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France is a popular holiday choice   France is a popular holiday choice for budding
                                     and expert skiers but Avoriaz is the place to
for budding and expert skiers but
                                     be. A picturesque, pedestrian resort set on the
Avoriaz is the place to be.          mountainside with views overlooking the Morzine
                                     Valley with accommodation for everyone, from
                                     spacious and luxury apartments to functional
                                     and cosy retreats, making it an ideal family ski
                                     holiday destination. Best of all, it promises a 100%
                                     guarantee for snow so you don’t ever have to worry
                                     that your family ski holiday will disappoint.
3   Choose Where You Want
    to Stay: Avoriaz

5   Choose How You Want
    to Travel

6   Now Choose Your
    Holiday Package         Aquariaz Water Park   6

8   Buy or Rent Ski

9   Things to Book Before
    You Depart

10 Excursions – What Else
   Would You Like to Do?

11 Other Helpful Tips to
                            Avoriaz Apartments    4   Children’s Village   10
12 A Quick Checklist
Choose Where You Want to Stay

Avoriaz Apartments             3
What To Consider

Think about how many people are travelling
so you know how many rooms you require and
whether one apartment can accommodate
all of you and if so, how many bathrooms one
apartment can offer if you are a large party.
If you have young children you may want to look
for an apartment that is not just a groundfloor
so they can sleep away from any evening
entertainment. If you are travelling with an
infant be sure to ask if a cot can be supplied,
if required.

Decide roughly when you would like to go away
and search online or with travel agents to see
if any ski special offers are available before
booking. Off peak seasons tend to be cheaper,
if your children aren’t at school yet, but you
can sometimes find some great group deals.

What do you want from your Avoriaz
apartment? Modern interiors, open fire,
traditional or cosy wood architecture?
Look at the full layouts of apartments and
décor, considering if you will be comfortable
staying there, before booking. Make sure the
accommodation is child friendly too.

Location, location, location! What will you
be doing on your Avoriaz holiday? Ski school?
Après ski? Waterpark? Look for an apartment
that is a convenient walking distance from all
of the amenities you are interested in. If you
have young children you may want to be a little
further from the main entertainment centres
and bars that can be noisy. All apartments
are ski in/ski out so proximity to the slopes
is the one location point you don’t need to
worry about.

Think about how much time you will spend in
your apartment and what you will need from
it. If you are likely to need the internet then
you will require luxuries such as Wifi. If your
evening entertainment will include family movie
nights in, check that the apartment has a DVD
player and a microwave for the popcorn.                               4
Choose How You Want to Travel                                                Transport to Your Resort

Train – Travelling by rail is a good, environmentally   Bus – The cheapest transfer method, but not
friendly, option but will require change overs. If      great if you have small children as well as
you haven’t experienced the Eurostar yet then           luggage.
you can think of this as an opportune moment
because it is the quickest transportation by rail       Taxi – You may want to arrange for the travel
into France. This does only stop at an exclusive        agent or airline to book you a taxi in advance
list of stations so check if there is one near you      or check the standard cost but, usually there
prior to booking. Don’t worry about weather             will be taxis lined up at the airport.
delays though as France are equipped with
snow trains to help transfer you as close to            Car Hire – This will definitely need to be
your resort as possible.                                pre-arranged and a deposit will need to be
                                                        paid before you depart. It may be obvious but
Fly - Flying is a very quick method of                  you will need your driver’s license and don’t
transportation which is easily accessible               forget Avoriaz is a car free resort, once you get
throughout Europe, and is advisable for short           there.
stays so you can maximise your holiday time.
You can often save money by opting to pay for           Minibus Hire - The most common way to
your accommodation and transport method                 get to your resort is with Avoriaz minibus hire,
separately, as you may be able to find some             a great option if you are a big family or are
cheaper flights with the airlines direct. Before        travelling with another family so you can all
booking any flights it would be worth checking          chip in and share the cost.
with your resort the distance between
them and your preferred airport so you can              *Once you arrive in Avoriaz the vehicle parking
determine your transfer method and the best             sector is really easy to find – there’s usually
times to fly.                                           lots of resort staff around to guide you.
                                                        There are 900 outdoor parking spaces at the
Ferry – If flying isn’t for you and you have the        entrance to Avoriaz, the charge for which is 10
time for leisurely transportation then going            Euros per day or 65 for a week. The outdoor
by sea could be a good option. This option is           car park has 24 hour security and is located
great for socialising if you are in a group. You        just 300m from the entrance to the resort.
can take your car, with all your ski gear, toys,        The undercover car park is 14 Euros per day
buggies and children’s essentials packed in             or 85 for the week. There are 1697 covered
the boot so you don’t have to worry about               parking spaces at the entrance to the resort
lugging it around. Your holiday can start as            and again the car parks are guarded 24 hours
soon as you board, just remember if you do              a day. Yodel recommends booking your Avoriaz
take the car that Avoriaz is a car free resort          parking spaces in advance, especially during
but don’t worry, there is a central car park in         the busy weeks or call +33 (0)4 50 74 14 54 for
the Falaise district of Avoriaz where you can           the outdoor parking and +33 (0)4 50 74 07 76
get transfers to your apartment.*                       for the indoor parking.

Coach – Travelling by coach is the longest              View transportation and transfer methods online
method of transport but you can sometimes
strike lucky with cheap tickets and once you
are on board you can sit back and relax until
you reach Avoriaz.                                                                                      5   6
Choose Your Holiday Package

Think about what it is exactly that you want
from your holiday. When travelling as a
family it doesn’t mean that you all want to be
together all of the time so look at whether
there are any children’s clubs available and
whether you really want to cook and do the
shopping for the whole of your holiday.

Full self-catering or half board –
Some of our luxury Avoriaz apartments are
available with the option to be half board
where you can enjoy breakfast in one of our
onsite restaurants, or even better, have fresh
pastries delivered straight to your door. So
even if you want to self-cater you can allow
yourself a little relaxation and lazy mornings
by letting us help get you started for the day.

Food Shopping: Stocking Up – If you
haven’t been to Avoriaz before on a self-
catering ski holiday then you may want to
check with us before departing where the local
shops are, if you want to save some pennies by
shopping off site, although there are shops in
a close proximity to the resort. Remember it is       Swimming/ Spa – Swimming is inclusive
a pedestrian only resort so you will not be able      in our holiday packages and is something the
to unload your shopping from your car outside         whole family can participate in. Adventurous
your apartment. However, to make things a             children will enjoy the Aquariaz water park
little easier we do offer to order your shopping      which is full of whirl pools and waterslides
for you and have it delivered. A little like online   creating hours of fun. We do also have a
food shopping! Just contact us to put together        luxury Spa available at the resort but this is an
your order in advance and we can try and              additional activity and all treatments will need
arrange for this to be delivered upon your            to be paid for separately.
arrival (one less thing to worry about)
especially if you have hungry children in tow.        Inclusive evening entertainment –
                                                      We have a variety of evening entertainment
Child care/ Crèche Services – We do have              available at the resort, including live music,
professional child care services onsite so if         if you are not planning on staying in at your
you have children that are too young to ski or        apartment. This is by no means adults only,
you would like an evening out, your children          Pierre et Vacances welcome families and host
can still be cared for by our expert staff. Some      a party catered to children between 5-7pm
of our holiday packages also provide inclusive        which usually leaves enough time for you to
activities clubs for children aged between 3-12       pop home after to have dinner before the rest
years in addition to our children’s village with      of the evening entertainment begins or to visit
over 100 ski instructors and activities               a local restaurant.
co-ordinators available to entertain your kids.                                                                                   7

Benefits of buying equipment                      Benefits of renting equipment

If you ski or plan to ski regularly then          You don’t need to worry about transporting
purchasing your own ski equipment can save        your equipment to your resort as it will already
you money in the long term as you won’t have      be there (or close to it).
to regularly pay the cost of hiring fees.
                                                  This is a cheaper method if this is your first
Your equipment can be custom fit to your body     ski/ snowboarding holiday or an activity you
and weight from your ski’s or snowboards to       won’t participate in that frequently.
your coat, salopettes or ski pants, goggles,
boots etc… Which you may find supports            Often you can rent everything that you need
your confidence and skills as a skier or          in one place so you don’t need to worry about
snowboarder. Having your own ski equipment        researching the best brands or what size you
also means that you can just head straight to     will need, let the experts take care of all of
the slopes on arrival in Avoriaz.                 that for you.

If you are going to buy your own ski equipment    Although you can hire the majority of your
we would recommend you check with the             equipment there may be some items that
airline you are flying with (if you are flying)   you would prefer to own such as goggles,
how best to transport your equipment and          sunglasses, hats and gloves.
whether there will be any additional costs
involved.                                         NOTE: You will be required to pay a deposit
                                                  prior to renting. Some rental places take a
                                                  financial deposit but some may also
                                                  exchange your shoes for your ski boots, like
                                                  you do at bowling, so be sure to check this
                                                  before you depart (and perhaps pack an
                                                  extra pair of walking boots).                                                                                8
Things to Book Before
You Depart.
Going on holiday should be a break from everyday life and certainly shouldn’t be any
more stressful than necessary (once you get there). So whilst it’s not essential to do
this you may want to consider pre-booking some of these before you get to Avoriaz,
so you can cross them off the long list of holiday preparations and have peace of
mind when you get there.

Renting of ski or snowboarding equipment -           Like to Spa? - To avoid disappointment it
For ski or snowboarding equipment, you               is recommended that you book all of your
can book what you will need in advance to            treatments in advance before arriving at the
ensure that you have secured the necessary           resort, as our luxury Spa is a very popular
equipment required for your holiday. The             break from the slopes. Our spa is the perfect
company will need to know the dates and              way to unwind after an exhilarating day on
times of your arrival and departure, and will fit    the ski slopes and helps to balance some
all of your equipment and clothing to you once       relaxation into your ski holiday. We have a
you arrive.                                          variety of treatments available performed by
                                                     a friendly team of professional therapists who
Ski and snowboarding lessons - If you will           will be able to help you select a personalised
require the aid of a ski or snowboarding             treatment for you if you are unsure of what
Instructor be this within a social group or for      to indulge in or have not been to a Spa before.
a private tuition, it can be a good idea to book
this prior to your departure, for all members        Feel free to request a brochure prior to your
wishing to participate including children. This      departure date.
will probably require an additional payment
up front and you will be allotted specific times
of the day with a professional instructor. We
usually advise to allow at least 5-7 days for a
ski holiday if you will require tuition.

Ski Passes - It is advisable to book your ski
passes prior to departing as regardless as
to whether you have booked and paid for ski
tuition, you will not be permitted entry onto
the ski slopes resort without your pass as
security at the resort is very strict, so that you
can enjoy a safe holiday.                                                                                    9
Excursions – What Else Would You Like to Do?

Avoriaz has a lot more to offer close to our apartments if you feel like taking a break from skiing
and snowboarding:

For the Family                                       Ice-Skating - It wouldn’t be a winter holiday
                                                     without a little ice-skating! Avoriaz has an
Horse Drawn Sleigh Ride - If you want to give        open air ice rink and holders of the
your children a fairy tale holiday then you          Multiactivity Pass or Family Card can gain
can all enjoy a horse drawn sleigh ride              entry for free
around Avoriaz to really admire the view of
the resort. You can also use this as a method        Arcades/Bowling – A little competitive
of transportation as the resort is pedestrian        evening entertainment! Head to the games
only, another idea for transportation around         arcade or bowling alley and see if you can win
the resort would be to hire or purchase              some spending money or strikes
a snowboogie

For the Kids

Village des Enfants – The children’s village
offers so much entertainment there is no need
to go anywhere else (other than the Aqua
Centre). The village offers ski and snowboard
lessons and general entertainment from 9am-
5.30pm for children aged 3 and older

For the Adults                                       Special Events - The Avoriaz resort offers
                                                     some astounding events for free that may be
Paragliding – If you have ever wanted to know        held in the village or requires you to make use
what it feels like to fly then paragliding is the    of your new skiing skills. From the ‘Feerie des
excursion for you and what a breath taking           Lumieres’ light extravaganza with a torch lit
view to experience than the view of the snowy        procession and releasing of sky lanterns to
slopes and mountains in Avoriaz                      the ‘Rock the Pistes’ music festival and Jazz
                                                     concerts there is sure to be some evening
Nordic Walking – For anyone that enjoys              entertainment to capture your interest.
hiking or doesn’t fancy skiing, this excursion
lends an opportunity to still experience the
fresh mountain air and views                                                                                   10
Other Helpful Tips to Consider

What to Pack                                          Bureau D’Exchange

Sun cream – Easy to forget about when                 Research the best currency exchange rate –
you are surrounded by snow but your face              look for agencies that allow you to exchange
will need a good sun cream as the rays                your euro’s back into sterling.
are reflected by the snow and you may find
yourself a little pink if you forget. You will want   Don’t change your currency at the airport as
at least SPF30 if possible and ladies, if you         their exchange fee is quite expensive.
want to avoid extra packing you can purchase
an SPF moisturiser to keep your skin soft and
protected.                                            Holiday Insurance – To Help Save You Money

Lip Balm – To stop those luscious lips of             For travel – This is essential as it will
yours chapping from the wind. If possible it          provide medical insurance for you whilst you
would be good to purchase one with some SPF           are away (and accidents can happen).
protection as an extra precaution.
                                                      For equipment – We do offer private ski
Clothing and Footwear – Just because there            equipment lockers but you may want to safe
is snow everywhere does not mean you need             guard any equipment you are hiring or have
to pack the thickest jumpers you own as you           purchased from theft or breakage.
actually get quite hot skiing. For a week’s
holiday we recommend perhaps 3 fitted                 For cancellation - Because the unexpected
jumpers and leggings (or trousers) to wear            can happen and sometimes unfortunately, we
under you salopettes with some thermal draft          have to cancel our holidays.
tops. Even in the evening you’ll most likely
stick to your ski clothing.                                                                                  11
A Quick Checklist

Are you ready for your family ski holiday to your luxury Avoriaz Apartment? Are you really sure?
Why don’t you check…

Have You...                                                                 Of course!     I’m on it…

…Checked your passport is valid and packed it in your hand luggage?

…Booked your accommodation and checked what’s available in it?

…Booked your transport to France and transfers to the Avoriaz resort?

…Hired your ski or snowboarding equipment before departing?

…Purchased any additional clothing you cannot hire?

…Booked your ski or snowboarding lessons?

…Purchased your ski passes?

…Changed your currency (spending money)?

…Got EHIC cards for everyone, for free emergency health care?

…Booked your excursions such as your Spa treatments?

…Checked where to purchase your food from or arranged a food delivery?

                                                                              What do      The shops
Have You Packed...                                                            you take
                                                                              me for?!
                                                                                            are still

…Sun cream and lip balm (SPF30)

…European converter plugs

…Light jumpers and any additional clothing purchased you cannot hire

…Your driver’s license if you are planning on hiring a vehicle
 (best kept in hand luggage)

…Your travel tickets (best kept in hand luggage)

…Some movies or evening entertainment eg: Playing cards for nights in                                                                                12
Have a great family ski holiday!

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