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               Turbine Oil Purification Unit Series TY

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                  Chongqing Top Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd


Ⅰ Company Profile----------------------------------------------3
Ⅱ Production------------------------------------------------------3
Ⅲ Application and Features -----------------------------------4
Ⅳ Working principle , Flow Chart -------------------------4/5
Ⅴ Technical Data-----------------------------------------------5/6
Ⅵ Preparation before using And Checking-----------------6
Ⅶ Operating Procedures of Control Panel------------------7
Ⅷ Operation------------------------------------------------------7/8
Ⅸ Back flush-------------------------------------------------------8
Ⅹ Maintenance ,Protection and Safety----------------------8/9
Ⅺ Trouble shooting----------------------------------------------9/10

                                  Chongqing Top Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd

Ⅰ Company Profile

Chongqing Top Oil Purifier Co., Ltd is a professional leading manufacturer of oil purifiers and oil testers.
We have tremendous strength in the fields of research, development and manufacturing with professional
mass-production ability, perfect sales network, excellent after-sales service as well as a perfect image we
earned in the competitive market.

Our main products are: Insulting Oil Purifier, Turbine Oil Purification machine, Hydraulic Oil Purifier,
Lubricating oil filtration machine, Transformer Oil filtering machine, fuel oil restoration, Steam-Turbine
Oil reconditioner, Dielectric fluid regeneration system, Circuit-Breaker Oil recovering system,
Compressor Oil recovering machine, Gear Oil renewal machine, Coolant Oil treatment, Quenching Oil
reclaiming machine, Oil and Water Separator, Steel-Rolling Oil regeneration equipment, Waste
automobile Oil Recycling Equipment, petroleum machine and Oil Tester, etc.

Top Oil Purifiers are widespread in the fields of Electric Power, Petrifaction, Mineral, Shipbuilding, Steel
Construction, Bridge, Automobile and Railway, playing a great role in the way of reducing energy
consumption for the clients and meanwhile the environmental pollution.

The company takes the mission of existing on the basis of quality as well as developing in regard to
technical innovation, introduces foreign advanced technology of vacuum oil purifying, moreover,
continues researching and manufacturing the oil purifying equipments that available both in the domestic
and international market.

“Not Best, Only Better” . Top will as always make great effort to provide you the better oil purifying

Ⅱ Production

The oil used for lubrication system of generators need maintenance and treatment because it may be
mixed with air, water and impurities. Otherwise, it can speed up oil quality turning bad or break down the
adjuster and protection system, damage the plain journal bearing, and influence the whole machine
In the past, we used pressure type and centrifugal type oil filter to get rid of impurities and water in oil for
middle and small equipments. But the operation processes of those two equipments are very complex and
waste oil and materials. And the efficiency of the machine is low. All of theses can’t satisfy machine‘s
requires. Now the 200MW homemade oil filter, which is composed of sedimentation box, filter box and
oil collector, mainly makes use of sedimentation and purify theories. There are several separation nets in
sedimentation box. Relying on the difference weight of oil and water, water is condensed to drip while
passing through separation nets, and is subsided at the bottom of box then drain away by automatic water
trap. Those filters whose capability and size are large exist poor water removal, dirty oil, and easily
jamming filter for using. In addition, others adopt the normal vacuum purification devices, which use

                                 Chongqing Top Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd

stereo-evaporation to get rid of water and reticulation filter to eliminate impurities. This kind of
equipment eliminates trace water easily, but for serious leaking equipments, especially serious emulsified
oil, is useless and can’t continue work. If use TY Oil Purifier Specially for Turbine Oil, it can not only
efficiently clear away the liquid water, air and impurities, but also can break emulsification so that it can
purify turbine oil thoroughly

Ⅲ Application and Features

This oil purification plant is used for treating the unqualified turbine oil, especially the seriously
emulsified turbine oil. This machine, which can rapidly and effectively remove the water, gas and
impurities, aim at turbine oil’s nature of high water content, easy emulsifiable and high impurity content,
and make the oil recover the new oil’s nature.


1. Breaking emulsification thoroughly with high- molecule polymeric material.
2. Dewatering very effectively with once and for two steps dehydrating method. It can thoroughly clear
   away the liquid water, free water and 80% dissolved water.
3 With distinctive removing impurities technique filtering through double FH trapezoidal network and
  absorbing by high polymer material, this machine can make the ß3 equal or surpass 200 and make the
  cleanness lower grade 4(NAS1638).
4 With the trapezoidal, spiral, automatic back flushing system.
5 With the advanced dielectric condensation devices.
6 On-line oil purification can be carried out with turbine or water turbine automatically without any


This machine breaks emulsification thoroughly, and the oil is very difficult to emulsify again after
treatment. Its dehydration volume is large and it can absorb water on line. TY series, which prevent
lubrication system from damage, can effectively extend the lifetime of oil and protect turbine and other

                                    Chongqing Top Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd

Ⅳ Working principle , Flow Chart
1 Working Principle

When purifier starting, oil is flowed into primary filter under the difference pressure between inside and
outside and big impurities are removed. After heating, oil flow into secondary filter. Then oil flow into
water separator after small impurities are removed. The water separator adopts a special skill which
change the impaction of oil and water to speed up trace water and coagulate big water which is separated
from oil and stored in water content. Oil is purified again by fine filter, the flows into vacuum pump
which use stereo-evaporation removing left trace water. Vaporized water was drained away by cooler or
vacuum system. When the oil was transported out by oil pump, the purification process has finished.

2. Flow Chart
                        W ater sparator Fine filter                                Vacuum Gauge
                                                       Side Valve                       P

                                                                     Vent Valve
                Air Isolating                 Air isolating
                valve                        valve                                                Cooler
       Pipe Valve                    W ater Receiver

                    Secondary      Blow down
                    Filter         valve
                                                                                             Vacuum Valve
       Back Flush                                                                   Vacuum Pump
       valve                                                     Vacuum
                                                                                                Vent Valve
         W ater receiver Blow down

                                                                                        Vacuum Pump
                        Primary Filter                                                  M otor

            Oil inlet valve                            Pressure gauge valve
        Oil inlet                     cycle valve
                                                                             Oil pump
                                               Oil outlet valve
                        Blow down
                        valve             Oil outlet
                                                                     M   oil pum p motor
                           Back flush

                                 Chongqing Top Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd

Ⅴ Technical Data
                     Table 1 TY oil purifier specially for Turbine Oil
        Item          Unit      TY-10       TY-20   TY-30      TY-50      TY-100   TY-150   TY-200

      Flow rate        L/h       600        1200    1800       3000        6000     9000    12000

        vacuum         Mpa                                 -0.06     ~ -0.095
                       Mpa                                         ≤0.3
                       ℃           40 ~ 70(the temperature of turbomachine below 55℃)
                       KW         14         16      18            30       45       55       60

     Total power       KW         16         18      20            33       48       61       71

                       mm        φ25        φ25     φ25        φ32         φ42      φ50      φ50

                 L     mm        1280       1350    1350           100    1500     1500      1600

     size        W     mm        750         900     950           950    1000     1200      1350

                 H     mm        1450       1450    1500       1600       1650     1800      1800

       Weight          Kg        320         400     420           450     750      800      900

                     Table2 Guarantee Data after Purification

                        Capability item                     Data

                              Moisture               ≤50PPM

                        emulsification              ≤15min (GB/F 7305)

                             Clean degree                  ≤4grade (NAS1638)

                                 Chongqing Top Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd

Ⅵ Preparation and Check
1 All spare parts of the oil purifier have adjusted before leaving factory. When the product is sent to work
point, they must be checked again.
2 Oil purifier is set up stably. The oil inlet is connected with the oil outlet underpart of the oil tank. The
oil outlet is connected with the top of the oil tank.
3 Carry out electrical wiring including grounding of the machine. Check all the wire connections of the
power panel, oil pump, vacuum pump and heater to ensure reliable connection and insulation.
4 Conduct a test run of the oil pump-motor to see whether it runs clockwise (viewed from the end of the
motor). If not, correct the power line wiring.
5 when dealing with the hydraulic oil and other mechanic oil on-line, pls supply the same brand oil
properly to make sure the oil level of the oil tank normally.

Ⅶ Operating Procedures of Control Panel
1. For external wiring of the control panel, please refer to the Electrical Diagram. Connect the mains of
   318V 3-phase 4-wire AC to the left of the panel and make sure that the panel outer casing is reliably
2. Turn on the main switch and the power indicator is lit up, which shows the power is on.
3. When heating, turn on the temperature controller, and the red light dedicates that being preparation
   situation. Then turn on the switch of temperature controller set the working temperature to start the
   heater for oil heating. When the oil temperature reaches the set value, the temperature controller will
   automatically turn off the heater. Therefore, automatic heating can be conducted with thermostatic
4 After stopping operation, turn off the main switch and lock the door of the control panel.

Ⅷ Operation
1 Operating Procedures
1.Have the machine connect the power supply. Connect and fasten the each junction of the oil inlet pipe
   and outlet pipe
2.Connect cooler with cool water. Obey the regulation of inlet at the below and outlet on the top, and have
   a little water circulation (pls don’t take this way if oil contains little water or use a short time)
3. Turn on the valve 11 on air outlet of the vacuum pump and turn off all valves connected with air. Start
   vacuum pump. Turn on oil inlet when vacuum degree up to –0.06Mpa.(Note: slowly turn on the valve
   avoid breaking down primary filter by suddenly impaction).
4. After oil flow into vacuum pump and arrive in the middle of oil level, turn on exhausted valve and
   outlet valve, which is under vacuum pump. Start oil pump, and begin exhausting oil.
5. As rising of vacuum degree between –0.08~-0.095Mpa, adjust oil inlet quantity (adjust roadside valve
   20 or 30).Have the balance of the quantity of inlet oil and outlet oil. Make sure oil level in the middle
   of vacuum pump (controlled by infrared ray liquid level auto-control after running normally).
6. After cycling normally, turn on temperature controller. Set temperature between 46~60℃ then turn

                                 Chongqing Top Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd

   on heater.
7. After running some time, get oil sample to assay.

2 Introduction
1. Working temperature should be –20~45℃
2.Altitude influence vacuum degree directly
3.When treat oil box, release all water firstly then connect with oil pipe. Otherwise water can flow into oil
filter and pollute again.

3 Stopping
When finish treating oil or need stop suddenly, please operate as follow:
   1.First, stop heater. After the machine running 3-5 minutes, turn off oil inlet valve.
   2.Close down vacuum pump, stop exhaust vacuum when there is no oil in vacuum tank.
   3.Open the valve under cooler to release oil and water. Note: after finish the operation, remember to
   close valves so that can be used next time.
   4. If come across the emergence, depress the emergence-stopping button and the machine is divided
   with power(at the same time, close the roadside valve16 in case oil inlet more). If want to restart the
   machine, must run clockwise to have the emergence-stopping button resotre so that can open the
   various control button to have the machine work normally.

4 Notices in Operation
1.when vacuum pump is working, observe oil level (the oil is above the oil line). If there is much water in
vacuum pump oil, change instantly.
2.If there are much water in the water receiver when running, pls drain away manually. If water content is
high, pls drain it away through the valve at the under the part of primary filter.
3.If level pipe of cooler show that there is condensation water, remove it immediately. (Close isolating
valve, release vacuum then turn on valve under cooler, drain up condensation water)
4. Observe whether the noise is normal when running. If find abnormal situation, resolve the problem
5.If oil isn’t enough, stop and check whether the primary filter and secondary filter is jammed.
6.When shop using for a long time, drain away oil and fill with new oil.

Ⅸ Backflush
1. After working for a long time, there are some impurities in secondary filter. a little oil or no oil can’t
flow into. The phenomenon can be showed by voltmeter. That needs to back flush.
2 Firstly, adjust valve. Turn on valve 33 and roadside valve 4,turn off oil outlet valve 30 and roadside
valve 15.As below:
Oil inlet            oil pump            secondary filter         oil outlet

3.Connect blow-down joint of secondary filter with oil pipe, and turn on blow-down valve.

4. Take pulse way to turn on the oil pump (turn on and turn off oil pump discontinuely) to back flush

                                    Chongqing Top Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd

secondary filter again and again.

5. The oil, which is back-flushed several times by secondary filter, takes above oil to use again after
deposition, and get rid of the deposition.

ⅩMaintenance, Protection , Safety
1. Keep all pump clean to prevent the impurities.
2. About using and protection, please refer to introduction.
3. Release water in cooler regularly.
4. Use (kk-1) lubricating oil for vacuum pump.
5. If there is no oil flowing in heater, stop heating by electrical. Heat when liquid meter of vacuum tank
show that the quantity of inlet oil and outlet oil arrive at balance.
6. If the working pressure of vacuum filter system arrive 0.2Mpa , change or clean filter.
7. Clean filter element usually avoid jamming which can cause oil inlet is slow or high pressure.
8. Remember all parts’ setting position when maintenance, then fasten them.
9. When it is running, check pipes, valves and electromotor at any moment.
10. Protective grounding, check whether the direction of rotation is same with requirement, make sure
      there is no jamming and loosing.
11. Read use instruction carefully before operation.
12. If lay aside for a long time, drain away vacuum pump oil and fill with new oil. At the same time, turn
      on oiling valve, and release all oil.

Ⅺ Trouble shooting
                   Trouble                          Cause                           Remedy
                                         1 The primary strainer is
                                                                         1 Unpick and wash the
          The quantity of inlet oil is   jammed.
          less that of outlet oil or     2 The resistance of the
                                                                         2 Operate the process of
          can’t flow into oil when       secondary      strainer    is
                                                                         the secondary purification.
          the machine runs stablely      increased
                                                                         3 See the third item
                                         3 Vacuum degree reduce
                                         1. There is air blockage
                                             in pump, producing
                                             noise. oil not sufficient   1.Adjust openness of inlet
          Abnormal noise with oil
                                             or too much air in oil      valve.
          pump on start or in
                                             pump.                       2.Release air form oil inlet
                                         2. There is air in pipe and     pipe.
                                             is brought into oil
                                         1.Temp sensor probe is
                                                                         1.Fix the probe;
          Heater if on but oil                                           2.Check or replace
                                         2.Poor contact of heater.
          temperature does not rise.                                     3.Repair
                                         3.Circuit break.
                                                                         4.Replace heater.
                                         4.Heating tube is burnt.
          Vacuum drops below the         1.There is air leakage          1.Repair

                         Chongqing Top Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd

set value                     stemmed from poor joint         2.Replenish oil to mark
                              or other untightness.           line
                              2. Insufficient oil in          3.Replace oil.
                              vacuum pump                     4.Repair
                              3. Dirty oil in vacuum          5.Replace or adjust
                              4. Air release valve or
                              other part of vacuum pump
                              is broken.
                              5. Vacuum gauge does not

                              1. There is eye winker in       1.Check, esp whether there
                              pump                            is any piece of broken
   It is difficult to start   2. Belt is too loose or tight   copper gauze of air inlet in
       vacuum pump            or coupling goes wrong.         pump.
                              3. power lack phase or          2. Adjust
                              motor goes wrong.               3. Repair
                                                              1.Reduce oil to a little
                                                              below the centerline of oil
                            1.There is too much oil in
                                                              2.Open vent valve to
                            2.Purified oil contains too
                                                              reduce vacuum and raise
                            much moisture, vaporized
There is oil spray from air                                   oil temp.
                            content and foam;
outlet of vacuum pump.                                        3.Stop     machine,    start
                            3.There is too much oil in
                                                              oil-discharge pump to
                            vacuum tank.
                                                              lower oil level and restart
                                                              vacuum pump.
                             1.Water content is high;         1.Iincrease the times of
                             2.The temperature of the         purification;
                             oil is not sufficient;           2.Iimprove temperature ;
      Purified oil is not    3.Filtering net is broken;       3.Check and replace the
         satisfactory        4.The device don’t clean         filtering parts;
                             when it is used again;           4.Clean;
                             5.Tthe vacuum degree is          5.See above (the forth
                             low。                             trouble).
                             1.The oil level in vacuum
                             tank is low;                     1.Increase the quantity of
                             2.High vacuum degree;            inlet oil;
The outlet oil is less or no 3.The position of the oil        2.Reduce vacuum degree;
oil is out                   tank is high;                    3.Reduce the height;
                             4.There is air leakage from      4.Change the oil seals or
                             the oil seals of gear            oil pump.
                             pump 。

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