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									    MATTERS OF THE
    The Threat to The Family
(Gay Liberation Movement)
The oppression of gay people starts in
the most basic unit of society, the
family. consisting of the man in
charge, a slave as his wife, and their
children on whom they force
themselves as the ideal models. The
very form of the family works against
 Freedom  for gay people will never be
 permanently won until everyone is
 freed from sexist role-playing and the
 straightjacket of sexist rules about
 our sexuality. And we will not be
 freed from these so long as each
 succeeding generation is brought up
 in the same old sexist way in the
 Patriarchal family.
The long-term goal of Gay Liberation,
which inevitably brings us into conflict
with the institutionalized sexism of
this society, is to rid society of the
gender-role system which is at the
root of our oppression.
  Gays Are Against Marriage
We do not deny that it is as possible
for gay couples as for some straight
couples to live happily and
constructively together. We question
however as an ideal, the finding and
settling down eternally with one
'right' partner.
   Aims of the Gay Agenda
Although this struggle will be hard,
and our victories not easily won, we
are not in fact being idealistic to aim
at abolishing the family and the
cultural distinctions between men and
women. True, these have been with
us throughout history, yet humanity
is at last in a position where we can
progress beyond this.

     45 Goals of Communism
(Congressional Record January 10, 1963)
40. Discredit the family as an
institution. Encourage promiscuity
and easy divorce.
41. Emphasize the need to raise
children away from the negative
influence of parents. Attribute
prejudices, mental blocks and
retarding of children to suppressive
influence of parents.
Feminist author Vivian Gornick made
the observation that, 'Being a
housewife is an illegitimate
profession... The choice to serve and
be protected and plan towards being
a family maker is a choice that
shouldn't be. The heart of radical
feminism is to change that.'
 Linda Gordon, a radical feminist
writer, attempted to rally her
sisters by announcing, 'The
nuclear family must be
destroyed, and people must find
better ways of living together.
MaryJo Bane, a professor of education
at Wesley College made the
statement that, 'In order to raise
children with equality, we must take
them away from families and
communally raise them.
The real danger confronting the family
is believing the myth that the family
unit is vanishing.
   The Family is Here to Stay
 Mat  19:5 And said, For this cause
  shall a man leave father and mother,
  and shall cleave to his wife: and they
  twain shall be one flesh
 Mat 19:6 Wherefore they are no
  more twain, but one flesh. What
  therefore God hath joined together,
  let not man put asunder.
 Why did Moses then command to
 give a writing of divorcement, and to
 put her away. He saith unto them,
 Moses because of the hardness of
 your hearts suffered you to put away
 your wives: but from the beginning it
 was not so (Mat 19:7-8)


41% of all marriages end in divorce

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