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									Fixing Neon Light repairs
Fixing of neon light repairs is a thankless job although it appears simple involving nothing more than a couple of bends, a few welds and a tube re-pump. But people who have actually fixed neon light repairs know that the actual task is quite complex entailing dissembling, cleaning, scraping, glass cracking and chipping, reeking smoke and lot more. There is no denying that neon signs have a unique appeal, and serve as items of marvel in homes, retail outlets and business establishments all over the world. You may be aware that neon signs are of high voltage - running on between 5,000 and 12,000 volts of electricity. In view of this, neon repairs should only be undertaken only by those comfortable working with high-power electrical wiring. Due to wide usage of both new and vintage neon signage, there should be no difficulty in procuring replacement parts. The tools you will require to conduct neon sign repairs include needle nose pliers, replacement neon tubing, thin flexible metal wire and cutter and transformer replacement unit.

Ascertain if the neon tubing is broken by gently jiggling the tubing. If you notice breaks or even hairline cracks, remove that particular affected section of tubing This can be done by slowly unwinding the mounting wires either manually using your fingers or the

needle nose pliers. Replace the damaged section with a new length of tubing made to match with the old one. Quite often, neon light repairs may be because of failed transformer unit. Test the transformer unit to find out if current is passing through the transformer and is reaching the tubing. Disconnect the transformer wire leads from the tubing mount by removing the outer rubber casing, and unwinding the wires that are twisted together to make the connection. Hook the transformer to a piece of good tubing and if it does not illumine, then a failed transformer is the cause. Buy a replacement transformer. You must check the cord for any signs of wear, breaks or other types of damage. Cords can be obtained easily from neon supply companies and they are quite inexpensive. Replace the damaged cord to freely carry the voltage that your sign requires. Whenever you feel like brightening the neon sign, have a neon repair shop cut and then refill the neon tube with fresh neon gas and reseal the tubing. This is an economical way of giving fresh life to your neon sign than casting away a dimmed sign as useless. Here is a bit of general advice – in order to render neon light repairs more trouble-free, make a pattern using the remaining tube. Because quite often, the original pattern or design may not be available and if you break the only remaining section of a sign, you will regret not having made a pattern. Please note that no neon sign repair is complete unless you thoroughly inspect all the associated components - insulators and wiring, transformer and tube supports and electrode housings, chains, nuts and bolts, amongst others. It is essential you patiently check every sign item for rust, electrical arcing, even blocked air vents and plugged water drain holes wherever applicable. This complete item-by-item checking alone will assure you that the neon repair work undertaken is purposeful and lasting.


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