Uniform Rectilinear Motion experiment (lesson plan)

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					                                                             LESSON PLAN

School                        :   SMA KRISTEN 2 BINSUS TOMOHON
Subject                       :   Physics
Grade/Semester                :   X / Odd
School year                   :   2012/2013
Time allocation               :   1 × 25 minutes

Standard Competence
   2.   Applying the concepts and basic principles of kinematics and dynamics of point objects

Basic Competence
   2.1. Analyzing the physical quantities in motion with constant velocity and acceleration

      Explain the uniform rectilinear motion (URM).
      Calculate the URM.

Learning Purpose
Aspect of cognitve
    1. Describe the definition of some quantities in motion.
    2. Analyzing the physical quantities in uniform rectilinear motion.

Learning Materials
    - Uniform Rectilinear Motion (URM)

Learning Methods
Model : Cooperative Learning, Direct Instruction
Metode :
         1. Lecture
         2. Group disccusion
         3. Experiments
         4. Debriefing

Learning Procedures
Pertemuan 1
Student activity details (1 × 25 minutes)

    1.    Pre teaching                                                                                       (5 minutes)
          o Teacher opens the lesson, by giving encouragement to the students to try and get good results;
              then forwarded to questions and answers about motion.
          o Inform the purpose expected

    2.   Whilst teaching
         o Invite students to open a blog :
         o Students do experiments according to the concept and worksheets provided by the teacher.
                                                                                                             (15 minutes)
         o Students answer the question that is on the blog.
         o Students make presentations in front of his friends from the experiment.

    3.    Post teaching                                                                                      (5 minutes)
          o The teacher provides questions and answers, the students concluded, and teacher give
             emphasis of matter fundamental quantities and derived quantities, continued with giving
             independent tasks, task groups, and the task of reading and understanding the next material..
   4.    Homework (dormitory)
         o Make the tasks.
         o Do relevant exercises

Teaching aids and sources
   Sources          :     High School Physics Class X Books (Marthen Kanginan, Intan Pariwara, Supiyanto), neighborhood, etc
   Teaching aids    :     projector, notebook/computer and simulation software.

Learning assessment
    a. Assessment Technique:
         Writing test
         Observation activity in the learning process when questions and answers / discussion, attitudes and behavior of students in the
    b. Instrument form:

         Principal                                                                       Teacher lesson

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