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                                Dental Enamel Defects and Celiac Disease
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                                         eliac disease manifestations can extend              Similar Symptoms, Different Problem
                                         beyond the classic gastrointestinal
                                         problems, affecting any organ or body                Tooth defects that result from celiac disease may
This feature article from                                                                     resemble those caused by too much fluoride or a
Celiac Disease News is          system. One manifestation—dental enamel
free and copyright free.        defects—can help dentists and other health care               maternal or early childhood illness.
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                                providers identify people who may have celiac                 “Dentists mostly say it’s from fluoride, that the
or link to the article for      disease and refer them to a gastroenterologist.               mother took tetracycline, or that there was an
your                            Ironically, for some people with celiac disease, a            illness early on,” said Peter H.R. Green, M.D.,
• newsletter                    dental visit, rather than a trip to the gastroen-             director of the Celiac Disease Center at Colum-
• website                       terologist, was the first step toward discovering             bia University. “Celiac disease isn’t on the radar
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                                their illness.                                                                      screen of dentists in this coun-
For more information            Not all dental enamel defects                                                       try. Dentists should be made
or to subscribe, visit          are caused by celiac disease,                                                       aware of these manifestations             although the problem is fairly                                                      to help them identify people
                                common among people with                                                            and get them to see their doc-
                                the condition, particularly                                                         tors so they can exclude celiac
                                children, according to Alessio                                                      disease.”
                                Fasano, M.D., medical director                                                     Green just completed a U.S.
                                at the University of Maryland                                                      study with his dental col-
                                Center for Celiac Research. And dental enamel                 league, Ted Malahias, D.D.S., that demonstrates
                                defects might be the only presenting manifesta-               celiac disease is highly associated with dental
                                tions of celiac disease.                                      enamel defects in childhood—most likely due to
                                Dental enamel problems stemming from                          the onset of celiac disease during enamel forma-
                                celiac disease involve permanent dentition and                tion. The study, which did not identify a similar
                                include tooth discoloration—white, yellow, or                 association in adults, concluded that all physician
                                brown spots on the teeth—poor enamel forma-                   education about celiac disease should include
                                tion, pitting or banding of teeth, and mottled or             information about the significance of dental
                                translucent-looking teeth. The imperfections                  enamel defects.
                                are symmetrical and often appear on the inci-
                                sors and molars.                                              Other Oral Symptoms
                                                                                              Checking a patient’s mouth is something primary
                                Tooth defects resulting from celiac disease are               care physicians also can do to help identify people
                                permanent and do not improve after adopting                   who might have celiac disease. While dental
                                a gluten-free diet—the primary treatment for                  enamel defects are the most prominent, a number
                                celiac disease. But dentists may use bonding,                 of other oral problems are related to celiac disease,
                                veneers, and other cosmetic solutions to cover                according to Green. These include
                                dental enamel defects in older children and
                                adults.                                                       • recurrent aphthous stomatitis, or canker
                                                                                                  sores or ulcers that recur inside the mouth
                                                                                              • atrophic glossitis, a condition characterized
                                                                                                  by a red, smooth, shiny tongue
Celiac Disease Feature Article

                                 •	� dry mouth syndrome
                                 •	� squamous cell carcinoma—a type of                         The National Institutes
                                     cancer—of the pharynx and mouth                           of Health Celiac Disease
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