Blogging Tips That You Can Implement In 15 Minutes Or Less To Get Hoards Of Traffic To Your Blog

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					Are you looking for blogging tips that you can implement right away that will help you make
money blogging?

If so I’ve got a great strategy that you can put to use and start getting traffic to your blog very

Before we go any further I must give you my disclaimer. Although I follow the blogging tips that
I’m going to give you, nothing is guaranteed.

No income nor traffic.

Now that we’ve gotten that out the way let me show you how simple it is to generate a blog post
in under 15 minutes that generates a buzz of traffic for you.

Blogging Tips: #1 Set a timer
I blog for about 30 minutes per post.

But you may only have 15 minutes so we’ll go with that.
And it doesn’t take all day to write a blog post.
I set a timer to time me and once the time is up I’m done writing. Its like being in class taking a
test. When the teacher says time is up that means your pencil goes down and hands up in the

Blogging Tips: #2 Research What Is Going Viral Now
Writing a blog post on what is going viral now is one of the fastest ways to get traffic to your

There are so many websites that you can use for this.

Twitter shows you what is trending when you log in.

Youtube has a place to where you can see what’s the hottest videos for that day.

Click here to see that channel page.

You can also go to to see what’s going on in the news.

One very very simple one that you may not have thought about is your Facebook news feed.
See what people are really talking about.

Write a quick blog post about it and post it to Facebook.

When you do this correctly it’s very quick and effective.

Blogging Tips: #3
When I’m really feeling lazy I use this blogging tip. Basically I go to a website, see what the
headline news is, I copy the whole article and paste it on my blog.

Then I make sure I type in that the original article source is from XYZ website and I hyperlink to

Then I post it on Facebook and ask my friends what do they think about this subject right here.

As you can see with the blogging tips that I’m sharing with you it really doesn’t take a long time
to find content and write it.

As of now my timer is at 15:25 seconds and I have 15 more minutes to go….

….again only because I usually take 30 minutes to write.
But if you want to be done now you can:)

Blogging Tips: #4 Social Syndication
When you are done writing your article you want the right people to see it.

Take the URL and use Pingomatic to ping it to the web. It’s letting Google know you have new

Also share it on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest.

Those are some of the hottest social media sites out there now.

Now since you are still reading I want to show you the key phrase or transition words that will
take your blog visitors that you just got from posting viral content and turn them into sales.

Now I can’t guarantee that it’ll work with whatever you are selling.

In order for this to work effectively you MUST offer something that everybody wants.

Can you guess what that is?


Everybody wants to make more money.

So watch how I craft this.

Blogging Tips: BONUS
Whenever I do a viral blog posts that has absolutely nothing to do with my target market I add a
transitional paragraph or phrase.

I may say something like: Have you ever thought about making money blogging about your
passion with basketball. Journalists do it all the time and get paid from corporate jobs.

But you don’t have to do all that nor go to school. You can blog about whatever you want and
get paid for it just like I’m doing right now. Neither do you have to physically sell something, the
blog site does it for you.

To learn more about making money while blogging about your passion of basketball and to see
how you can earn a whopping 100% commission on every sale click here.
Do you see how simple that is?

My reader was reading about basketball. I connected with him/her with the story. Then I said
hey you can make money doing the same thing I’m doing.

When you show someone how simple it is to make money from blogging then they are more
likely to say yes.

And that’s it.

Very simple.

Hopefully is you put into action those “blogging tips” that I’ve shared with you you’ll be able to
make money blogging.

By the way, if you want the ability to show other people how to make money blogging like I
did with a very high converting blogging platform that strategically designed to generate sales
without you selling then go to

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Description: If you want simple to follow blogging tips that will get you fast results then this is for you. I'm going to show you how you can get a viral blog post up in 15 minutes and get tons of traffic to your site.