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              Transformer Oil Reclamation System
                         Series ZYD-I

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Ⅰ.   Company Profile--------------------------------------------3
Ⅱ.   Application and Features----------------------------------3
Ⅲ.   Working Principle and Structure------------------------4
Ⅳ.   Guarantee Parameters Achieved after Regeneration-5
Ⅴ.   Installation and Test-----------------------------------------5
Ⅵ.   Operating Instructions--------------------------------------6
Ⅶ.   Maintenance---------------------------------------------------7
Ⅷ.   The Process of On-line Operation-------------------------8
Ⅸ.   Troubleshooting ----------------------------------------------8

                                Chongqing Top Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd

ⅠCompany Profile
Chongqing Top Oil Purifier Co., Ltd is a professional leading manufacturer of oil purifiers and oil testers. We
have tremendous strength in the fields of research, development and manufacturing with professional
mass-production ability, perfect sales network, excellent after-sales service as well as a perfect image we
earned in the competitive market.

Our main products are: Insulting oil purifier, turbine oil purification machine, hydraulic oil purifier, lubricating
oil filtration machine, transformer oil filtering machine, fuel oil restoration, steam-turbine Oil reconditioner,
dielectric fluid regeneration system, vircuit-breaker oil recovering system, compressor oil recovering machine,
gear oil renewal machine, coolant oil treatment, quenching oil reclaiming machine, oil and water separator,
steel-rolling oil regeneration equipment, waste automobile oil Recycling Equipment, petroleum machine and
oil Tester, etc.

Top Oil Purifiers are widespread in the fields of Electric Power, Petrifaction, Mineral, Shipbuilding, Steel
Construction, Bridge, Automobile and Railway, playing a great role in the way of reducing energy
consumption for the clients and meanwhile the environmental pollution.

The company takes the mission of existing on the basis of quality as well as developing in regard to technical
innovation, introduces foreign advanced technology of vacuum oil purifying, moreover, continues researching
and manufacturing the oil purifying equipments that available both in the domestic and international market.

‘Not Best, Only Better’ . Top will as always make great effort to provide you the better oil purifying

ⅡApplication and Features
The Oil regeneration system (Series ZYD-I) has been specially designed for on site use to completely
regenerate insulating oils in energized or de-energized transformers. The ZYD-I system provides regular oil
purification such as degassing, drying and particulate removal but also can remove acidity, sludge, other
soluble oil decay products and discoloration. This is accomplished by the use of high vacuum degasification
technology and particulate filters combined with our special brand of earth. After treating, the oil can be
reused as new. For special application, the system also can be mounted on a leak proof base and can be
installed and operated on a trailer.

1. Besides the common vacuum oil purifier's function of dewatering, degassing and eliminating particles, this
machine can regenerate the seriously deteriorated oil by removing the polarity materials, such as the deep
oxides, free carbon in the oil effectively. It can make the seriously deteriorated oil reach to the normal index
like anti-oxides, acid-alkali water-solubility.
2. For special application, the operation can be controlled by P.L.C (Programmable Logic Controller).
3. Unique vacuum dehydration, degassifier, regeneration system, adopt stereo-evaporation technology, high

                                Chongqing Top Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd

efficiently remove water, gas, particles from transformer oil, improve oil quality and dielectric strength.
4. Duplex 3D stereo-evaporation, eliminating the liquid water quickly
5. UK g technology by which the trace water that is show chain, such as dissolved water, can be removed
6. Instinctive removing impurities system filtering through double FH trapezoidal network and absorbing by
high polymer without the mechanical power
7. Advanced infrared liquid-level automatic control system to accomplish fully automatic control.
8. Specially applied to vacuum oiling and drying for power transmission equipments.
9. The oil of any grades can be treated either on- or off-load.
10. Special oil pump design with lower noise.
11. Special additives for depolarization, can recover oil color of aged transformer oil to new, equipped with
flexible unloading device of short time, good efficiency small quality. Discolor under vacuum can save cost of
treatment, the waste impurities doesn’t pollute environment (it can be used to architecture and road pave)

Comparing with the single-stage vacuum oil purifier, this machine can dewater, degas and removes the
impurities more quickly, more completely, and makes the oil BDV (Breakdown Voltage) of 75 kV or higher. As
the bridge-type vacuum linking system that can purify and also can be an independent vacuum power supply,
this machine can treat the electric insulation devices.

Ⅲ Working Principle and Structure

1. Working Principle
The working principle and structure (Chart1, Chart2): when this machine start working, the used oil will be
injected into the primary filter under the pressure, the primary filter will remove the big impurities, then the oil
which just contains the particles is heated by the heater. Then the treated oil enter into the vacuum separator,
the vapor is separated from the oil and refrigerate to water under the process of the lowest-vacuum pressure
and the degassing equipments. The last procedure is that the fine filter removes the particles completely.

                                                                          Chongqing Top Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd

1. Flow Chart

                               3.Pressure                              5.Pressure Controller                                                             Valve
                                                4.Pressure                                                                      Controler
               2.Temperature                    Gauge                                                               7. Heater                                        GAS
                                                                                                                                                      11.By-pass     RELEASE
                                                                                                                                                      valve          VALVE
     1.Oil inlet                                                                                                                                                                      15.Vacuum
                                   4. Magnetic                                                                                                                                        condenser 1            29. Roots Pump 30.Connect
                                                                                          9.Secondary Filter
                                   Oil inlet                          6.Primary Filter                                                                                                                                      with
                                   control                                                                                                                                                                                  atmosphericvalve
                                      28.Oil Return Valve                                                                                                                      14.
                                                                                                                                          13.Vacuum                            Limited
                                                                                                                                                                               Oil                                            31.Vacuum One Direction
                                                                                                                                                                               Level                                          Control Valve
                                    27.Oil                                                                                                                                     Controler     17.Air Stop Valve
                     Oil Outlet     Temperature
                                    Gauge                                                                                          Oil Level Sensor                                    16.Vacuum
                                                                                                                                                                                       condenser 2
                                                                                                                             22.Pressure Comtroller
Coonect with Transfomer Oil                                                                                        23.Pressure
Inlet                  28.Oil Outlet Valve                                                                         Gauge
                                                                                         26. Magnetic Oil outlet
                                       28.Connect with
                                       Regeneration Device
                                                                                                                                                                       18.Air Stop Valve

                                                                                                           25.Fine Filter             24.Oil Outlet Pump                                      19. Atmosphericvalve
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    33.Vacuum Pump
                                                                                                                                                         21.Single Suction Oil Inlet

                                                                                                                                                                                         20.Blow-off Valve

                                        Oil Outlet                                                                                                                                                               34.Out
                                                 Oil outlet Valve                                                                                                                                                Atmosphericvalve

2. Flow Chart
      Oil inlet                   Primary                                           Heater                                  Vacuum                                   Cooler                                      Vacuum
                                  Filter                                                                                    Separator                                                                            pump

Regeneration system                                                         Overflow Valve

Oil outlet
                          Fine filter                                           Secondary                                          Gear
                                                                                Filter                                             Pump

                                         Chongqing Top Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd

   Ⅳ Technical Data (Table 1、Table2)
   Table 1 Vacuum Oil Purifier Technology Standard
Parameters             Unit     ZYD-I-30           ZYD-I-50       ZYD-I-100    ZYD-I-150        ZYD-I-200   ZYD-I-250   ZYD-I-300

Flow rate               L/h           1800           3000           6000          9000            12000       15000       18000
Working vacuum         MPa                                                    -0.08~-0.099
Working pressure       MPa                                                       ≤0.3
Temperature range        ℃                                                     20 ~ 80
Power                                                                3 ph 380V 60Hz (Or as needed)
Working noise          dB(A)             75           75             75            75              80          80           80
Heating power           kW               30           30             45            60              75          90          120
Total power             kW            35.5           37.5           52.5          71.4             86.5       102.5        135
Oil Inlet/Outlet        mm            φ25            φ32            φ42           φ50             φ50          φ60         φ60
Weight                  Kg             600           800            1050          1400            1800        2000         2200
              Length    mm            1050           1100            1200        1450             1600         1800        1900

Overall       Width     mm             750            800            950          950             1100         1200        1200

              Height    mm            1350           1400            1500        1650             1800         1900        1900

   The dimension and weight will be changed with changing the technical specification

                        Table2           ZYD-I Oil Purifier Treated Guarantee Value

                         Item                              Unit                    After treatment

                         Breakdown Voltage                  kV                            ≥75
                         Moisture content                  PPM                             ≤3
                         Gas content                        %                            ≤0.1
                         Impurity size                  micron                   ≤1 (no free carbon)
                         IFT                          dynes/cm                            ≥40
                         Acid value                   mg KOH/g                           ≤ 0.03
                         Dielectric loss factors      tgδ(90℃)                           ≤0.001

   Ⅴ. Installation and Test

    (1) This machine should place in the horizontal ground and lay down steadily.
    (2) This machine is movable which can move to any where as per your require.
    (3) You must choose the correct power, which can support the biggest electric current of the machine.

 1.Shut off all valves, connect the outlet and inlet pipes, make sure the outlet and inlet are normal.

                                 Chongqing Top Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd

2.Correctly connect the power which must be the three phase and four lines
3.Launch the vacuum pump, exhaust oil pump, and keep their rotation direction is right, meanwhile maintain
the vacuum-motor and oil pump-motor working normally.
4.Check the interlock between the temperature controller and heater, it is means that the temperature
controller control the heater immediately.

5.Shut off the valve, which connect with the atmosphere; open the pipe valve; start the vacuum pump, then
stop the vacuum pump for five minutes when the max value of the vacuum gauge is steady, and observe the
value of vacuum gauge must be up than 0.001Mpa, if not, you should find the gas leak.

 Ⅵ. Operating Instructions

 1. Operation Process
1.Open the air inlet valve, start the vacuum pump, observe the vacuum value increasing status.
2.Open the overflow valve, adjust the pressure value at 0.3 Mpa
3.Open the oil inlet valve, when the vacuum value reach to –0.08Mpa
4.Open the oil outlet valve when the oil enters into the vacuum tank and that the oil level at the middle of the oil
level indicator.
5.Observe the change of pressure gauge (the pressure of exhausting oil is limited between 0~0.4Mpa, and it
is normally 0Mpa when the machine runs), check whether the exhausted oil pump and joints have leakage
phenomena. If the phenomena appear, pls resolve it instantly and clock the overfall valve to make sure the
machine work normally.
6.Adjust the quantity of inlet oil through valve 15 to balance the quantity of inlet oil and outlet oil. Have the
finger is at the middle of the oil level gauge which is on the vacuum tank (when running normally, the machine
is controlled automatically by infrared auto-controller).
7.When oil circulate normally, open auto-control heater. Note: before open the heater, have the temperature is
between 45 ~ 65℃ (65℃ is best). Then decide whether open manual heater according the quantity of
treated oil and the temperature of the environment (it mainly suits to ZY, ZYA-100 and the plants which are
lager than ZYA-100).
8.If the machine work normally and the oil has circulates many times, pls take some sample at the sampling
valve to test the treated oil.
9.adopt the machine to filter the oil which is injected into transformer, mutual inductor, bushing. The oil doesn’t
need assistant vacuum source and assistant heater. The machine has vacuum resource and heater whose
power has satisfied the need of drying device. Note:
   a) When use the spraying method or pouring oil method to dry the oil, must have the whole filter in the oil.
       When scalary circulation purification, pls control the oil inlet speed, the oil inlet temperature, and the
       scalary circulation time according to the related rules.
   b) There should be some eligible oil in vacuum tank before the machine start working. The measure makes
   sure the oil level balance of transformer treated wooden tie when the machine is working.

 2.Operation Introductions
                                   Chongqing Top Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd

  1.The environment temperature is between -25 ~ 45℃ when the machine is working.
  2.The altitude height of the working point will influence the vacuum degree of the machine directly. The higher
  the altitude height is, the lower the vacuum degree is (negative value).
  3.The used oil can not be too dirty ( the oil don’t have too many impurities), otherwise it should use other
  purification plant to filter sufficiently such as JL Portable Oil Purifying and Oiling Machine. The measure avoids
  influencing the efficient of degassing and the lifetime of the machine.

   3. Stop Working
  When the oil has been filtered or the machine need to be stop at the midway:
  1.Stop heater, and close the oil inlet valves 15,20,22 after continue to inject oil 3~5minutes.
  2.Close vacuum pump. Close vacuum pump valve 29 and open vent valve 7 in order to release vacuum.
  3.When finish exhausting the oil in vacuum tank, close the exhausted oil pump.
  4.Open the valve 1 which is at the inferior extremity of the cooler to drain away the rest oil and water. Note:
  close the valve 1 after drain away the rest oil and water in order it can be used next time.
  5.If have emergent situation, press the emergent button and the machine has no power. If want to open the
  machine, pls round the emergent button according to the clockwise direction so that open all control button.

   4 Notes When Operation
    1. Note the oil which can be showed by oil scale(oil should be over the oil scale line). If the oil of vacuum pump
    has too much water, pls change instantly.
    2.If there is too much water in cooler when running, pls exhaust it instantly.
    3.Often note the change of pressure gauge. When the pressure is bigger than .3Mpa, clean the filter or change
filter parts.
    4.The filtering net of the primary and secondary strainer should be often cleaned to keep clean avoid jamming
    which cause the quantity of inlet oil is insufficient or high pressure.
    5.Note whether the sound of pump and related motor is normal. If there are abnormal phenomena, pls resolve
    6.If the machine is not used, pls exhaust the rest oil and have the machine used next time.

   Ⅶ. Maintenance
    1 .After a certain period of running, the machine should be checked to see whether:
        a) The electrical control system is safe and reliable;
        b) The temperature controller is sensitive, reliable and accurate;
        c) Oil seals of the pump shaft are broken with leakage;
        d) There is any blockage with the running system and any abnormal noise with pumps or related
        e) There is any air or oil leakage with the oil running system and at sealing joints.

    2.After each 3000 hours’ running, grease shall be replenished to prevent motors from
    being burnt.
    3.Special vacuum pump oil or lubricating oil N46 should be used fro the vacuum pump

                               Chongqing Top Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd

   and oil replaced or replenished if necessary at any time.
4.If the machine will not be used over 1 month, Place the machine in a dry

environment with              the panel door and all valves closed, and the machine proper
protected by a covering.

Ⅷ. The Process of On-line Operation
Firstly preparation:
prepare some eligible oil which is about 5~6% content of the transformer and put the oil near the purifier.
The oil outlet valve in the bottom of transformer should match the oil inlet pipe of the purifier. If they can not
be matched, pls connect a new oil outlet pipe.
The oil purifier should have some eligible oil whose quantity is half the content of the vacuum tank (pressure
value is greater than 50KV).
Open the treated wooden tie cover of the transformer, have the oil outlet pipe inject into the oil level of the
treated wooden tie, and use the clean filter paper or membrane to pressurize the treated wooden tie cover.
Have the oil inlet pipe inject into the oil tank, which have some eligible oil.
Open the oil outlet valve at the bottom of the transformer, and exhaust 3~5%oil of the transformer(the 3~
5%oil is mainly impurities and water, pls receive it separately).
While operate the step 6, the purifier should be vacuum( no lower than –0.09Mpa), and supply sufficiently the
oil in treated wooden tie of transformer.
After exhaust 3~5%wast oil through the oil outlet valve at the bottom of the transformer, connect the oil inlet
pipe to the oil outlet valve.
Now, the purifier can work normally.

Note specially:
1.If the weather is sunshine, the on-line work can be running.
2.Pls connect the oil inlet pipe and oil outlet pipe under the live guidance of the electric engineer.
3.Before on-line work, the functions of the purifier must be fine such as heating function, vacuum function,
filtering system.

Ⅸ. Troubleshooting
       Trouble                    Cause                                   Remedy
                      1.Vacuum pump has problem.
                                                                 1.See the introduction of vacuum
                      2.The leakage of the vacuum pipe.
                      3. Vacuum pump oil is insufficient.
                                                                 2.Check and repair
    The vacuum        4.The water pollutes the vacuum
                                                                 3.Makeup the vacuum pump oil
    degree reduce     pump oil.
                                                                 4.Drain away water
                      5.The vapor is too much in the
                                                                 5.It is normal
                      exhausted gas.
                                                                 6.Adjust and change
                      6.the vacuum gage has some problem

                      1. The oil level is high in vacuum         1. Control the quantity of inlet oil

                            Chongqing Top Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd

                       tank, so the oil flow into vacuum          in order to have the finger is
                       pump after being injected into             at the oil level gauge.
 Oil flow into         cooler                                  2. Reduce the vacuum degree.
vacuum pump         2. Because of high vacuum degree,          3. Exhaust the oil in vacuum
                       the quantity of the oil inlet is more      pump, clean vacuum pump
                       than that of oil outlet                    and change the vacuum
                                                                  pump oil. When restart
                                                                  working, control the oil and
                                                                  have the balance of the
                                                                  quantity of inlet oil and outlet
                    1. The water is too much in the            1. Observe the level gauge of
  Water flow           cooler, so the water flow into the         the cooler. If the water level is
   into the            vacuum pump.                               high, pls drain away it.
vacuum pump         2. There is too much water in oil, so      2. Clean vacuum pump, change
                       the vapor can not cooling and go           vacuum pump oil.
                       into vacuum pump.
Vacuum pump         1. High electric power                     1. Stop using the machine
electric motor      2. The power lack phase                    2. Check the power supply
                    1. The oil level is too low in vacuum      1. Increase the quantity of inlet
The quantity           tank.                                      oil.
of outlet oil       2. High vacuum degree                      2. Reduce the vacuum degree
reduce              3. The position of oil tank is too high    3. Reduce the height
                    4. The oil sealing of gear pump leak       4. Change oil sealing
The quantity        5. The above strainer and precision        1. Clean and change filter
of outlet oil          strainer is blockage.                   2. Reduce height
reduce , and        6. The position of the exhausted oil
the pressure           is high.
of the gauge
The quantity        1. The inlet oil strainer is blockage      1. Backflush filter.
     of inlet oil   2. The vacuum pump reduce                  2. See the fist item
                    1. Temperature sensor is fallen            1. Fasten   the   temperature
Start heater,       2. Heating contactor has some                 sensor
  the      oil         problems                                2. Check and change
  temperature       3. Circuitry turn off                      3. check
  don’t             4. The heating pipe has been burned        4. Change heater
  increase             out

                           Chongqing Top Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd

                  1. There is too much water in oil           1. Increase the times of filtering
                  2. The heating of the oil is insufficient   2. Increase        the    heating
The treated oil   3. The filtering net is broken                 temperature
is not eligible   4. When the plant is used again, it is      3. Check and change the
                     not cleaned                                 filtering parts
                  5. The vacuum degree is too low             4. Clean
                                                              5. See the first item

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