Using Fame To Help End Breed Specific Legislation

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					Using Fame To Help End Breed Specific Legislation

Many of you have probably read stories about "pit bulls" attacking
children, and have supported the cry to have those dogs killed. You're
probably also happy to support any legislation, that bans these "breeds"

Instead of jumping on the "kill the dogs" bandwagon, why not educate
yourself about Breed Specific Legislation, and what it really means.

I can assure you, it's about a lot more than killing a dog that bit a

If your eyes have been opened by reading the other side of the issue, and
you're interested in joining the fight against BSL, read my article
entitled "End Breed Specific Legislation Now!"

This article that you're reading right now, contains a sample letter for
you to send to celebs, to get them involved.

Whether you love them or hate them, doesn't matter. They have influence,
and maybe instead of tweeting pictures of themselves falling out of
nightclubs, talking about where they're eating breakfast, or how much
their new purse cost, they could educate their followers about something

No hate mail for this comment please, as I'm well aware of the many
incredible acts of kindness performed by high profile people.

Here's the letter, and feel free to make any changes you want. It's just
something to get you started.

Letter to celebs:

As a celebrity, you have fame, and a following, and with that comes a
certain amount of influence. Your fans can't wait to read the next piece
of news about you, or see the latest trends you're sporting.

Many high profile people are kind enough to support important causes,
because they know as a spokesperson, they have the ability to attract
much needed attention to the issues, and to make a difference.

One issue that is often overlooked is, cruelty to animals.

Animal lovers that fight to relieve the suffering of animals, are often
given very unflattering labels. They are considered kooks and weirdos,
who lack compassion for people.

The same sentiments from a celebrity would not be questioned, but rather

It is for these reasons I am asking you to support my campaign to help
end breed specific legislation (BSL).
To simplify it, BSL is discrimination against dogs that look a certain
way. The fact they have done nothing wrong, makes no difference. They can
be forcibly removed from their families, kept in isolation in animal
control facilities, and even destroyed.

Any story involving an incident with a "pitbull" is replayed by the
media, until the public has been whipped into such a frenzy, they're
calling for the destruction of all these kind, and gentle animals.

The media glosses over, or omits any mention of the conditions the dog
lived in, or any abuse he may have suffered, at the hands of a cruel and
sadistic owner.

What happened to common sense! To ban entire breeds of dogs is ludicrous.

An all out education campaign must be launched, and people like yourself
will be just what the end BSL movement needs, to stop this madness once
and for all.

Some of the things you could do, to help this campaign gain momentum
include: tweeting and posting your followers, doing public service
announcements, urging your media contacts to report fairly, and political
contacts to help repeal this unfair legislation.

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