Shepherd letter by mcherald


									December 10, 2012

Dear Board Members Creasey, Gramespacher, Hill, Lauterbach, Lusk, Parker, and

I am informing the Board at this time that I will be retiring as the Superintendent of
Monterey Peninsula Unified School District effective June 30, 2013. This will allow the
Board plenty of time to develop and implement a plan for the future of MPUSD.

It has been an honor and privilege to serve as the Superintendent of Monterey
Peninsula Unified School District for the past six years. Our work together has resulted
in many positive outcomes for the students and communities that are served by
MPUSD. We passed a general obligation bond, which has allowed us to upgrade
facilities to improve the safety, comfort and appearance of our schools. We automated
systems to streamline operations, and brought technology to the classroom to support
teaching and learning. We improved student achievement to where 85% of our schools
now show positive growth in 2011 and the District as a whole has made positive gains
for ten consecutive years.

We’ve accomplished these feats despite the loss of over $49 million in State funding.
Thanks to prudent decision-making we remain fiscally strong and are able to meet our
current obligations without resorting to furloughs, shortened school days, program
closures and massive layoffs.

We have accomplished much together, and MPUSD is in a much stronger position now
then it was 6 years ago. While the work has been fulfilling I believe the time has come
for me to pursue other opportunities both personally and professionally.

I have appreciated your support and wish you all the best in your future endeavors.


Dr. Marilyn Shepherd

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