; Make Your Company A Business By Referral Only
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Make Your Company A Business By Referral Only


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									Make Your Company A Business By Referral Only

Most small business owners are not in business long before they fully
realize the benefit of doing business through referrals. Customers coming
from a referral are coming to you with a preset amount of trust before
even experiencing your products or services. Many businesses have even
adopted a 'by referral only' policy. However, this option is usually
limited to those who have an abundance of business and would be bad
policy for a small business to restrict their possible clientele in this

How to Create a Company Worthy of Business by Referral:

First and foremost

You must stand out and above the competition. If your business mirrors
one or more similar businesses in your area, you will find yourself
fighting a losing battle trying to be the top-dog of the bunch. Most
likely, for every 'elite' benefit you offer, your competitors will offer
the same to their open customer base. This type of tooth and nail
advertising war can actually have negative impact on the branding of your


You need to focus on building relationships with your customers. Serious
business relationships. It is vital to know a bit more than usual about
your consumers in this type of business. Plan to send out birthday and
anniversary cards. Make sure you know their personal likes and dislikes
when it comes to your products or services. Make notes on their account
in your CRM so that all of your employees know the personal details that
distinguish your business from others.

Keep in touch with your customers

You can do this through a series of marketing methods such as e-zines,
newsletters, gifts and more. When you implement these systematically, you
are in essence, creating a culture for your brand and your business. Once
you have your system of release down, you will also be able to track your
rewards versus results as well. Design your own referral culture.

Reward your customers

Whether you grant them a complimentary reward just for showing up, or
provide them with random gifts or discounts for being a patron, you will
want to be absolutely certain that they are rewarded and in a special or
customized manner. Do not send out 30 free gifts to your customers. Send
out 30 free gifts in 30 different colors that happen to match your
consumer's favorite shade. Include a note: I knew you would love this
color! Let them know they are receiving special treatment, but only if
they are.

Connect with referral partners
When you find a business that is willing to give you a referral, connect
with them directly. Ask them what benefits you can offer them to continue
to be a referrer. Perhaps their employees would be delighted with free
memberships to your business.

When it boils down to it, you cannot run an effective business by
referral if you do not have the time and capital to extend yourself into
the areas that will require expensive kid gloves to be applied to the
cultivation of your consumer base. Take the time to evaluate where your
business is before making the serious decision to practice this type of
referral marketing.

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