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									                                                The Dating Game

Create a PowerPoint with at least 10 slides all in Spanish describing yourself to a potential date. Each slide
needs a relevant photo or clip art, etc to the content in writing. Each slide should also have a minimum of 3
sentences in Spanish.

The goal is to entice a bachelor/bachelorette to pick you as their date. As the bachelor/bachelorette will not be
able to see you nor recognize your voice, their decision will be solely based on what you’ve written in Spanish.
Those chosen bachelors/bachelorettes will earn a “Get out of 1 homework free” pass.

Slide #1 – Describe your appearance/looks (Soy…/Tengo…p 5)
Slide #2 – Describe your characteristics/personality (Soy.. p 6)
Slide #3 – Describe your future ideal family
Slide #4 – Describe your likes and dislikes & why ((no) me gusta(n)…p12)
Slide #5 – Describe how you feel during certain times/activities/places.
Ex. When I study Spanish, I am happy! (p 20)
Slide #6 – Describe your favorite foods and where you like to eat out (p 29)
Slide #7 – Describe where you do(don’)t like to go/what you do(don’t) like to do for dates/activities & why
Slide #8 – Describe something you are going to do this fall/winter/year/etc. (Yo voy a inf…p 28)
Slide #9 – Describe what you want to do after high school (Cuando me graduo, quiero…
in Spanish.
Slide #10 – Describe what you are looking for in a potential date? (Use the “él/ella form)

Each slide is worth 5 points (based on the extent/creativity of the content communicated, accuracy of the
content and layout/appearance of each slide) for a total of 50 points. A print out of your project is due on
Wednesday, September 30th.. Your teacher will ask to see your handwritten scripts periodically throughout

The teacher selects 3 students to read the slides of the bachelorette/bachelor so as to keep the identity of the
bachelor/bachelorette secrete.

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