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									                      ABA OF ENGLAND LIMITED BOARD MEETING
                                  Friday 20th August 2010
                     ABAE offices, GB Conference Room, EIS, Sheffield
Item 1   Present                                                          I=
         K. Walters (Chairman), P. King (CEO), C. Andrews, T. Goreham, R. D= Decision
         Scott, S. McHugh, D. Cockell, D. Mapp (By Telephone)             A= Action


         A D Lynch
Item 2   Conflict of Interests

         D Mapp – BABA, P King – BABA, Keith Walters BABA
         C Andrews – Ormerod Rutter
Item 3   Company Secretary

         3.1 AGM Details
         AGM of the Company is now set for Sunday 19 September 2010
         commencing at 11am at the Union Jack Club. Notice has been served
         in the mandatory way and all regional associations have been informed.
         There will be 2 observers available for each region to nominate with
         notice to the ABAE Head Office.

         The ABAE Boxing Council will hold a meeting and its Annual General
         meeting the day prior to the AGM on Saturday 18th September 2010.
Item 4   Board minutes of the last meeting/ matters arising- Friday 18th June
         4.1 Matters Arising

Item 5   England Team Managers Reports

         5.1 GB Junior 3 Nations Sheffield

         5.2 European Junior Championships, Ukraine                               I

         5.3 GB Youth Boxing Championships, Wales

         5.4 European Schoolboy Championships, Bulgaria
         5.5 Women’s EU Championships, Hungary

          Tournament     Venue      Dates     Team          TM      Results

          GB Junior     UK -        10-13    Juniors     Darren
          Three         Sheffield   June                 Chapple   16 Gold,
          Nations                                                  15 Silver, 8

          European      Ukraine -   20-28    Juniors     Mick
          Junior        Lvov        June                 Gannon    1 Gold, 1
          Championsh                                               Bronze

          GB Youth      Wales -     8-11     Youths      Tyrone
          Boxing        Cardiff     July                 Harold    10 Gold, 4
          Championsh                                               Silver, 4
          ips                                                      Bronze

          European      Bulgaria - 19-25     School      Martin
          Schoolboy     Yambol     July      boys        Utley     1 Gold, 2
          Championsh                                               Silver, 1
          ips                                                      Bronze

          Women’s       Hungary 3-8          Women       Mick
          EU            -         August                 Gannon    3 Silver
          Championsh    Keszthely

Item 6   Review of Action Logs and Audit Committee

         6.1 Sport England Self Assessment

         Sport England Self Assessment will need completing by the end of         A
         September 2010 this work is currently commencing. (Action D.

         6.2.1 Moore Stevens/ Sport England Action Log

         Following today’s meeting the subsequent recommendations were now
         to be put to the AGM with the Action Log being completed in terms of     A
         process. Terms of Reference for both the Board and Council to be
         submitted as an addendum to the Articles of Association. (Action PK)
6.2.2 Independent Chairman to the Board

The proposal to appoint an independent Chairman of the Board.

6.2.3 Director Period of Tenure

A proposal that ABAE Directors (both Non-Executive and Executive)
may serve 2 by 3 year appointments only with one additional 3 year
period in extenuating circumstances. This period of tenure is to
commence from the 2010 Annual General Meeting if the proposal is


The ABAE Board recommends extending the number of Non- Executive            A
Board members by 1, seeking to invite further external business and
quality support to the Board. (Action PK)

6.3 Moore Steven review

Awaiting formal response.

6.4 ABAE Risk Register

Register update was given with one item removed as complete.

6.5 Board Review and Appraisals

6.5.1 Board Review

SMc had carried out a review of the Board with personal conversations
and interviews with all Board members culminating in a full suite of
responses to 14 questions. These were further broken down into the
most relevant and repeated responses seeking to improve the
effectiveness of the Board and its workings. Following discussion
around the 14 areas of questions raised the following points were
adopted and to be either put forward to the Annual General Meeting or
added to the Terms of Responsibilities for the Board.

      The commitment to even up the Board in terms of Business and
       external support should be sought, proposal to submit to the
       AGM one further Board member of Non-Executive status.
      More working parties from a Board perspective with input from
       the Council to be developed in the future following the recent
       success of the Audit Committee as an example.
      Extensive advertisement of Executive and Non-Executive               A
       Directors has been adopted through various means and outlets.
      Skills Matrix for Directors, either Executive of Non-Executive, to
       be developed.
      Maximum term of office for any individual to be 2 x 3 years and
                one further 3 year period in extenuating circumstances, to be put
                to the Annual General Meeting. Term of individuals to commence
                as of 2010.
               Chairman of the Board and Council in accordance with the
                current Articles of Association should be adopted from the Board
                annually and selected at the first meeting of the Board, at the first
                meeting after the AGM. The period of election should be for 1
                year, renewable. The terms of reference were shared with the
                Board and additions made and agreed. These points were
                relevant as previously indicated form and addendum to the
                Articles of Association.

         S McHugh was thanked for his effort and time formulating this essential
         piece of work in terms of the review of the Board and its capacity.
Item 7   Chief Executive Reports

         7.1 Ball Inn Update

         An offer had been received from a potential buyer and we await this            I
         moving forward to closure and date completed. The Board will
         completely updated on developments.

         7.2 Advanced Apprenticeships in Sporting Excellence (AASE)

         CEO submitted a full report in terms of the AASE Programme which
         formally had been cancelled in May of this year. However, following a
         very strong submission from ABAE and Skills Active, thankfully boxing
         has now been added to the AASE Programme as a Growth Sport. We
         have gained 120 places through this unique educational and sporting
         offer and 6 centres have been identified:
                   o Balby Car Community Sports and Science College,                    I
                   o Bradford College, Bradford
                   o Filton College, South Gloucester
                   o South Leicestershire College, South Leicestershire
                   o Solihull College, Solihull
                   o Priory School, Kent
         Advertisement for participant students and coaches are currently being
         propagated and a full update will be given at the next Board Meeting.

         This was seen as a magnificent opportunity for the sport to raise
         expectations, aspirations and start to leave a long-term legacy within the
         sport through its participation base at an early age, for our young

         7.3 BABA Updates
7.3.1 Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games Team has been selected in consultation
with the ABAE National Coach Mick Gannon, with PK briefed at all

Extensive press coverage had been accrued on behalf of the ABAE and
the England Team.

Martin Webb had previously been interviewed as a successful Team
Manager and had formally been trained within the Commonwealth Team
of England structures.

7.3.2 GB Championships

The GB Championships have now been set for the 12th and 13th
November at the Liverpool Echo Arena. Announcement and positive
media response was gained. Discount tickets for the event will be made
available to all ABAE registered Clubs and can be used as a fund raiser.
The meeting of GB had taken place and all nations agreed to the criteria
of selection and inclusion for the GB Championships.

7.3.3 GB vs. The Rest of the World

The Great Britain Team had competed against the rest of the World in
July with a final result of 6:6, in Cardiff.

7.3.4 Four Nations Tournament                                              I

A successful Four Nations Tournament over the weekend of the 6 th-8th
August 2010 exposed home nation boxers with competition with
Kazakhstan, France and China with exemplary results and a number of
International World Champions being defeated at the EIS in Sheffield.

7.3.5 Commercial Director

A new Commercial Director had been appointed for BABA, Andy
Dawson, who would also help support the Home Nations as well.

7.3.6 European Women’s Championships

Savannah Marshall, Chantelle Cameron and Vesna Fisher have brought
back silver medals from the Hungarian based event, congratulations
were given.

7.3.7 UK Sport, Youth Sport Trust and Sport England

The issue concerning UK Sport, Youth Sport Trust and Sport England         I
merging had been highlighted through BABA and also this ABAE
Meeting. This was required to ensure that the Board and also the
Council fully understand that there will be significant implications on the
future funding and it is essential we all work together even more so in
the future to optimise our position to protect the sport in an environment
of potentially severely reduced funding.

7.4 ABAE CRM Database and Website Delivery

7.4.1 Registrars Training Day                                                 A

A Registrars training day took place on the 16th August 2010 with the
system being shown live, however it was disappointing that the
Registrars could not physically use the system on the training session.
However a test period will be made available for them to access the new
system in the very near future. (Action D. Barnard)

7.4.2 The Website                                                             A

The website had been built and Hannah McLafferty was currently
ensuring the propagation of information, data and archiving of data was
occurring ready for the launch in the first week in October 2010. (Action
H. McLafferty)

7.5 Sport England Active People Survey

The ABAE had recently been informed of successful outcomes against            I
the Active People Survey through Ipsos Mori and once again reiterated
the fact that the sport is in a growing phase in terms of participation,
satisfaction and also excellence. The Board took the opportunity to
thank all staff members and its volunteers for their exemplary work and

7.6 Capital Investments Updates

The following awards have been made in this financial year:

 Project                            Award

 Birtley ABC                        £50,000

 London Borough of Bexley           £99,999                                   A

 Kingfisher ABC                     £70,000

 Alt Valley Community Trust         £31,250

 St Pancras ABC                     £30,000
          Berinsfield ABC                    £50,000

         This is a total of £331,249 assigned, from a total allocation of £336,666.

         A contingency of £5,417 remains
         The listed table of successful applicants has now been completed,
         supported and endorsed by the Capital Investment Panel and ABAE
         Board and Council. These projects are now commencing or will do in the
         very near future and will require completion within this financial year to
         ensure there is no under spend and loss of revenue as the funding for
         the Capital Investment Programme Projects is ring fenced as Exchequer
         Funding and must be expended within the financial year. (Action C.
         7.7 ABAE Board Work Plan and Priorities

         These priorities were shared with the Board and the Action Plan is
         supported as a living document with timelines allotted to certain areas of
         completion. (Action PK)
Item 8   Financial and Legal Reports

         8.1 Review of Accounts

         DM had taken a great deal of time following the last Board Meeting to
         carry out a review of the accounts for the last 5 years. This extensive
         and time consuming review had revealed a number of issues and
         recommendations DM had suggested as Chairman of the Audit                    I
         Committee for the ABAE. These suggestions and initiatives were
         accepted unanimously and the contents of Derek’s findings and notes
         within the reports were noted. DM was thanked for this large piece of
         work and the clarity it brought to the previous cycle of funding.

         8.2 Synopsis of Income and Expenditure/ Accounts April- June 2010

         The full financial package of SAGE and supporting documentation
         including budgets, actual spend, and variances for April – June 2010
         with a full synopsis of income and expenditure attached was accepted         D
         unanimously. Proposed S.Mc, seconded TG. CA commented that this
         was a real improvement and the synopsis was an excellent addition to
         the financial package.

         8.3 Annual Accounts 2009/2010

         DM gave a complete overview of the last financial years accounts
         2009/2010 stating that the ABAE was in a positive position and this
         years audit has been as normal as possible as opposed to previous
         years of ABAE Audits according to our external auditors Ormeod Rutter.       D
         The Board were pleased that the Audit had been very simple and clear,
         and as a consequence for moving on from qualified accounts for
         2008/2009 the ABAE will be submitting a full set of Audited accounts in
         the normal manner for 2009/2010. It was proposed by DM, seconded
         by DC that the annual accounts be accepted. This was unanimously
         supported by the Board.

         8.4 WABF                                                                      I

         We await further settlement payments.
Item 9   Child Protection & Equity Reports

         9.1 Child Protection and Equity Updates

         Regional Associations were still being requested to submit Welfare
         Officers for each of the Registered ABAE Clubs. This will form part of
         the new ABAE registration system, some regions had moved forward
         very quickly on this issue and others needed more prompting.
              ABAE will be moving to the new post-standards framework in
                terms of Child Protection Standards within sport.
              Discipline and Appeals- closed files centrally held at the ABAE         I
                Office in Sheffield were over 150 cases
              There are 13 outstanding cases, two particular cases, which had
                significant issues for ABAE. One coach had been excluded for 12
                months (notice received of appeal) the Club Sittingbourne ABC
                being fined £1000 suspended for 2 years.
              Complaint by Miss A Gray against Mid-Anglia ABA PK and BJ
                were currently working through this process defending the
                ABAE’s position and distancing ourselves from the matter.
                Hopefully this issue will now resolve itself internally between Miss
                Gray and the Mid-Anglia ABA.

         9.2 CRB Update

               13 Individuals were excluded currently from the organisation
                following the ABAE’s CRB review panel held on the 15th July
               Tenders have been sought from CRB Umbrella Bodies; this
                period had been extended by a further two weeks to the 14th
                August 2010. We await submissions.

         9.3 Equity Update

         Quotes had been sought to supply the services in terms of this external
         resource to the ABAE to access the Intermediate Level of Equity
         Standards for Sport. The closing date for this submission was the 4 th
         August and had also been further extended by another two weeks.
         Once the final tenders have been received, the successful company will
         be engaged to carry out an in-depth study of our Equity status and a
         brief to implement essential work throughout the ABAE, to ensure the
         relevant standards are achieved by the ABAE.
          9.4 Doping

          ABAE delivered two doping awareness seminars with UK Sport and UK
          Anti-Doping (UKAD) since our last meeting. It is a target for UKAD and
          the ABAE to deliver an awareness seminar in each of the ABAE regions
          throughout the organisation.
Item 10   Any Other Business

          10.1 Whole Sport Plan Report

          The following information are the main issues to fall out of the last
          quarterly report to the 1st July 2010.

                Active People and Satisfaction Survey
                Progress being made with the Boxing Development Team
                Coaching – UKCC
                The Future Jobs Fund project
                FE Boxing Academies / The Advanced Apprenticeships in
                 Sporting Excellence initiative

          10.2 The latest Active People Survey shows a significant increase in
          participation to 124,400 people participating in 3 x 30 minutes of activity.
          The sport is also the best sport for contributing to the 3 x 30 minutes
10.3 The latest satisfaction survey results have also been published and
the details of these results are due in August.’
Proposed RS, second TG

Although the results show a small decrease this is in line with the trend
and boxing has, in fact, been praised for such a small decrease. The
decline in satisfaction has been experienced with general participants
and therefore once the detailed analysis has been received the
development team will look at ways to address this.

10.4 A key priority is to expand the network of Boxing Development
Officers in areas without the Officer resource. To date the following
progress has been made:

      Eastern Counties – interviews for a part time position in Suffolk
       are scheduled for 5th August, and details are being finalised for a   I
       4 day a week BDO in Essex.
      Southern Counties – Kent CSP are being proactively in sourcing
       match funding for a BDO. Currently the CSP have committed
       £4000 and are waiting on local partners to confirm additional
      Leicestershire and Rutland – the recruitment and selection
       process is currently taking place for this full time position.
      Sunderland and Tyne Tees and Wear – the detail of this position
       is currently being negotiated.
10.5 A significant amount of work has been done in developing the
    new Level 1 coaching qualification. This includes:

       o Ensuring the L1 coaching handbook content meets the UKCC
       o PowerPoint presentations produced for all topics
       o Delivery guide produced for Coach Educators with guidance
         notes on the delivery of each topic
       o sports coach UK endorsement forms all completed and
         evidence collected to demonstrate that all UKCC criteria have
         been met
       o Completed assessment pack with 1st4Sport Qualifications
       o Completed the qualification specification with 1st4Sport,
         including requirements for delivery and assessment of
         courses and for venues
       o Held 2 day photo shoot for L1 coaching handbook                  A
       o 27 Coach Educators trained
       o 24 Assessors trained

10.6 As a result of this work a submission for UKCC endorsement of
    the Level 1 qualification was due to be made on Friday 9 th July.

10.7 The submission for endorsement was not be made following the
    ABAE Council’s decision to continue running existing Assistant
    Coach Courses for a further year. 1st4Sport qualifications and
    sports coach UK both made it clear that the qualification could not
    be submitted for endorsement without a firm commitment to (Period
    to be agreed) discontinue existing courses, a working party was to
    be implemented with Board Member R.S acting as Chair (2 Board
    Members M.G and M.W) plus 2 Boxing Council Members. (Action

10.8   Potential issues arising from this decision include:

      Failure to fulfil commitment made to Sport England within the
       Whole Sport Plan. The coaching intervention equates to
       approximately £740,000 of investment over 4 years of which
       UKCC development is corner stone. And a significant investment
       has already been utilised to get to this stage.
      Implications for Amateur Boxing Scotland who are a partner
       committed to UKCC and have employed an officer to oversee its
      Significant human resource has been invested by both sports
      coach UK and 1st4Sport in developing the qualification.
    We have continuously stressed the need to improve our coach
      education system, for example via Regional Road Shows in both
      2008 and 2010. There is an acceptance by many in the sport
      that UKCC is needed to improve our coaching system and deliver
      our WSP commitments.
    A very significant ABAE resource has been invested in
      developing the new qualification which has now not been realised
    Working party to meet and review UKCC, with recommendations
Working Party meet September end 2010
Formulate report October end 2010
Submit recommendations December 2010 (Action PK)
                  Action from Board Meeting 20th August 2010

No.                        Heading                            Person        Outcome &
 6.1             Sport England Self Assessment               D. Barnard
6.2.1       Moore Stevens/ Sport England Action log           P. King
6.2.3                       Proposal                          P. King
6.5.1     Board Review- Skills Matrix for Directors to be     P. King
7.4.1      CRM Database and Registrars Training Day          D. Barnard
7.4.2   ABAE Website Development and transfer for launch    H. McLafferty
 7.6        Capital Investments Updates and trackers         C. O’Hara
 7.7         ABAE Board Work Plan and Priorities            P. King & D.
10.7                         UKCC                           P. King & M.
10.8                         UKCC                           P. King & M.
10.8                  UKCC Working Party                       P. King

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