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Listen. Really listen to your customer's needs. Get beneath their surface answers to find out if your product can help them.

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Best Sales Techniques
by Ashley Smith | on December 2, 2012



                         Best Sales Techniques
Are you the owner of a small business? Do you know exactly what your customer wants? This
article will give you some insights into how to sell your product or service to every single
individual. I’ll share with you some of the best sales techniques to increase the profitability of
your business that are so simple and so fundamental: it’s elementary.

                              Best Sales Techniques
Have you heard the saying: when someone is buying a drill, they actually want a hole? What
does that mean? The customer wants a drill as a means to make a hole. They are buying it to fix
something. Can your Online Business fix someone’s life? You bet it can!
Finding out the “why” is just as important as the “how” – as you could be losing sales to
customers that don’t understand “how” your business is going to fix their problem.
How many times have you interacted with a prospective customer and they have given you
some off-the-cuff reply like “I’m not interested”, “I don’t have the time”, “Is this a pyramid?” or
“It cost’s too much”.                                                                                 The Empower Network

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                                 Best Sales Techniques
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When someone gives you a surface answer it’s because they don’t have their emotions                   Today
attached to the benefits. They may be impressed by some facts and figures about your
company and find themselves getting a little hyped by the sales puffery of the company. But
                                                                                                      Meet two leaders that want YOU to get to
the chance of selling is greatly increased when you match your business with “their” needs.           the top…

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Sure you want people to see the Features and Advantages of your business too but the power
comes from the Benefits directly associated to the customer. By linking the Benefits of your      Our Vision, and how YOU can Get Money
business with the underlying needs of the prospect – they start to focus less on the cost and     Today…
more on the value. The difference between cost and value is like black and white. Sharing this
with your customer is one of the best sales techniques there is.                                  Welcome The The Home Of Automation,
                                                                                                  Viral Marketing and 100% Commissions

                                Best Sales Techniques
By expanding on the value to the customer and making them see that they will have a personal
experience totally unique to them. Does that mean I change the sales or marketing process?
No, it stays the same, but now the customer sees it as a solution to their problem – a way of
fixing what is wrong. You’re selling them a “hole.”
Using Features, Advantages and Benefits will create a deeper connection with their purpose.
Have the posture that what you’re offering increases the value of the customers life and that
you wont compromise your beliefs or your time on people who want to pick your brain with
questions that are not in your best interest to answer. After all, you have something that they
need! They just need a helping hand to see it sometimes.

                                Best Sales Techniques
Kindness goes a long way. Sometimes customers can be so defensive with all the sales Hype
around on the internet they lose sight of what they are really looking for. Now they spend most
of their time ducking and weaving through the slick, polished sales people who amateurishly
spam FB groups and other forums with cheesy one-liners.
Showing genuine concern for someone – letting go of the sale – is an age old philosophy that
has little to do with sales and everything to do with wanting to provide value and service to
people who are looking at creating abundance in their own life. People know when they’re being
sold. And people love buying from someone who genuinely cares about them.

I hope my article on the best sales techniques has delivered some value to you.
Yours sincerely,
Ashley Smith

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