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How To Build An Email List….Simple
Wednesday, December 5th, 2012 at 2:02 pm Edit

How To Build An Email List
One of the things that I’ve noticed with most e-
books , information products and etc especially when
dealing with how to build an email list, is that there
seems to be an assumption. A lot of Internet
Marketers who create info products seem to assume
a high level of understanding when it comes to the
people who read their reports and e-books.

Most products or reports I’ve seen and come across
have a very assumptive tone and don’t seem to have
much consideration for the complete newbie in regards to how to build an email list so here’s my
way of addressing that. If this is obvious to you then please move on to the “meat” of the matter,
if not then by all means review the terms so you will understand what is meant when you come
across them later.

How To Build An Email List….How you can help
What I decided to do was list some terminology around how t o build an email list that we see all
the time but for the newest person may be a hurdle in their online education.

Now in no way is this the end all to be all of lists. I’m sure there are terms I may have left off of this
list. I welcome and thank you in advance for your input, let me know (via the comments box) if
there are any terms that you know should be on this list. Again this is primarily focused on how
to build an email list or subscriber list.

List Building Terminology

        Of f er – This is what you will be giving/selling in exchange f or your visit ors cont act
      inf o. This is what t hey get in exchange f or becoming a lead/subscriber on your list .
      Again it needs t o be valuable in t heir eyes.

        Niche – A specif ic specialized market t o f ocus your market ing ef f ort s…ie int ernet
      market ing.

         Capt ure/Squeeze Page – This is t he page t hat was creat ed f or t he sole purpose
      t urning a visit or int o a lead by capt uring t heir email and in some cases phone number,
      adding t hem t o your list f or f ollow-up market ing and list building. Here’s an example of
      what a capt ure page looks like ===> Click Here

        Traf f ic – This t erm represent s visit ors or t he amount of visit ors t o your websit e.

        Monet izat ion – The process of t urning leads/list int o buyers

        Aut o-Responder – Sof t ware plat f orm t hat is used t o send email msgs usually pre-
      writ t en t o subscribers on your list . I use Aweber but t here are a f ew ot hers t hat are
      considered reliable by most market ers.

         Opt -In Box – The designat ed area where a
      visit or input s cont act inf ormat ion in exchange
      f or somet hing of value (your of f er-see above).

Sales Funnel/Sales Process – The simplest way f or
me t o do t his was t o ref er or def er t o a post t hat I
f ound t o be t o t he point and easy on t he eyes. (Again
in no way is t his exhaust ive list ).
I was at t empt ing t o keep t hese t erms short and sweet and t his one present ed a challenge
and even now I’m writ ing more t han originally int ended…lol…ok, ok I was being a bit lazy
t oday. Can you give a guy a break?

So here’s a very inf ormat ive blog post t hat will give a pret t y cool def init ion of sales
f unnels…click here. The post was writ t en by blogger Jens-Pet t er Berget .

List Building f or int ernet market ers is like oxygen f or t hose of us who depend on it f or our
survival. I could go on and on about t he reasons why you should be building your list .

If you want t o know more specif ic st eps in t he act ual ABC’s of list building t hen check out
t his post I wrot e about Craig Caron’s List Driven Prof it s Course….Click Here.

As I st at e in t he art icle t he guy has built a list of over 300,000 subscribers in like 2 yrs so I
t hink he knows what he’s t alking about . A t o Z guide on list building if you need or want ed a
resource t o ref er t o.

I hope t hat I’ve lef t you bet t er of f t han bef ore you read t his post t oday because t hat ’s my
goal. I encourage comment s and quest ions I’d like t o be as int eract ive as I can wit h you
guys so please…

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