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Pyramid Scheme vs Legit
by Ashley Smith | on November 8, 2012



                       Pyramid Scheme vs Legit
   If you’re looking at joining an MLM business, an Internet Marketing business or an Affiliate
 Marketing business and you want to know for sure that it’s legitimate and you’re not going to
 get burnt in a Pyramid Scheme then there are a few key indicators that will see you make a
                              sound and educated business decision.
         Some of the best methods for researching through the myriad of HYPE out there:
    Finding out if the company offers a product or service of real value
    Check to see if the intended market is saturated w ith the same product
    Is there a viable and affordable method to promote this business yourself
    Would you recommend this to a family member or friend?

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                             Pyramid Scheme vs Legit                                                   How To Start Earning 100% Commissions
 It’s not always obvious if it’s a Pyramid Scheme or if it’s a genuine business proposition. So it’s
up to the investor / customer to do their due diligence. Some ways to check are simply googling
  them, look for distributors both in your country and abroad, do they have a business address         Meet two leaders that want YOU to get to
                       that’s legitimate and a strong web presence in general.                         the top…

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                              Does this look like something that people w ill buy?
                                                 Would I buy it?                                          Our Vision, and how YOU can Get Money
                             Would you try to sell it to a friend or family member?                       Today…

  These are important questions that need to be answered. Then the next question would be                 Welcome The The Home Of Automation,
                     “Would I still sell this if it meant that I w ouldn’t even make a dime?”             Viral Marketing and 100% Commissions

                     If you can answer Yes to that last question – Get All In!

                                 Pyramid Scheme vs Legit
     MLM, Network Marketing and Online Marketing are dominated by instinct, faith and timing.
 Having the business instinct is to some like having the killer instinct – “It’s you vs the world – and
it ain’t gonna be you!” Do you get ALL IN Now or do you wait for the crowd to catch up to you
                        so you feel more comfortable? That is Leadership!
Faith. You have to believe don’t you. You have to believe in “something” – doesn’t matter what
 it is – having a deep conviction that what you are doing is right. You have to have Faith in the
products, you have to have Faith in your Upline and in your team members. You have to have
                         Faith before the money comes! Faith in yourself!
Timing: have ever said to yourself “Damn, I wish I’d made a move”. You would be in front of the
 thousand people or so who joined ahead of you. And having a thousand people below you in
any business is powerful. Especially in the MLM business model. Where, first, we are measured by
what we alone do, then secondly, who could possibly know what calibre of people you attract to
                                          your business…?

                                 Pyramid Scheme vs Legit
    You have to do your own homework and use your own instinct (Intelligence, is second to
Instinct) if you try to over analize every itty bitty detail down to the finest micron – you will have
missed your chance. Some call it Analysis Paralysis. You can’t know everything, and if you do – it
 will be too late. Instead of trying to avoid risk, manage it. Yes, I can tell you from experience it
   really, really burns getting duped in a pyramid scheme. But I picked myself up and dusted
                              myself off. And I’m still here to tell the tale!!
      I hope you have taken the message that was intended from this article and it helped.
To your success,
Ashley Smith

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                    About The Author: Ashley Smith
                    Hi, my name is Ashley Smith. I've been in a few traditional MLM companies over the
                    years, and, having no real success to speak of it w as about time that I embraced
                    technology, got w ith the times and got Online, though it w as a fantastic learning
                    experience w hich gave me a solid foundation of know ledge. Now I have started
 marketing my Online business full time w ith the techniques and strategies I have adopted from the
 Top Producers in the Internet Marketing Industry. After years of struggling just to get by I've taken
 full responsibility to reach my financial goals, my dreams, by am now applying them to succeed in
 Online Marketing and then to help others succeed w ith their Online business. I w ish you all the very
 best in your venture and I am alw ays looking to be of value and service to others in the Online
 Marketing Industry and those looking to get into it. Sincerely, Ashley Smith You can connect w ith me

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