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Target Market Strategy – Finding My Niche Market
by Ashley Smith | on December 8, 2012



                         Target Market Strategy
How to get your content found be your Niche market in the sea of information on the internet.
In this article I’ll run quickly run through the best target market strategy for honing in on
your specific and unique audience.
It doesn’t matter what you’re promoting whether it be an online business or a traditional
business there’s a few things you need to keep in mind before you start creating your content
so that it appeals directly to your intended customers.

                              Target Market Strategy
If you are serious about finding your niche and engaging with your prospective customer then             The Empower Network
you want to do a little research on your keywords “before” you start on your article as one of
the most important rules when creating content is to begin with the end in mind.
                                                                                                         The Empower Network
The best free Keyword Tool is Google Keyword Tool – just google it and it will be at the top of the
search results there are others as well as paid they all have their differences and you should find
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one that is specifically right for you and your needs / budget.                                          be LAZY :-D
Try using long tail or a string of words (three to five keywords) as that will define and qualify your
prospective customer. A good search engine marketer should know that you use “head”                      How To Start Earning 100% Commissions
keywords to generate the volume and “long tails” to generate the profit.                                 Today

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                               Target Market Strategy
So what you’re already doing by choosing keywords to target your niche and by choosing a
few, well, “key” words you’re pin-pointing your aim like a heat seeking missile. You are after
quality not quantity. When you’re starting out in Online Marketing or just learning SEO you have
your work cut out for you – so you only want qualified leads.
“What keywords carry with them a sense of urgency, will they educate and inform my
prospective customer – or just pitch them without actually giving them anything?” People can
sense Hype after reading a couple sentences. This will target market strategy will add to your
organic search results and that will lead to sales and profit.

                               Target Market Strategy
Your goal to finding customers is not primarily to sell them something… You are fixing something
or helping them with something that they need some help with: you want to give them the best
and most comprehensive information so that they can make an educated and informed
business decision.
What will make the biggest difference in the long run is making a few small tweaks before you
get started – remember to begin with the end in mind and you will have a definitive and crystal
clear objective instead of flailing aimlessly and hoping for the best. Have that intention before
you get started and you will see dramatic results.
I hope I’ve given someone something of value in my article Target Market Strategy if you liked
this article please share it, like it and most of all apply it.
Yours Sincerely,
Ashley Smith

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