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					 CAS Enterprises, LLC                                                       Phone: 1 (800) 778-1580
 2479 33rd Avenue                                                             Fax: 1 (877) 240-9590
 Columbus, NE 68601                                                Email: Announces Strategic UFC & MMA Supplier Partnerships

Columbus, NE, May 24, 2007 –, a CAS Enterprises, LLC Internet
property, eagerly announced that it has developed strategic partnerships with several
popular and well respected companies in the mixed martial arts industry. Although not
all the products have been posted on the website, they will soon be
carrying MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) products from Ouano (Official UFC Gloves),
Century (Wavemasters), Tapout (Fight Shorts), Sprawl (Board Shorts), and Fairtex
(Muay Thai Kickboxing Gear).

Clark Swihart, President of CAS Enterprises, commented, “We are incredibly excited
about this opportunity to represent the Martial Arts Industry with such respected and
quality companies.” intends to focus on mixed martial arts such as
the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships), Pride Fighting Championships, and the IFL
(International Fight League); however, they also carry a full line of traditional martial arts
supplies, uniforms, accessories, and equipment

In addition to the strategic partnerships, is currently in the process
of developing its very own “MartialArtsPRIDE” brand and will soon carry its own line of
MMA Gloves, Boards Shorts, Thai Pads, & Boxing Training Gloves.

Currently, the top sellers on the site are MMA Training Bag Gloves and Fight Gloves
such as their Official UFC Gloves.

Here is some more information regarding Mixed Martial Arts – courtesy of’s UFC, Pride, & MMA News & Reviews staff…

 The UFC, or Ultimate Fighting Championships, was off to a rocky start in 2001. The
first pay per view special went overtime and the viewers did not get to see the end.
Additionally, the early era, when rules were much less strict, was seen as spectacle
instead of sport. This has completely turned around. The UFC was able to enforce
standards, recast from no holds barred to MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts, and now
threatens to KO boxing.

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 CAS Enterprises, LLC                                                     Phone: 1 (800) 778-1580
 2479 33rd Avenue                                                           Fax: 1 (877) 240-9590
 Columbus, NE 68601                                              Email:

UFC is sanctioned in twenty states, and the current leadership intends to regularize it
across the nation. The lucrative deal with Spike TV is certainly helping, and UFC fights
and television shows are very popular. They are currently averaging 2.2 million viewers
in the third season of the show “The Ultimate Fighter,” which has been picked up for at
least two more years. Additionally, “UFC Unleashed” and “UFC Fight Night” are
showing on Spike with first run and repeat fights. In the last quarter of 2006, UFC had
four pay per view events averaging 482,000 viewers. UFC is now shown in 36 countries
around the world. UFC is running shows in Canada and the UK, and intends to open a
UK office to expand into the European market. The increased visibility provided by the
television shows has allowed the UFC to market stars, creating a media draw in their own

While as late as 2004 the owners, Zuffa LLC, still had $34 million in losses. However, in
2006 the UFC generated $222,766,000 in revenue on pay per view, passing WWE and
boxing with the largest events nearing 800,000 viewers. There is even an agreement with
THQ for worldwide rights to develop UFC based video games.

While some still see the sport as if it were still no holds barred, the most dangerous
moves have been rendered illegal, and the competitors require great training and skill to
succeed. With elements from various martial arts, wresting and boxing, the sport really is
mixed martial arts. Failure to provide a firm grounding in all three areas will result in
defeat. While the typical UFC fighter will have a preferred style, it is utterly normal to
constantly evaluate strengths against weakness, and to go with whatever style seems
likely to play to an opponents weakness. Matches can feature a great deal of movement as
fighters dance around the ring trading blows, or can be very still, as both fighters grapple
and seek submission holds.

The current rules were established by the New Jersey Athletic Control Board, and have
been adopted as the “Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts” by several other states.

On 27 March 2007 Dana White, president of the UFC, announced the purchase of Pride
Fighting Championships, the main competitor for the UFC. The organizations will

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 CAS Enterprises, LLC                                                   Phone: 1 (800) 778-1580
 2479 33rd Avenue                                                         Fax: 1 (877) 240-9590
 Columbus, NE 68601                                            Email:

remain separate as organizations, they will cooperate and co-promote supercards with
champions and top contenders from both organizations in the same event. It is being
dubbed “The SuperBowl of MMA!”

CAS Enterprises’ flagship website is, which specializes in unique
promotional products such as custom silicone rubber bracelets, custom leather
wristbands, custom printed lanyards, slap bracelets, and personalized dog tags.

If you would like more information on, or to schedule an
interview with Clark Swihart, Please call 1-800-778-1580 or e-mail


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