How Effective Are Joint Supplements For Pets With Arthritis

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					How Effective Are Joint Supplements For Pets With Arthritis?

Over the last decade the use of nutritional supplements and vitamins for
humans has increased tremendously, as the American population ages
continuously. Recently, a radio show discussed that people in the US
spend more on their pets than pet owners in any other nation would and
one thing they love to give to their pets are supplements and vitamins. A
veterinary study published in The Journal of American Veterinary Medical
Association in 2006 mentioned that pet owners give their companion
animals in first place nutritional supplements for joint problems and
arthritis. On second place come vitamins and essential fatty acids (EFA)
to enhance well being and general health.

A very common question pet owners have got is if nutraceuticals actually
work and are safe for their pets and animals. Obviously, this cannot be
answered adequately in a short article, because there are many factors
that need to be considered. However, more general tips can be given.
Also, don't forget that there are a few similarities in their
effectiveness for humans, too.

Make sure you use products only from manufacturers with an excellent
reputation, as they will use high quality ingredients and adhere to
quality standards in their production. Therefore, try to avoid products
of the cheapest range and always remember that expensive products do not
guarantee high quality either. The two most popular supplements for
arthritic joint problems, glucosamine and chondroitin, are discussed in
more detail in this article.

A study published in 2007 in The Veterinary Journal researched the
effectiveness of the treatment of dogs suffering from arthritic joint
problems with joint supplements that contained glucosamine and
chondroitin. They concluded that during a treatment period of about 8 -10
weeks there was a correlation between the use of supplements, better
mobility and decreased pain. Only be aware that as in us humans, not all
pets will respond to treatment in the same way and therefore it is a good
idea to consult your own veterinarian about this treatment option first.

Chondroitin and glucosamine can be bought and given to your pet
separately, but both are necessary components to influence cartilage
production positively. On the other side, research did prove that there
are far better results when they are administered together. This is the
reason you find usually both ingredients in a supplement. It is also
important to think about possible side effects and the duration of
treatment with a supplement.

Always get the advice of your veterinarian before you start to give your
pet any medication or supplement. Joint supplements that contain
chondroitin and glucosamine normally do not cause side effects in pet
animals, but sometimes problems in the digestive tract, such as vomiting
or diarrhea can occur if you start with the highest recommended dosage.
Therefore your vet will most likely start with the lowest effective
Most animal patients are fine to remain on joint supplements for
arthritic conditions life long. Of course, there will be always
exceptions, but your veterinarian will be able to give advice on how to
introduce any supplement, adjust the dosage appropriately and monitor
this long term treatment accordingly.

Sometimes, a balanced multivitamin supplement may help to enhance joint
health and reduce symptoms, such as swelling. Well known components such
as vitamin C for example, can help to get inflammation in joints better
under control. Best is to get professional advice and do some research to
get an even better knowledge about nutraceuticals and supplements for
your animal companions.

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