; Setting Salary and Wage Scale
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Setting Salary and Wage Scale


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									            Choosing Your Salary and wage Scale

In the simplest form, salary and wage are fixed payment exchanged for work done under an
individual or an organization; it is the only relief workers get for their sweat after doing so much in
earning a living. Every organization therefore must have scale and scheme in choosing its way and
methods of payment to shore up the lives of its workers. There are some factors to be considered in
hitting a reasonable and acceptable salary scale for employees.
         Management need to know its paying capacity and ability before processing any scheme
for paying its employees. Just as the service of a cost accountant is needed in setting products and
services prices for the business, organizations don’t need to toy with the fact that fixing a well
tailored and management-fit salary and wages scale is important to business. You must know what
comes in as a business owner in order to set a favorable salary ladder for your organization. There
should always be a job evaluation and grading of salary for every business, this is because for
every portfolio in every company, there are outlines of jobs to be done, one could tell that the job
of an accountant is very sensitive and stressful it shouldn’t be compared with the job of a secretary
therefore their salary level shouldn’t be at par. There will always be high jobs holder in every work
or business. Another is skilled pay salary, where you as a manager of employee understand that
some professionals in your organizations are more skilled than others in the office because of their
academic exposure or qualification. There are many jobs that initially would have taken more time
or funds but because of the professionals in charge, your company could turn things around in a
less time with a little financial impute. This helps the organizations’ purse and it widens its wings.
         Some employers also pay for employee’s competence, they do not mind your job title what
they want is to test you from the start of your job and evaluate your competence in handling some
vital part of the business; this is how they get to make you a fixed payment. Many people in
business never regard this style as professional but is what many professionals infuse into their
businesses. Many employer do not care what inequality in salary payment could cost the business,
what they want is just to have their way in balancing performance of workers with what they earn
but it’s bitter truth that when employees who are of the same academic qualifications know there
are difference in what they earn, the team work or synergy that the business needs for upliftment
could disappear and this could mar the progress of the business. In this case I would like to
introduce what I call class-level approach where the company draws a salary structure table in
paying its workers from the superiors to the subordinate. Using this style, a company must assign
the same pay to the personnel manager and the business manager for example. If the personnel
person is not performing like the business or marketing manager there is always a room for change
of persons and not the salary involved. Even if you are well convinced by the performance of any
of your employee, the best way of adding more money to his salary is by drawing more other form
of business allowances into the system so as to appreciate his effort in contributing positively to
the business. Make the salary known and paint out some form of payment for the out standings.
         If you as an employer is confused in setting a credible salary scale or structures for your
business try consult other companies dealing in same lines of business as yours, take the steps they
have taken and digest it well before taken it as a form of approach for your own business. Meet
with your management and accountants before enforcing that kind of system into your business, it
pays to have a good understanding of your workers before embanking on any decision that could
change their approach to work. Remember, to have a good business environment there must be a
well paddled organizational movement to motivating your employees. It is well with business
when you give it the right attention.

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