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									                      Esource Ramps Up Global Recruitment Services

Esource Global, a leading player in international recruitment, announced a ramp up in its
global recruitment services. Already active in the Middle East in a big way and with significant
presence in Africa, USA, Europe and Canada, Esource aims to becoming the preferred
recruiter of top companies across the world through its user friendly, innovative processes
and superb services.

Esource Global is accessible 24x7 and responds with speed to a client’s request, said a
spokesman of the company, while making the announcement. We understand how
operations in critical areas can be held up due to lack of manpower. We already had an
extensive database in place and compiling a list of those ready to join at short notice is an
ongoing process at Esource Global. This enables us to provide the right person for the job.
Since our selection and verification is time tested and has worked, employers trust us to carry
out the recruit process based on their parameters and what we give each client is an asset,
not an employee who is here today and gone tomorrow.

Esource Global is one of the very few recruitment agencies to have an extensive database of
professionals in India in virtually all fields. “We have a ready list of people with varying levels
of skills from the basic to the highest in the fields of hospitality, engineering, petrochemicals,
oil and gas, agriculture, media, banking, finance, power, security, education, telecom and
construction. Our vetting process is thorough and carried out by professionals with relevant
backgrounds. We also understand the way industries work and when a client contacts us with
his requirements we know exactly the right type of person to fit into that job category,” said
the spokesman.

Esource Global is a government accredited recruitment agency besides holding authorization
from Gulf Countries where it has rock solid presence of trust and excellence. Esource is all
set to reach out to a global audience and assure clients of excellent services.

While Esource Global meets the needs of employers, it also focuses equally on being the
window of global opportunity for Indians looking for lucrative and satisfying jobs abroad. Even
if there is no opening currently available, it is always worth the effort to register with Esource;
an opportunity is always around the corner for the experienced and qualified professional.
“We have changed lives of innumerable Indians by settling them abroad in positions where
their education and experience have proved right,” said the spokesman talking about the
company’s accent on promoting Indians abroad. “It is not that we focus only on high end
professionals; we also encourage at middle and lower levels to apply and become part of our
data bank. We even make efforts through our offices across India to recruit construction
workers and labour for the overseas market.”

About: Esource Global is an established recruitment agency, accredited by Indian
Government and Gulf countries. The focus is on delivering to client’s requirement and
encouraging Indian professionals to seek better avenues available abroad through Esource.
Esource has friendly staff, expert consultants and an easy, user friendly methodology. For
More information, visit on website:

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