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Get Your WordPress Page Found
by Ashley Smith | on November 10, 2012



              Get Your WordPress Page Found
New to Blogging? I’ll share with you some handy hints to get your WordPress Page found
on the Internet – ahead of your competitors. Being new to Blogging and WordPress can be
daunting but don’t fret because after reading these tips you will increase your presence on the
web and get found in the searches that you’re wanting.

                     Get Your WordPress Page Found
My ultimate aim for this article is to help new bloggers get their articles looking professional and
even more important: getting them found by those who are actually looking for them. It
doesn’t require you to be a tech savvy web guru, just an interest to learn something simple – so
follow me and let’s get started.

                         Get Your WordPress Page Found
The reason why SEO Presser is such an important tool to be implemented correctly is that
earlier this year it was announced that the secret algorithm used in WordPress is very similar to      The Empower Network
the way in which Google search engine works. WordPress was created and developed by the
SEO genius Daniel Tan. Using SEO Presser will give the best results as far as getting your             The Empower Network
WordPress Page found using the same algorithm.
SEO Presser will give you direct feedback on what you are doing and what you’re not doing.             A Marketing System for people who like to
Here is a snapshot to show you what you will be seeing during the process…                             be LAZY :-D

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Your best bet is to type your article then click Save Draft (bottom left of above pic). And each
time you update your article you replace those nasty red crosses with happier green ticks. Take
your time and attend to each one of them until you have green ticks on each of them. This will
increase your SEO Presser score and hence increase your ranking as the algorithms are near
identical. Making all of your hard work worthwhile.
What you want is: that your article fulfills as many of the criteria that the SEO Presser on your
WordPress Page alerts you to – thus increasing your indexing with Google’s search engine.

                        Get Your WordPress Page Found
Another inside secret is when you Upload/Insert your image: the file name should be titled with
the articles keyword. Including File Name, Alternative Text, Description and if you like Caption.

Once you have uploaded the image (with keyword relevant file name) next is the ALT (Alternate)
text where you go ahead and use the articles keyword once again, as seen below.

                        Get Your WordPress Page Found
As you can imagine for a newbie: there’s can be a lot of little technical tit bits that most people
miss – and that you now know. The rest of your repertoire can be picked up by following
credible Internet Marketer’s who represent credible company’s. The best thing I can recommend
to you to have you producing high quality material that people enjoy looking at as well as
reading is to Join The Empower Network and be exposed to specialized training from the
Industry’s Top Producers.
Thank you for reading my article “How to Get Your WordPress Page Found” I hope that I
have helped somebody and that I could add value to your business.
Yours truly,
Ashley Smith

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