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                    Thomas Edward Decker (Tommy)
                            Eulogy 12-5-12

    - On behalf of Alicia, Kelly, Jade, Devon and Justin
    - Our parents, John and Rosella
    - Tommy's brothers and sisters, myself - Eddie, my wife Becky, Larry, his
      wife Judy, Terry, Billy, Shelly, Susie who has passed and Joey
    - And Becky, the mother of Tommy's children
    - We would like to thank you for coming today to honor and celebrate my
      brother's life
    - Thomas Edward Decker known to most of you as Tommy, I would like
      to talk about:
    - Tommy the son
    - Tommy the brother
    - Tommy the husband
    - Tommy the father
    - And Tommy the man

    Tommy the son
    - My parents knew early on Tommy was special
    - Tommy was easy going and never was angered
    - Tommy had a great sense of humor and was ajokester, even at a
      very early age.
    - However, he was compassionate and cared about people. He
      would never say or do anything that would hurt anyone's

    Tommy the brother
    - Tommy always put others first. As a child, ifthere were 2 pieces
     of candy left and there were 2 other siblings, he would always
     give up his piece. That is just the way Tommy was
    ~ Tommy loved to go fishing with his brothers
    - He loved football and talked with his brothers about every
    - Even at an early age on the farm, Tommy took on responsibility
      far beyond his years
 - If Tommy could figure something out when you could not, or he
  was able to fix something you were ready to give up on, in a
  respectful yet humorous and witty way, he would rib you as to
  why you didn't succeed.

 Tommy the husband
- Tommy loved Alicia very much
- He would stop at the floral shop at least once a month to bring
  flowers home to Alicia
- When most of us were spending time in the garage tinkering, or
  working on low priority fixes, he spent his free time with his wife
  and children                           .
- Tommy would take Alicia out for dinner every Friday night, just
  the two of them, to spend quality time together
- He loved to go dancing with Alicia
- With the hectic lives we live, we can all learn from Tommy, he
  understood what is really important in this life

 Tommy the father
- Tommy loved his children very much, they were his life
- They always came first
- Tommy worked the night shift so he could be with them during
  the day
- In fact, we have pictures of Tommy sleeping on the couch with
  all four children playing on top of him

 Tommy the man
 - Tommy had a witty sense of humor everyone enjoyed
 - More importantly, Tommy was an awesome human being
 - Tommy respect~d everyone and that is how he earned respect
 - He was a man of truth, integrity with high ethical and moral
- Tommy was a Christian and practiced his Catholic faith
- He fully understood the Bible's teachings
- Tommy lived his faith each and every day
I   •

        - He cared for others more then he cared for himself
        - Our protective forces go by many names
        - Like Tommy, the appropriate name is "Peace Officer", because
          that is what he was, he protected us, kept us safe from harm and
          kept our communities at peace.
        - He served to help others and paid the ultimate price
        - Secondary to his wife and children, being a Piece Officer was his
          passion and life's work
        - When Tommy departed from this world in the last hour of
          Thursday night and before our sister Susie hugged him in
          Heaven: he came face to face with Jesus Christ our Lord and
          Savior. Jesus would have said to Tommy "well done my good
          and faithful servant, well done. Welcome to my Father's

        - Like Tommy and all of you in uniform here today as well as our
          armed forces, what you do is not just a job. Certainly there are
          professions that pay more money, are less risky and much safer.
          It is a calling, a calling from above and a calling from within, a
          special brotherhood; amongst many things, this calling says "I
          will cover your back and give my life for you". Thank you for
          what you do to keep us safe.

        - Tommy, we are so proud of you and will miss you greatly

         *   Thomas Edward Decker, I love you, we all love you

         *   Thomas Edward Decker, you are my hero, you are - our hero

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