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Rank Higher On Google
by Ashley Smith | on November 16, 2012



                          Rank Higher On Google
Everybody wants to be #1 right? So how do you do it? If you’re you’re a blogger or Online
Marketer wanting to rank higher on Google and reach your audience, then keep reading. In
this article I’ll share with you how crucial it is to get the right type of backlinks pointing to your
webpage and how that will get you ranked higher on Google.
I’ll give you the answer to these questions below and more in this article:
    How much do you know about Backlinks?
    W hich one’s are valued more highly than others by Google?
    Know how many different types there are?
    How to get the most appropriate mix of different kinds?
    W here to get backlinks from?
    Should I pay for them?

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                              Rank Higher On Google
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For instance: when page A links to page B, Google interprets that as a vote from page A to page          the top…

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B – there are factors such as a page’s maturity, authority and traffic that affect the value given
to page A. The sheer volume of votes or backlinks does not guarantee a higher page rank as the       Our Vision, and how YOU can Get Money
Google search engine algorithm analyzes where the vote is being cast from.                           Today…
A lot of new Online Marketers miss this, it is often the case that a few highly valued backlinks
from gov. or edu. sites can be worth far more than a ton of other links from “ordinary” sites.       Welcome The The Home Of Automation,
You want to get a hold of some of these highly prized links – although you could imagine that        Viral Marketing and 100% Commissions
government websites are policed more thoroughly and are aware that bloggers want a link to
their site – so they are harder to acquire, but are possible.

                                   Rank Higher On Google
There are three main types of backlinks:
    Social Media – Pingler
    Article Directories -Article Marketing Robot
    Blogs and Websites – SEO Link Robot

It’s vital to have a mix of all three types: as the Google search engine algorithm is updated and
changes frequently, to make some types of backlinks valued higher than others. Finding the
right mix of backlinks will take time so only spend a limited amount of time searching and trying
to obtain gov. and edu. links – you can try College’s / Universities that have blogs and forums.

                                   Rank Higher On Google
If you are purchasing backlinks, then you want to know the PageRank (PR) of what you are
paying for. PageRank goes from PR1 -PR10 – the higher the number – the more authority it has
and hence it’s value to you is higher. How many backlinks can you have? The more you have
the better. Quality is as important as quantity here.

Google will rank your page according to it’s content (Google loves a constant supply of new
and quality content) and it’s relevance to the searcher. What shows up on the SERP’s (Search
Engine Results Page) will be ranked on it’s content, it’s relevance (to the searcher) and the
quality and quantity of backlinks it has “voting” for it.
I hope this has answered your questions about Backlinks and has given you the tools to rank
higher on Google. I will be following up this article with more tips on SEO in my hope to give
newer Online Marketer’s some answers similiar to the questions I was struggling with when I first
started out in Internet Marketing.
Yours in Success

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Ashley Smith

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Watch the video below for more info on backlinks.
Get Back Links and Rank Higher On Google

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