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									December 12th, 2012                                                                                   Published by: Sandy Neumann

Insider Article Marketing
Strategy for Targeting
                                                                  purpose, (2) methodical, meaning they follow a predetermined
  article marketing, article marketing                            layout, and (3) repeatable. Duplicate your strategy every time
  directories, article marketing strategy,                        you write. This is an important part of your article marketing
  article marketing success, article marketing                    strategy. The use of keywords and phrases is vital because this
  techniques, article writing online, article                     is how both readers and Google will find you to bring you those
  writing services                                                highly coveted visitors. Each and every keyword ought to be
                                                                  carefully planned, followed by an analysis of which internet
                                                                  sites are most often using those search terms. Perhaps you
Insider Article Marketing                                         should be using these leading internet sites by linking to them,
Strategy for Targeting Traffic                                    backlinking from them, or maybe even writing articles for
                                                                  them. (Just another idea to include in your article marketing
December 12th, 2012
Ever wonder how certain bloggers and writers are dominating
the online space in your niche? I mean, every time you type in    Build Your Article on a Solid Foundation.
your favorite keywords it’s THEIR name that pops up all over      (…this works even if you don’t know how
the search engines instead of yours! But don’t be discouraged:    to write!)
it’s not rocket science or magic. The best writers simply have
                                                                  So what if you don’t enjoy writing? Or maybe you just aren’t
an article marketing strategy. And so should you! It’s really
                                                                  that great at crafting articles from scratch. It may be a good
pretty easy.
                                                                  idea for you to invest some time in reading other top bloggers
Article Marketing Strategy #1:                                    or some best-rated articles on article publication sites. Most
                                                                  article directories will have a list of most well-known articles
Construct Articles for Maximum                                    and authors. Pay attention to the way other top writers
Effect.                                                           construct their articles.
The method you use to construct your blog content should          Look for things like:
be no different than when you write articles specifically for
distribution to an article marketing directory. Your articles       1. Titles – how they incorporated keywords and how they
should always be (1) intentional, or designed around a specific        made it “catchy.”

December 12th, 2012                                                                                       Published by: Sandy Neumann

  2. Introduction – how did the writer grab your attention          someone to click your link for further information. This is
     (with a question or story?)                                    where you can put a link to your lead capture page.
  3. Use of keywords – frequency and location of keywords           Article Marketing Strategy #4: Always
     and phrases.
                                                                    Write for the Reader
  4. Layout – were paragraphs long or short? Were there             Though you might be writing articles to appeal primarily
     headers, subheaders, or bulleted lists?                        to the search engines, you should remember it is ultimately
  5. Calls to action – how did the writer convince you to take      an individual who will read your article. But don’t worry–
     action?                                                        it does get considerably less difficult to apply your article
                                                                    marketing strategy over time, after you have crafted many
Notice the different methods that writers use to direct a           different articles. Practice makes improvement, right? Keep an
visitor all the way down toward the resource box at the             eye on your content frequently and figure out which articles
bottom of the page. Probably the most effective written content     are getting the most traffic. Copy the method that is bringing
is made up of lots of brief paragraphs, and are normally            you the best results.
composed in everyday language–that means you can’t use
complicated, industry-specific jargon or uncommon phrases           Article Marketing Strategy #5: Spin Your
that your visitor may not be familiar with. You are not writing     Way to the Top!
to impress; you are writing to share a simple solution to a         When you have crafted your first article you can then reword it
common problem. Don’t present your visitor with something           or “spin” it into a new, unique article on the same topic. Send
that resembles a dissertation! Remember, your visitor is your       your “spun” articles to hundreds of other article marketing
guest just passing through…and he could leave the very second       directories. Spinning ought to be a significant part of your
your article becomes uninteresting or confusing.                    article marketing strategy. The purpose of rewriting them is to
Similarly, your visitor should not be confronted with a barrage     ensure that each and every article is unique to the directory you
of words! Just like you would not bombard a guest to your           submit it to. Google will only index ONE version of an article
home with a loud, uninterrupted monologue about yourself (at        and will disregard any extra copies. So publishing the exact
least I hope you would not!) without giving him a moment to         same content to many different sites is essentially a waste of
relax or interject his own thoughts, you should not present         your time.
an article devoid of white space. Break up your article into
small, brief paragraphs and sections. It’ll help make your          More interested in a quick-start
content appear quick and easy to read. Do not put links to          technique?
your website (or any other goods, for that matter) inside the
main body of your article because it could be declined by           If you’re more of an action-taker, ready to dive right in before
some article marketing directories. Hyperlinks should only be       you have it all figured out, then let someone else do all the dirty
placed within your author bio box.                                  work and have them give you a checklist. (Or if you are already
                                                                    making money, it may be time to hire others to do the grunt
Article Marketing Strategy #2: Read This                            work while you establish your online reputation as an expert
Now!                                                                in your field.
I hate to break it to you, but the truth is that most people        PS – Just getting started? Join my team for $25 and I’ll hand
will not read all the words on your page no matter how well         you the checklist, the exact article marketing strategy I use. It’s
it is written. (Unless maybe they are reading a novel.) Visitors    easy and it works.
to your blog post or article are looking for specific phrases
and words that could help solve their specific problem. So
if you can use “solution” words in your headings, the reader
can immediately skip to the parts of your article that interest
him the most. Headings are extremely important component
of your article marketing strategy. They should be short, eye-
catching, and hint at some proposed solution to your reader’s

Article Marketing Strategy #3: Beef up
Your Article with Keywords
Use keyword phrases once at the beginning of your article, a
number of times within the major body of the content (based
on the word count) and within the last sentence. Again, most
people are on web sites seeking solutions to their specific
concerns so you should make your article enlightening and
helpful, eventually driving the reader down to the bottom of
the page exactly where your author bio or resource box is.
Inside the resource box is generally a call to action, motivating


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