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					                                                                 Scripture Readings for
  Seventh Sunday                                                   May 15 & 16, 2010
     of Easter                                                         Acts 1:1-11
   May 16, 2010                                           Eph 1:17-23 or Heb 9:24-28; 10:19-23
                                                                     Lk 24:46-53 (58)

                   Mass Intentions                             Liturgical Roles May 22 & 23
Sat. May 15 Seventh Sunday of Easter                Lector 5 pm Betty Rowley
         5 pm       Kathy Coonon                          10 am Dick Wilkinson
Sun. May 16 Seventh Sunday of Easter/Ascension of                  Bev Teachout
               the Lord                             Extraordinary Ministers of Communion
          8 am      Anfana Mattheisen                       5 pm Deborah Kaupe, Lucy Schwarz
        10 am       Monica Radtke                                  Amy Polcyn, Marie Pitre
Mon. May 17 Easter Weekday                                 10 am Mary Stasek, Betty Keipe
         8 am       No Mass                                        Sandy Cwik, Stephen Prissel
Tue. May 18 Saint John I, pope and martyr           Ushers 5 pm Regina Furo, Orville Kittel
         8 am       Morning Prayer                        10 am Erik and Cris Johnson
     8:10 am        O’Donnell Family                Servers 5 pm Spencer Sundberg, Alyssa Berndt
Wed. May 19 Easter Weekday                                10 am Matthew and Nathan Teachout
         8 am       Sean Staelens
Thur. May 20 Saint Bernardine of Siena, priest
         8 am       Ratajczak Family
       10 am Patriot Place
       11 am Juliette Manor
                    Parish Family
Fri. May 21 Saint Christopher Magallanes, priest
       and martyr, and his companions, martyrs                         Prayer Line
         8 am       Vic Soda                        Call your intentions into any of the following by
Sat. May 22 Pentecost Sunday                        noon on Mondays.
         5 pm       Vietnam Veterans and their             Margaret Devaney             748-9338
               Families attending LZ Lambeau               Marcie Brightman             294-3567
Sun. May 23 Pentecost Sunday                               Lucy Schwarz                 294-6851
       10 am                                               Rosemary Smith               398-2639
                                                           Mary Stasek                  294-6304
                                                    Your intentions may be one of petition or
                                                    Remember our sick and shut-ins in your prayers.
                                                    Ellen Wells, Harley Hoffman, Margaret Helgeson,
                                                    Frances Holland, Mark Druml, Leo O’Callaghan,
                                                    Bernice Miller, Norm Priske, Fran Ptacek, Jeannette
                                                    Swiecki, Rose Roberts, Kim Strand, Marv Schmid,
            This Week in Our Parish
                                                    Moninne McConnell
May 20 May Devotions                    4:30 pm
May 22 Confessions                      4:00 pm
May 23 Jubilee Mass                    10:00 am                   HAPPY BIRTHDAY
May 23 Parish Celebration              11:00 am
                                                    May 22        Richard Patin
                                                                  W1965 Twin Lakes Rd
                                                                  Markesan, WI 53949
      Church Support     $ 2687.50
      Offertory          $ 390.91
      Votive             $ 50.00
      Ascension          $ 25.00
                         $ 3153.41
                                                                   - Mao Ze Dung: Feisty revolutionary tried her hand a
                                                               ruling, and eventually was imprisoned.
                                                                   - Stalin's wife, Nadezlida, married at 16, committed
                                                               suicide, as did son and daughter, only surviving daughter
                                                               lives in US.
                                                                   - Pinchonet: Peruvian dictator and killer of thousands.
1. On May 23, our parish will celebrate three jubilees on
                                                               His wife was deported from Washington DC while
the same day. First, it is the feast of Pentecost (50 days
                                                               seeking refuge here.
from Easter); secondly it is the 50th anniversary of the
                                                                   - Saddam Hussein: His wife fled to Jordan, received
building of our church; and finally your pastor celebrates
                                                               permanent sanctuary as a Sunni; never returned the “loot.”
50 years as a priest. (May 30, 1960)
                                                                   - Mussolini: He was hanged by the mob with his
Here are some things that you may want to
                                                               mistress/wife along with him.
                                                                   - Eva Peron succeeded her husband and ruled with both
    1) There will be no 8:00 am Mass on Pentecost, but the
                                                               success and ruthlessness.
celebration will be at 10:00
                                                                   - Napoleon: Loved his wife, but she was notoriously
    2) The emphasis will be on us as parish, a community
                                                               unfaithful to the “sire.” This made Bonaparte melancholy.
of faith.
                                                                   - Cleopatra: Died with the bite of a snake.....Mark
    3) After Mass, there will be a gathering for a stand-up
                                                               Anthony was not present.
social, with appropriate toasts to parish and particular
people.                                                        7. Associated Press Poll: The most recent poll of America
    4) A buffet dinner will be served: pig roast, kraut,       says that one third of wives say their dogs are better
German potato salad, baked beans...Central Waters and          listeners than their husbands. But husbands don't bite!
    5) My family will not be here (too far for old people),    8. Cardinal Schoenborn of Germany to the United Sates:
but in June I will celebrate with them. Anyone who signs       “Don't forget us in Europe. We need encouragement
up (and this is necessary) is welcome, but invitations have    because the pro-life movement is much too weak here. We
not been sent; there will be no press interviews, or           have to learn from you.”
testimonials.                                                  9. Our parish “Our Lady of the Lake” is enshrined in
2. Congratulations to Larry Behlen: Our director of            Saint Lawrence Seminary Sesquicentennial Book of
religious education is this year’s recipient of the Jack       Honor. They are grateful to you for the $250.00 we sent
McBride Leadership Award (given annual by Madison              them.
Diocese Religious Educator's Organization). Larry was          10. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament can be profound,
nominated by his peers for his years of service,               joyful, peaceful, and healing. What can we do to promote
professionalism, and involvement. He received this             this in our parish?
acknowledgement this past week at St. Benet Monastery,
Benet Lake, WI. We are proud of Larry, and most                11. One of our catechists this year said: “We have been
pleased that we have entrusted our religious education to      learning about powerful kings and queens in biblical
him. Thank you, Larry.                                         times, but there is a higher power. Can anyone tell what it
                                                               is?” One little boy enthusiastically blurted out: “Aces!”
3. Never thought I'd quote Jay Leno: “With hurricanes,
tornados, fires out of control, mud slides, flooding, severe                         CCW NEWS
thunderstorms tearing up the country from one end to           Thank you to all the Ladies of the CCW who helped in
another, and with the threat of bird flu and terrorist         any way to make the Spring Deanery meeting a success.
attacks, are we sure this is a good time to take GOD out of    We are especially grateful to Bill Riebe, Bob Kujawa and
the Pledge of Allegiance?”                                     Conrad Rompala, for helping with the set up of tables and
4. Mass Stipends: Once again I must caution you that all       clean up afterward.
requests for Masses go through our parish office. You          LADIES NIGHT OUT: Mark your calendars for
cannot trust family, relatives, or envelopes left at the       Tuesday, June 8, 2010, for Ladies Night Out at
funeral home. So many of the deceased relatives consider       Christiano’s. Watch for the sign up sheet on the buffet
this “memorial money” and use it as such.                      counter.
                                                               MEMORIAL WEEKEND BAKE SALE: It’s just two
5. How to Squander: In 2009 the NFL rookies collected          weeks away, May 29 and 30. Dust off the recipe box and
$167.7 million in guaranteed money. 50% of these               find your favorite to make the sale a success.
football players were a flop....they panned within a season.
6. Whatever happened to their wives? The most brutal
                                                                                New Parish Website
and disreputable men of the history had wives. Most often      Please visit us at:
they were very devoted to their husbands. So....               where you can check the bulletin and Liturgical Ministry
   - Adolph Hitler: Eva, his mistress, married him right       schedule. We are also trying to gather all emails to this
before they committed suicide.                                 site. You can contact us at

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