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									Need A Way To Store Toys? What To
Consider When Personalizing Your Toy
Box With An Engraved Name
If you're a parent looking for a one of a kind way to store toys, there are a plenty of options. From large
storage systems to a toy box that can double as a blanket trunk once the children are grown, parents can
likely find the right system to fit into nearly any room in their home. If you're thinking of personalizing your
child's toy trunk with his or her name, here are some things to consider.

Font And Other Personalization Options

The font is important if you're planning on personalizing your toy trunk. Some popular options include an
Edwardian script, a cute thematic font that has special pictures that correspond to each letter, a fun and
bubbly text and even one that looks like calligraphy. Also, make sure to find a company that will
personalize each trunk for you, rather than forcing you to choose from a few predetermined names. This
will ensure that the special child in your life receives exactly the right way to store toys, rather than
settling for a name that's close.

If you're buying for more than one child, or you want a little one to share it with a sibling who's not yet
born, it's possible to personalize using a special thematic alphabet or special clip art. Doing this can add a
touch of whimsy to any child's bedroom or playroom, but before you choose to use clip art, make sure the
company has high quality images to choose from. You may be able to provide your own, but make sure
the images are high quality for the best results.

What DPI Does The Company Use

If you're going to go through the trouble of having a toy box or blanket trunk personalized and engraved,
make sure it's done correctly! Look for a company that will engrave your personalized message using the
latest technology, including 300 DPI. DPI stands for dots per inch and the higher number means that your
image and text will be crisp and clear, like pictures and text in a magazine.

How A Personalized Chest Can Be More Than Just A Way To Store Toys

Instead of finding a way to store toys that will be thrown out when the kids are grown, look for one that's
made out of 100% all wood construction and that can double as a blanket trunk once the children are
grown. Many are available with an optional cedar base, which means that any special textiles, such as
quilts, baby clothes kept as mementos and even extra bedding can be protected against insects or other

If you're looking for a way to store toys, don't compromise on quality! Look for a toy or blanket trunk that
can be personalized with high-quality laser engraving so that you can create a one of a kind storage
solution that will look great in a child's playroom, bedroom or even the family living room.

A blanket trunk ( from Wood Creations, Inc. helps families keep
clutter contained, while looking great at the same time. Whether you're looking for a way to store toys or a
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