943             *    MSS
               Committee, Toledo,     Song," by George W. Stevens                            oversize
               Ohio                   (sheet music)                                          cabinet
MSS-152s       Donald B. White        Erastus Ward Civil War diary     1862-1865        10   R-66
                                      and letters, selected,

Collection #   Creator/Donor         Title/Description                  Date/s        Box #     Location      Date
                                     transcribed, and compiled by
                                     Donald B. and Elizabeth
MSS-153s       Unknown.              Nine photographs, three            Ca. 1898        10      R-66
               Accompanied The       showing a military execution,
               Soldier's Letter, for and six showing military
               November 1898         training, fortifications, and
                                     soldiers marching through
                                     towns such as Cavite,
                                     Paranaque, Novalishes,
                                     SaFernando, and Binondo
MSS-154s       Donovan F. Emch       Unpublished typescript: The        1938            10      R-66
                                     City Manager Government of
                                     Toledo, Ohio, 2 volumes
MSS-155s       Toledo Furnace Co., Glass plate negatives showing        1919            10      R-66
               Toledo, OH            the Toledo Furnace Co., 1919
MSS-156s       Gift of the           Photograph (panoramic),            August 15,     1 item   R-3/C/3
               Plymouth,             Cornerstone laying, A.M.E.         1920
               Michigan, Historical Zion Church
MSS-157s       Lillie Naomi          Middaugh, Lillie Naomi             1905-1969       11      R-66
               Haworth Middaugh Haworth, Memories of Lillie
MSS-158s       John Fitch            Letter to A.P. Edgerton, Esq.      February 4,     11      R-66
MSS-159s       H.F. Gardiner,        “Dr. Reuben Barron,                February        11      R-66
               M.D.                  Clairvoyant and Eclectic,”         28, 1853
                                     advertisement and testimonial
MSS-160s       Harry Bubb            Horace Carr Scrapbook (Carr        Early 20th       ^      4/A/2
                                     was a printer in Cleveland,        Century
                                     Ohio.) Contains examples of
                                     Carr’s printing. Includes 2
                                     letters and a program from an
                                     exhibit of Carr’s work.
MSS-161s       Collector: Nghiem     Republic of Vietnam money          1954-1975       11      R-66
               Xuan Trinh            collection
               Donor: Leslie
MSS-162s       Bob Sampson           Bob Sampson Image                  Ca. 1950’s-      -      66/C/3
               Sr./Bob Sampson       Collection. (Sampson was a         2000
               Jr.                   Vice President for United
                                     Airlines and a disability rights
                                     advocate). Contains one CD
                                     of digital images and one
                                     16x20 photograph of United
                                     Airline’s aircraft, named the
                                     “Bob Sampson” in his honor.
MSS-163s       Barbara Floyd         American Flint Glass Workers       June 25,        11      66/B/2
                                     Union, commemorative plate         1966
                                     from the dedication of their
                                     world headquarters
MSS-164s       Richard Meader        Map of Toledo drawn from           1862             -      Oversize   8/09 kb
                                     field survey done in 1837                                  cabinet
 Collection #    Creator/Donor        Title/Description                  Date/s      Box #      Location         Date
 MSS-165s        Phil Williams        Glass City Family Tree             1880-2008       11     66/B/2
 MSS-166s        Ralph Lysyk, Bill    Sure, I was There: A               1943-1997       11     66/B/2       8/09 kb
                 Munger               compilation of experiences of
                                      the men of the 529th Signal
                                      Operations Company
                                      recording their participation in
                                      the Battle of Okinawa in
                                      World War II and the
                                      occupation of Korea
 MSS-167s        Connie Maguire       Birdseye view of Toledo from       n.d.            11     66/B/2       8/09 kb
                                      “original steel engraving”
 MSS-168s        Lily Keller          Lily Keller Tyler Diary            1927            11     66/B/2       8/09 kb
 MSS-169s        Terry Fell           Jacobson, Julius, certificate.     Nov. 13,        11     66/B/2       8/09 kb
                                      Certificate from the Regents of    1913
                                      the American College of
                                      Surgeons admitting Jacobson
                                      as a Fellow
 MSS-170s        Herbert Woodward     Slave IOU                          Jan. 19,        11     66/B/2       9/1/09 kb
                 Martin                                                  1846

Manuscript Locations Key:     * = oversize cabinet, drawer #     ** = locked cabinet D    R-4 = range 4    ^ = oversized area


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