CCA Hair and Make up Instructions by benbenzhou


									                         CCA Competition Hair and Make-Up
Hair Supplies
Hair bow
Hair elastics – thick black ones work the best
Hair brush/comb, gel, hairspray, etc (to smooth out hair, no fly-aways please)

                                        Ponytail Instructions
                                 Tie your hair up in a single ponytail;
                                 high up on your head so that when
                                you put on your bow, you will be able
                                     to see your bow facing front
                                 completely when looking straight at
                                            your reflection.
                                   Wrap the elastic from your bow
                                 around the base of your ponytail, so
                                    that the tails face downwards.

Make-up Kit Supplies
Silver cosmetic grade glitter
Glitter adhesive
Red lip liner
Clear lip gloss
Glitter applicators
Black liquid eyeliner

Please note: Mini and Youth PC kits do not include lip liner or eye liner. Mini and Youth PC
                      athletes do not wear eyeliner or lip liner/stain.

Additional Items you will need (not included in the kit):
Silver eyshadow (optional)
                                        Eye Make-up Instructions
1. Brush a layer of glitter adhesive over the base of your lid to just above the crease.
2. Apply a layer of silver eyshadow, even it out with the applicator.
3. Dab a light layer of adhesive over the silver shadow, being careful not to remove the shadow.
   Steps 2 and 3 are optional, however they do make it easier to remove glitter at the end of the day.
4. Apply the silver glitter over the adhesive.
5. Define your eyes with black liquid eye liner and mascara.

               Apply lip liner to your whole lip and finish with gloss for shine.

                            Voila…Your competition ready face!

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