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									Real Birthstone for Month of October Is Tourmaline

The most traditionally favorable birthstone for people born in October month is Tourmaline, other
than Opal. This mineral derives its meaning from the Sinhalese word "turmali"(TM) meaning the
different gemstones found in Sri Lanka. Europe has seen a bulk of these Tourmalines from Sri Lanka
which contained aluminum, silica, iron, magnesium etc for their gem requirements. The stone is
effectively suggested to be worn for good effects on people born in the October month.


It is available in a wide range of colors and is also known as the stone exhibiting many colors. They have
bi color and tri color varieties formed. A multi color variety called watermelon tourmaline exhibits pink,
green and white colors. Mostly black, it can be found to range in a number of other colors.


                               Europeans believed the Tourmaline to be different from schorl. Sri
                               Lankans believed it to have mysterious powers when exposed to the sun.
                               Tourmaline is a translucent stone resembling diamond for which it was
                               used as a substitute or even wrongly believing it to be diamond by many.

                               True significance

                                Tourmaline has good amount of powers and takes its charge from the sun.
                                It is actually a healing stone and has been found to have shown immediate
                                healing of even the miners involved in its procurement. Black tourmaline
is known to radiate the highest amount of healing energy from it for which it has been widely accepted.
It is known to have a weak electric current in it along with magnetic properties. Because of which it is
also called the electric stone.

Benefits on the wearer

 This semi precious stone is known for its detoxifying effects on the person wearing it. The people who
 are born in the October month (Birthstones for Month of October) show better response to wearing
 Tourmaline. The stone is a natural form of healer and is known to be classified as an energetic stone.
 The electrical and the magnetic properties of the stone benefit the person wearing it. The stone emits
 negative ions far infra red rays exhibiting positivity. Tourmaline affects the body of its bearer to give
 them strength and health benefits. These health benefits include better circulation and alertness. The
 use of the stone has even solved immune deficiency issues. It is known to relieve stress and its
 detoxifying abilities cleanse the body completely. The benefits of the wearer are on the mental as well
as physical lines of the body. The tissues and the cell repair system as well as the neural efficiency of
the body are seen with the wearing person being of October month as the birth month in general.

Tourmaline has its own heat and takes the charge from the sun because of which it has stabilizing
effect on the nerves and the body. The emitting energies through the stone have the capacity to
penetrate even the bones and the tissues of the human body. They have magical healing effects on the
wearer. The overall effects inspire professionals like athletes to take up the use of tourmaline as a
healthy stone to wear.

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