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					                                               Marlene Kurland Makeup Artist Agency
                                   Corporate Image Events                     Another favorite, we have provided is pampering
                                                                             and relaxation for a Staff or Client Appreciation Day.
                                                                                                              Ask about our “Best Dave” theory (Body language,
                                                                                                              Eye contact, Smile, Dress, Attitude, Visualization,
                                                                                                              Enthusiasm) Corporate Training Sessions. A great
                                                                                                              way to motivate staff or start new employees on the
                                                                                                              right path to putting their best foot forward & to
                                                                                                              make sure they represent your company in the best
                                                                                                              possible way!

                                                                                                                              Bridal Services
                                                                                                              Brides reserve your special date as early as
                                                                                                              possible! Just $150 refundable deposit will
                                                                                                              guarantee the best Makeup Artist and Hairstylist
                                                                                                              possible. Our entire business is “on-location” so we
                                                                                                              are always prepared to work with you wherever you
                                                                                                              need to get ready…home, hotel, church, reception
                                                                                                              area, beach…we’ll be there!

                                                                                                              Wherever you get ready, you and your family and friends
                                                                                                              will leave to walk down the aisle looking and feeling
   Marlene Kurland, front center, with some of our Maryland area Makeup Artists. The artists provided color   absolutely your most beautiful!
   analysis, makeovers & hairstyling services for a SuperValu Corporate Event in Baltimore, MD

How would the services of a Makeup Artist Agency fit into your next Corporate
Event? SIMPLE! Everyone loves to be pampered and that is what we do best!
Enjoy the services of Marlene Kurland Makeup Artist Agency for your next
Corporate Event. We will be there to do Makeup, Color Analysis, European Facials,
Pedicures – any beauty service that will relax and give your clients or employees a
feeling of well-being.

                                    Happy Faces at the Supervalu Event!
                                                                                                                        Relaxed, pampered, beautiful!
Companies have hired us in different capacities. A few examples…we have
provided manicures & facials during Corporate Training breaks. Bayer, a major                                 Call 1-888-818-5995 to reserve your date now…
pharmaceutical company hired us to pamper & provide client makeovers during a                                    We are currently booking dates into 2008!!
3 day health care convention in Louisville, KY. While the client was waiting in line
                                                                                                                For the look you have always dreamed of…
for their makeover, customer representatives had the opportunity to describe
their latest products to their captive audience.
                                                                                                          for more info!
                                     Marlene Kurland Makeup Artist Agency
    Marlene Kurland                         Private Makeup Lessons                  Marlene Kurland Makeup Artist
     Makeup Artist                          Bridal Bachelorette Parties               Agency - MORE than just
4 Day Academy Classes                                  Holiday Events                         makeup!
March 15-18, 2009                           Call to set your appointment soon
*Taking place at the Hilton Hotel in        during the upcoming holiday season.           Corporate Image Seminars
Owings Mills, MD                                                                      Small to Fortune 500 Companies have
                                                                                    benefited from the image, self awareness,
                                            A talented Makeup Artist will visit      team building, sales techniques & skills
Four days of intense, advanced,             you, in the privacy of your home, to                 training we offer.
Makeup Artistry training by Marlene         teach you how to achieve the                   From groups of 10 to 1,000!
Kurland & Her Training – very hands         “Smokey Look”…the latest look for       We can create a personalized program to
                                                                                       meet your needs…just ask us how.
on!                                         this season or how to go for day to
*****************************               evening makeup.                                 Teen Beauty Boot Camp
2 Day Advanced Bridal                                                               This 1 day seminar teaches teens personal
Makeup & Hair Seminar                       Getting married? Why not create             hygiene, skin care, makeup & hair
June 8-9 Fort Lauderdale, Florida           a personalized Bridal Bachelorette        techniques, nail care, proper nutrition,
                                                                                   exercise for specific body type, self esteem,
                                            Party? Choose from various             team building, role playing and much more.
Learn the latest bridal looks and           pampering services/packages that
hairstyles, techniques & tips!              your party enjoys in the comfort of     Academy Classes/Seminars for Makeup
                                            your own home. Then, it’s your             Artists, Hairstylists & Estheticians
                                                                                    Advanced, hands-on training to improve the
More 2009 class dates to be announced       choice to just relax and unwind
                                                                                          skills of licensed professionals.
soon! Call for classes in your area!        afterwards or go out on the town!         Our belief is…the mind should always be
                                                                                    open to learning. Those who do invest their
*****************************              Holiday Event to attend? Our            time and energy to learn: improve their skills
                                                                                        and confidence level, provide higher
Classes for Models!                        Makeup Artists/Hairstylists will come
                                                                                      customer satisfaction and increase their
*How to do your own shoot makeup           to your location and create your                       earning potential!
*How to do movie makeup                    glamorous look for upcoming holiday
*Comp card sessions                        events!                                                   Brides
                                                                                   Our artists make brides beautiful 52 weeks a
                                                                                                year, nationwide!
2008 Dates to be announced soon.           *****************************
Call for details.                                 Movie Star Makeovers                      Staff Appreciation Days
      1-888-818-5995                       Always wanted to look like a star?
                                           Our makeup artists can transform              Group or Individual Requests
                                           the star within for everyone to see!    We provide artists for individual on-location
                                                                                                  beauty lessons.
                                                                                   We also provide makeovers to Professional
                                           Client provides props such as wig,      Office Staff (Medical, Legal, Realty Practice,
                                           costume, etc.                                etc.) to enhance group photos for
                                           New service…limited areas…call for             Our creativity and drive to
                                           more information. 1-888-818-5995             accommodate your situation is
                                                                                           endless…give us a call!

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