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How To Be A Success Story
by Ashley Smith | on November 11, 2012



                      How To Be A Success Story
You have a Dream of making the Big Bucks, living the Good Life and being Financially Free. It’s
great to dream and have positive visions of success, fulfillment and achievement . Because that
is what keeps us going! What keeps most people from becoming a success story is their fear of
change, fear of failure and feeling isolated from the crowd.
The primal instinct that arises when something is different or new: fear – fear of the unknown.
Did you as a youngster ever have a bath, then when it was finished, cried and screamed
thinking that you were going to be sucked down the drain?:) And look… You’re here reading
this article!!! That’s your very first success story ! See, what I’m trying to get across is that when
people see something that they don’t know about – they can feel afraid and be distant.

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                           How To Be A Success Story
When ever a new product, fashion or song, etc is new and arousing interest there are the                 Our Vision, and how YOU can Get Money
people who live in the moment who are unafraid to give their honest opinion, the people who
want to sit on the fence and so don’t have an opinion and lastly there’s the people who are
conservative, and most afraid of being vulnerable, they don’t have an opinion until there’s public       Welcome The The Home Of Automation,
sentiment – so they can be safe – make sense.                                                            Viral Marketing and 100% Commissions

Being safe and conservative when beginning a business will get you to here>>>. That’s all.
What is needed to make a splash is the courage to do something – whether it’s right or wrong.
That’s the key to personal development. To take massive action! Action is the key factor
between success and mediocrity. It’s easy to be average. Just stay in you comfort zone. There
you will never grow, never get hurt and never lose money.

                              How To Be A Success Story
Creating change is harder to start, than it is to keep it going. Starting anything worth while is
daunting due of that element of uncertainty, lack of results and feelings of being alone. As many
leaders and achievers will tell you that it’s lonely at the top. No success story is without it’s fair
share of solitude and sacrifice. So it’s no surprise that most “just follow the heard”. And you
know the rest of the saying… They step in the s***.
So how do you get on the path to achievement, adventure and fulfillment you ask. Following
your inner voice that guides you. Your Higher Power. Your gut instinct. Whatever guides you.
It’s common for people to try to drown out that voice with distractions such as the internet, TV,
DVD’s, socializing, listening to music, eating, shopping, substances and a vast other number of
things also.

                              How To Be A Success Story
Do something. Just do something!. When everyone else is doing nothing. You are going to be
ahead of them. They will have to catch up to you. Because the’re too insecure, uncertain and
afraid of being vulnerable. You have all the information you need to be successful. There is the
same amount of information available to everyone. Use it wisely and trust your instinct. If you’re
struggling financially or business hasn’t picked up… You must make it happen now!
I thank you for reading my thoughts.
Yours in Success,
Ashley Smith

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