A Holiday Wish List for Pets

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					A Holiday Wish List for Pets

Oh, if only our pets could talk... we'd probably get an earful daily.
Come the holiday season we can imagine our dogs and cats get excited to
see decorations retrieved from the closets and attic - more shiny things
to bat around the house. If you do have four-footed friends at home, you
know it's best to keep certain things out of paw's reach for their
safety. Tinsel and poinsettia plants, for example, should not be used for
decor for fear of poisoning or choking hazards. Hopefully your pets
understand, but do you know what they really want for the holidays?

Furthermore, what would you put on a wish list to help you take better
care of your dog or cat? Pet supplies are not a bad idea for gifts if you
know a pet lover will appreciate them. When you browse pet supply stores,
too, you'll find holiday-themed toys and chew treats on the shelves.
There are even season sweaters to keep dogs warm in the winter months. If
you are searching for ideas, here are few to put on Santa's list.

1) Holiday-themed treats. Why not make up a stocking with rawhide shaped
like candy canes, or biscuits shaped like Christmas cookies? Your dog may
think he's getting an actual gingerbread treat from the oven, but
specially made snacks are much better for the digestive system.

2) Holiday squeak toys. It's nice to have a special toy for your pet
during the winter months - something unique they can play with while
everybody enjoys exchanging gifts. Check around your pet shop and you
might find squeak toys shaped like Santa or Christmas nutcrackers.

3) Food dishes/bowls. After a   while, you get tired of eating off the same
old plates and using the same   tired cups. Your dog or cat, on the other
hand, may not mind so long as   there's food in the bowl, but why not
consider trading out the food   dish for a new year? Find a nice design and
have it personalized for your   pet.

4) Holiday clothing. Cute sweaters make for nice photo opportunities,
plus they will help keep your dog warm when it's time to go out. Find a
soft material that won't irritate your dog, and show off his new look.

Don't forget your pets this holiday season. Everybody deserves a treat,
and if your dog or cat has been good make sure Santa is good to them.

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