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					                      Make a Cardboard Nativity Scene

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The nativity and the birth of Jesus Christ are the fundamental part of
Christmas. It's the story of Mary and Joseph travelling to Bethlehem
to be counted for the census. Poor Mary was heavily pregnant and had
to ride on a donkey. When they got to Bethlehem all the inns were full, and Mary and Joseph
spent the night in a stable, where Mary gave birth to Jesus, the Son of God. Angels,
shepherds and three wise men from the east came to visit Jesus, who was lying in a manger.
This is the traditional image we have of the nativity scene.

To make a cardboard nativity scene all you need is... Loo roll tubes or other tubes, scarps of
paper and coloured card, glue, scissors, felt tip pens, cotton wool, and a few sequins for

To make the figures...
The loo roll tubes for the main body of the figure. Wrap coloured paper
around your tube so that it completely covers one half of the tube. This
becomes the body and the bare tube becomes the figure's head.

Cut out two small rectangles from some card, these become the arms. Stick
them into place n the figure's body, towards the top of the coloured paper.
Stick a 'D' shaped piece of flesh coloured card on the end of the arm to form a

Draw on the figure�s face with felt tip pens. You can also draw on clothing
details or patterns.

The shepherd holds a crook, its a hooked tool which shepherds use to put
around a sheep's neck as a sort of temporary lead to guide the sheep where the
shepherd wants it to go. Cut a long hooked shape tool from card and stick it
standing upright in the shepherds hand as though he was holding it.

The three wise men wear crowns or a turban. Cut these out of coloured paper
and wrap them around the top of the wise men's heads. Decorate them with
sequins to make them look jewel encrusted.
Joseph holds a lantern. Cut a long stick with a 'V' shape at the top. Stick this
into Joseph's hand so that it is standing upright. This pole is to suspend the
lantern from.

To make the lantern, take a small, rectangle piece of card and fold it in half so
that the top and bottom of the lantern are together. Cut slits along the folded
edge. Open up the card and now curve it round so that the two side edges
meet and slightly overlap stick these two side edges together. When the glue
has dried off a little, give the lantern a little squeeze so that the lantern forms
'< >' Shape. Insert a roll of flame coloured paper into the lantern, glue and trim so that it fits
snugly into place. This makes the lantern glow as though it were lit. Stick on some threat or a
thin strip of card so that the lantern can be hung from Joseph's pole.

Sheep are made by covering a loo roll tube in cotton wool. Cut out a
face shape from card to stick on one end of the
tube. Cotton buds form the sheep's legs and
feet. Cut a cotton bud in half to form two legs,
glue all the legs into position.
Jesus is made from a rolled up piece of card,                          with coloured paper
covering his body.
The manger is made from a loo roll tube. Cut                           the tube in half
lengthways to form two guttering looking parts. Cut one into leg type shapes on each side and
stick the two half tubes together, back to back.

Arrange all the figures on a table to recreate the nativity scene.

You could also attach a thread from your figures and hang them from the Christmas tree.

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