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					Save on Utilities
Following the devastating effects of Superstorm Sandy, New York City and ridged New Yorkers are
beginning to recover. Many have gone without power for extended periods of time and have learned
the lessons of being well prepared.

Quick tips for Saving on New York Utilities
But as New York City utilities come back on line so does their monthly cost to homeowners and
residence of the Big Apple. New York City utilities can cost a family or individual hundreds of dollars a
year and many people are now looking for ways to save on their monthly utility bills.

Electricity, gas and water are the three main utility bills that need to be paid monthly. Each of these
services are obviously a necessity for a family or individual but each also have ways to save money by
using less.

                                                  The most recognizable and clear way for an individual
                                                  or family to save on their utility bills is to be more
                                                  conservative in their use of power and water.
                                                  Reducing the temperature in the home by even one
                                                  degree will shave a few bucks a month off the utility

                                                In fact, regulating the temperature in the home,
                                                weather by adjusting the thermostat or turning down
                                                the radiator, will be the most cost effective way for a
family to save money. This may mean wearing more clothes in the winter and cracking some windows
in the summer but few will complain at this when they see the hundreds of dollars per year they are

One initially expensive way to help handle the flow of energy and subsequent dollars from the homes
heater or air conditioner is to install a programmable thermostat in the home. Programmable
thermostats will help to regulate the temperature in the home and keep it at cost efficient levels as well
as adjust the temperature for the times, like mid-day, when persons are away from the home or during
the night when temperatures do not need to be so high.

Additional money saving home installations include weather stripping doors and windows and insulating
the garage door if you have one. Providing weather stripping material to seal leaks from doors and
windows will keep the bought air in the home and the unregulated outdoor temperatures out.

Insulating the Garage and other Similar Spaces
Insulating the garage door, again if you have one, will cause the same effect as weather stripping the
doors and window. Massive amounts of cold winter air enter a residence through the garage door as
this is typically the one area of the home that is not insulated against weather.
In New York, however, this typically is not an issue. Instead look for leaks along the baseboards where
air can enter or escape and seal these with weather proofing
material as well as insulate any entrances to attics or
crawlspaces that will similarly cause money to be suck from
the home in the form of lost energy.

Preserving water is similarly easy if one remembers to
conserve and not waste the resource. Shortened showers
and using bowls of water to wash dishes instead of a running
faucet are a few ways to save potential hundreds of dollars
per year on your utility bills.

Description: Utilities are expensive especially after a disaster such as sandy so here are some tips to help lower that nasty utilities bill