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									     Cambodia Trust

     Who are we and what do we do?
     Cambodia Trust is committed to assisting people with disabilities, re-gain
     mobility and live equally within society. Our help extends to people with
     moving disabilities, for example, people affected by polio, landmine/
     unexploded ordnance, cerebral palsy and clubfoot. We opened our first
     rehabilitation centre in 1992 and now have three centers operating in
     Sihanoukville, Kampong Chhnang and Phnom Penh. In each of the centers,
     we provide physiotherapy, prosthetic limbs, orthopedic braces, wheelchairs
     and other assistive devices.
     Our activities also include an extensive community-based rehabilitation
     program, which identifies people with disabilities who would benefit from our
     services. We support disabled children from poor families to attend school and
     provide school books, uniforms and bicycles. Further support includes assisting
     people into small business, establishing self-help groups so people have the
     opportunity to exchange ideas and advocate for themselves, and we work with other
     partners including the government.
     We also run an education centre – the
     Cambodian School of Prosthetics and
     Orthotics (CSPO) - where people learn to
     make and fit prosthetic limbs and orthopedic
     braces. The aim of the School is to create
     a sustainable physical rehabilitation
     service by producing specialists with skills
     and knowledge to support people with
     disabilities. The training program takes three
     years and students come to Cambodia from
     many different countries.

                  Working for equal rights for
                  disabled people in an inclusive
                  barrier-free society

               What can you experience?
              • Visit one of our centers and see how prosthetics and orthotics
                are made and fitted, or talk with our patients to find out more
                about their lives.
                              • In Sihanoukville, visit us in the grounds of the
                                Sihanoukville Hospital.
                                • In Kampong Chhnang, visit us on the main
                                  road near the Independence Monument.
                              • Call or email us to make an appointment for
                                 a visit to our centre in Phnom Penh near the
                                 Calmette Hospital.
                          •   You can meet students from different countries
                              and see how they train to become prosthetic and
                              orthotic technicians.
                        • Purchase T-shirts, cards and note books to help us
                          support our commitment to disabled people.
                        • A donation of any
                          kind goes a long
                          way in Cambodia.
                          From as little as
                          US$5 you can make
                          a difference to the
                           life of someone and
                            their family. $5 will
                             buy school books
                             or a piglet, and
                              $32 will buy a
                              bicycle or a special
                              seat for a child
                               with cerebral

Telephone: (034) 933 625 Sihanoukville or (026) 988 691 Kampong Chhnang
(023) 427 067 Phnom Penh Email:        71

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